Saturday, August 02, 2014

General Thoughts

Apologies on letting the blog slide for a day or two. I am running two now, and I keep slipping on one or the other. I understand the need to provide constant fresh entertainment for the short Amurrican attention span; long, turgid quasi-intellectual posts once every ten days to show how effing brilliant I am gets about 50 readers a month, most of whom just want to post effete and epicene comments to show in turn how effing brilliant they are.

Got another letter from Bill White in which he is "up" yet again, but I am starting to question whether publishing such letters is in his best interests. For one thing, no joke, this blog is monitored by the United States Attorney in Orlando for information, and if I let Bill tell everybody what he is "up" about, it might telegraph intel to the dictator's servants.  

This letter is sufficiently recent (July 27th) so it seems possible it somehow missed going through the FBI photocopying process, which usually takes about ten days. Maybe they had some dumb-ass new guard collecting the mail who hadn't been read in on all the special attention Bill is supposed to be receiving.

There are some very good developments in his case--in theory. In practice none of that is going to matter, because the United States Attorney is going to cheat or lie or fabricate or cut whatever corner necessary to get the conviction which has been ordered from on high. (Got to maintain that 97% conviction rate!) The U.S. Attorney's office has constructed an official narrative based on the Fox Network television series The Following, and it won't take much to sell that to an Amurrican jury.

For another thing, it simply breaks my heart to see Bill so optimistic. Look, I know that sometimes all prisoners have to survive on is hope, and I would never try to take it away from him, but since he's being held incommunicado now and he will never be allowed to read these words, I suppose I can be a bit more honest than usual. 

The fact is that if these evil people had any intention of ever allowing Bill White to be free, they would never have arrested him in the first place. The decision was made in 2008 that Bill White was to be beaten into silence and buried alive to make sure he remained silent, and when he was released for about a year because the dictatorship's case was so absurd even federal judges wouldn't swallow it, they re-arrested him on the ground that he had not been sufficiently punished for "crimes" of which the courts had already declared him innocent. 

The problem with his "up" letters is that he raises unrealistic expectations among his readers, and then when those expectations are not fulfilled, and he is convicted again on whatever bizarre fabricated charge the dictatorship has made up this time, then being Amurricans, instead of becoming outraged and redoubling our efforts,  we hang our heads and shuffle our feet and sniffle and wander away, because now it's become hard and demanding, devoid of the immediate gratification which Amurricans must have in order to fill their empty lives. We don't do hard and demanding, only easy and fun and gratifying.


Anonymous No# 5 said...

Of course - knowing that US officials read these blogs means that they too are disadvantaged. Not to make a pun, but it's akin to the Prisoner's Dilemma for them.'s_dilemma

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