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Letter From Bill White 7-21-2014

[Bill's handwriting is now tiny and extremely difficult to read, but it's clear they're not breaking him, at least not so far. They may yet have to go with the drugs. - HAC]

July 21, 2014
42 days to trial

Hello, Harold:

Another long, miserable day. I would have gone to trial today, but I made the mistake of granting a 42-day waiver of speedy trial time, not knowing what would come. So still I sit in this sewer. Literally.

The Wall Street Journal has a column this week on what people do when left to sit alone in a room. One out of three people voluntarily administer electro-shocks to themselves when left in a room with and electro-shock machine, to stave off boredom. Most of the negroes here sleep or bang on things while chanting rhythmically. Some people read, when they are allowed anything to read. Schopenhauer wrote a long essay on the tendency of stupid men to bang on things when left alone, because they hate their own thoughts.

When I am left alone, I study and write. When I can't work on my book, which I can't at present because the jail will not allow me to receive the manuscripts from you, I write computer code. LOL. I have invented things in prison. My bitch-wife destroyed my inventions of 2008-2011. As soon as they were mailed to her, she dumped them in the trash. Life's partner, n'est-ce pas? In 2012 I wrote Willis Carto a website to sell books. No one at TBR or AFP knows how to build it. LOL. 

The last two weeks, I've been inventing a Dark Ages simulator, which is ironic in that the one thing I am no longer allowed is darkness. I spent yesterday and today writing a pathfinder algorithm. I may spend the week tweaking it. Then they'll toss my cell and it will disappear forever into some FBI property room, lest I use it to send secret messages to my "followers."

Take a grid of squares. Say you need 100 things, and they are spread across the map in little piles. How do you determine the quickest path to your 100 things? It's a much more complicated question, particularly when it must be answered logically, than you might think. Even without obstacles and other considerations, I've spent days writing code for it.

And, when one sits alone, one tends to daydream. So I thought I would share with your readers a moment from my childhood. As some may know, I grew up in a heavily Jewish neighborhood north of Washington, D.C. called Horizon Hills. 

We were one of three non-Jewish families in the $100+ home development, and we were the second to be run out for not being Jewish. I went to Ritchie Park Elementary school where, in the third grade, I was taught by this nutty Jewish bitch named Ms. Kovel. Now, at the time, I understood nothing of what I now convey to you--the cynicism is all in retrospect.

I recall that we had to color comic strips about Martin Luther King. I vividly recall one frame of how King languished in an Alabama jail. In the comic strip, he had a window and an actual bed, which I do not have now. He also did much less time, a measly eight months, although he was a much worse person. Anyway, this image came to mind, causing me to recall an Asian kid, Ben Something, Japanese, a turd if I recall, who was coloring the comic strip. Ms. Kovel thought coloring was not sufficiently respectful of King, and she physically grabbed the boy--which is why I remember the incident--shook him and gave him detention.

This also led me to recall how I asked, with the innocence of an 8-year-old, why White people didn't have a history month. Kovel sent me to ask a negro teacher. I did. The negro, not surprisingly, failed to give me any kind of a coherent answer because there is none. Kovel became enraged. She sent me to sit in the negro teacher's sixth grade classroom. As you can imagine, this made an impression on me. I certainly was not a "racist" eight-year-old. 

In fact, I was living in a Jewish neighborhood attending a multi-racial majority Jewish school precisely because my parents--love them as I do--were and are race deniers who refuse to see the differences between Whites and blacks and between Whites and Jews. I spent my childhood in a toxic environment designed specifically to prevent me from turning out the way I did. For whatever reason, it didn't take.

Now, I live in a building very much like a school, policed by mestizo, negro, and White trash henchmen of the dictatorship behind the likes of Kovel, because 210 million White people in this country refuse to put a stop to the evil that multi-culturalism and Zionism represent. 

Funny how things change, but over the decades one finds oneself in the same situations. And nothing ever will change as long as White people remain so afraid of finding themselves in my present situation that they will not destroy the possibility of that situation occurring.

I see the army of Gog and Magog is having trouble in securing the high places of Israel today--even if those high places are Gaza city skyscrapers and not mountains. 13 "elite" Jews killed--18 overall, with 52 wounded. 108 Hamas guerrillas killed, with 319 civilians. Funny how these "elite" military units never seem to function or operate as advertised, particularly when they are comprised of Hebrews. Most people don't know this, but military special forces always take the highest casualties in modern wars, precisely because they are not supermen. They are normal men who have had fear traumatized out of them to become killing machines, and who are sent in the longest-shot missions because they are no longer wise enough to say no. This is why I harrumph at military-wannabe masturbators like Glenn Beck.

I also read in the Wall Street Journal today that the Zionists are developing your laser-based air defense weapons; the U.S. will have them in five years. Probably better than stealing a [illegible.]

Really, what is happening in Donetsk--what has happened in Syria and Iraq--proves an important point. Militias armed primarily with light weapons can withstand and deny territory to technologically superior enemies with air power, for extended periods of time. This is an important point.

Be well, Harold.


William A. White #201400005514
John Polk Correctional Center
211 Bush Boulevard
Sanford, FL 32773


Anonymous kerdasi amaq said...

What kind of prisons will the NAR have? I thought I read somewhere that the inner soul of a society is revealed inside its prison system. So, what does America's prisons say about its rulers?

Maybe, it should be mandatory for Congressmen and Senators to spend some time inside? I'd say there would be a big improvement in prison conditions.

2:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

>What kind of prisons will the NAR have?

Code Duello. You shoot anyone who pisses you off.

1:49 PM  

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