Monday, July 28, 2014

Fairly Typical Migrant Letter

[This is actually pretty typical of the kind of contacts we regularly receive, both good and bad. On the good side, note the obvious intelligence and personal success in life. We are not attracting a bunch of shaven-headed, tattooed drunks and petty criminals, that’s for sure. On the downside, note the age and the “three-to-five years” bit. There is many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip in a time frame like that, and we may no longer have three to five years. Because they waited, James and his family may end up fleeing from Texas to the Northwest with nothing but the clothes on their backs like the Horakova family in Freedom’s Sons. – HAC]

Dear Mr. Covington,

This message is overdue. I’ve been listening to Radio Free Northwest for about a year now. I discovered it doing an internet search on the Rebel Yell. Since that time, I’ve not only eagerly awaited each week’s new podcast but I’ve combed through the archived section listening to the older broadcasts as well.

I’m one of those old cats you have a talent for snaring when it’s the young bucks you’re angling for. I will not bore you with my story except to say that I’m a flabby 53-year old who has gradually worked his way toward racial consciousness. One of the benefits/curses of age is that you’ve seen the changes – lived through them – and it gives you a sense of perspective that is difficult to convey to young folks. That’s basically my job description because I’m an adjunct instructor of American history at one of our local community colleges (remember when they were ‘junior colleges?’). That’s not a prestigious job. We adjuncts are little more than rented intellectual mules, dumped in a great pool of other adjuncts who are paid very little and limited to teaching two courses a semester so that the college doesn’t have to fork over benefits. I can actually thank Obamacare for my employment, meager as it is.

After steadily listening to you I’ve decided to leave Texas and come to the Pacific Northwest. My wife and I have worked out a financial plan that should get us there in three to five years. The plan involves wrapping up some extended family issues here before setting off for what looks to be our last great adventure. Our 24-year old son will likely come with us. I’ve never lived outside of Texas and never wanted to. I don’t need to tell you how Texans are about Texas. The bones of our people – my wife’s and mine -- are here. We still have kin around, some of them elderly, and leaving feels like retreating and abandoning. But neither of us can stomach the alien faces that surround us or listen much longer to the Babel of tongues that assault our ears. Seeing women wearing garb that are traditional in the East calmly shopping in the grocery store near our house or strolling through our neighborhood sickens the both of us.

The problem is my wife is not interested in joining any political group. Our son is resistant to racial politics and does not share my outlook. But I will not relent because someday both of them will come around. If I have to carry them through the eye of a needle to get there, I’ll do it. We are a suspicious and skeptical trio because we live in a country that breeds such attitudes.

I don’t know how I can help you but I’d like to find a way. I’m planning to learn how to make MP3 recordings to share with you soon. Please tell Gretchen that there are those of us who really enjoy her book reviews. She’s alerted me to some interesting writers that I was not aware of.

Best wishes,




Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The problem is my wife is not interested in joining any political group. "

You'll never see him. Wifey will never allow it. Him and Wifey are old now, you think she wants to retire to a future where her hubbie chases off on "damn fool idiolistic crusades"?

Maybe you should start aiming your message at all the wifeys out there? Once wifey ordered James here to head Northwest, they'd probably be up here in a couple of days.

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good idea to flee Tejas. The last election in which Texas goes red is 2016 and that's iffy.

Right now the state is afloat in oil money. This brings in a lot of white folks from blue states ruined by politicos, niggers, and unions. Yet for every white gained, ten messkins show up. Big, big net lose.

I left Texas in 1979 and never regretted it, even after living in some real shitholes, like Southern California.

I have relatives in Texas but no longer keep in contact. You see, they've mixed with mexacunts so much that when I tried to talk sense into them they resented the hell out of it. I gave up. Many white people in that state are of the same mind because of race mixing.

When the boom turns to bust, a lot of whites will compete with spics for low wage jobs. Jobs that carry the requirement that you must speak messkun.

Years ago the immigration collapse began because of welfare farmers on the south plains of Texas. They brought illegals in by the flocks. These arrogant farmers over the years pumped the Ogallala Aquifer to near exhaustion growing crops nobody wanted at prices well above world market, government subsidized.

When the land gave out they killed it further with tons of chemicals and harsh fertilizers. Now the whole shitty mess blows away in blinding sandstorms during the fall, winter,and spring.

On average these arrogant sons of bitches welfare farmers are some of the sorriest bastards ever to occupy white skin.

The mayor of Hell Paso is an illegal spic, La Raza runs San Antonio and of course Dallas and Houston are brown and black holes. And these are only the high points.

Fuck Texas. Get the hell out while you can Mr. Adjunct.

6:36 PM  

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