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My "Bill White Kick" (Updated)

I have been informed that an unnamed United States Attorney in Washington, D.C. intends to subpoena me, along with several other bloggers and mainstream media reporters, in an attempt to prove that I am Bill White’s “flunky,” whatever on earth that means. In point of fact, nothing of the kind is the case, but perhaps this gentleman’s mind is made up and I shouldn’t attempt to confuse him with facts.

I do know that at least one other internet blogger, Americafarm, has been visited, and his wife threatened and intimidated by our friends in the silk suits, in an attempt to shut down a blog supporting White. This attempt was briefly successful until Americafarm found someone else to take over the blog. I myself have not been visited yet, at least not over my coverage of the Bill White case, possibly because I have no wife or children for the secret police to threaten.

Even if the charge were true, I am not aware of any section of the United States Code or other state law or local ordinance which prohibits “being Bill White’s flunky” and makes it a felony, or even a misdemeanor. However, as we’ve all noticed, for some time now our lords and masters have simply been making it up as they go along.

So for that reason, I’d like to update a post I made here back in March entitled My Bill White Kick. It will hopefully tell the United States Attorney in question what he wants to know, if not what he wants to hear, and save us all some time.

No, sir, I am not Bill White’s “flunky.” I am an American citizen who is exercising his First Amendment right publicly to comment on and criticize the bizarre and contemptible behavior of your office, the cruel and vicious conduct of the Bureau of Prisons where Mr. White has been tortured, the evil laws and system which make that torture legal, and above all the series of appalling decisions rendered by the courts in Mr. White’s case which alter the law out of any form the original framers would have recognized, and which have the effect of turning the law into an instrument of tyranny against Americans of European descent.

For example, Mr. White’s multifarious convictions, acquittals, reversals of acquittals, re-arrests, and repeated indictments on charges brought by people with ideological axes to grind or else who are simply mentally ill, have re-defined the whole concept of a “threat” out of all previously recognizable form and removed any demand that the prosecution prove an alleged threat is credible according to any reasonable standard.

It is now sufficient simply for someone (presuming they are of the right skin color) to claim that someone else’s writings or internet speech “makes them feel apprehensive” for a speaker or writer to be imprisoned for many years—as Bill White has been imprisoned.

Then there is the shocking and thoroughly unconstitutional, not to say paranoid and deranged, ruling by a Jewish federal judge that Bill White’s internet audience on his web site allegedly consisted of “White supremacists”, a sweeping assertion for which no proof whatsoever was offered and which is almost certainly factually incorrect (en passant, I have yet to figure out just what a “White supremacist” is in the federal government’s worm-eaten collective mind).

Anyway, because according to this profound Mosaic Solon in a black robe bought for him by our taxpayer dollars, the people who visited Mr. White’s website allegedly all held a certain set of political or racial views which the government did not like, that audience was inherently “criminal and violent.”

Therefore, by this incredibly bizarre reasoning, any criticism by Mr. White (but not by anyone else who lacked the necessary “inherently criminal and violent audience”) of any public official or private person who holds official Victim Status in this society owing to skin pigmentation and/or the presence of mammary glands, thereby constitutes incitement to a felony.

There are now two sets of law in this country regarding freedom of speech, one for Bill White (and probably me) and one for everyone else.

So as I suspect I myself may find out, possibly soon, all that is necessary is for a political gangster in a black robe to say, “I do not like the people who in my imagination might be visiting this web site or reading this publication, therefore this man’s words are criminal and he is to be put in prison in order to make him shut up.”

This, of course, is exactly what the United States Constitution was meant to prevent. Back when we had one.

I must repeat that no proof of any kind of this stunningly false and political (not legal) assertion on the part of this judge that White’s audience was “inherently criminal” was ever introduced in a court of law. Not one single criminal or violent act on the part of an reader was ever cited as proof, nor was any one reader even identified in court, which shouldn’t have been a problem since Overthrow was getting 150,000 hits per month. The judge simply said so, and that made it so.

It is no secret that Back In The Day, Mr. White and I were not exactly simpatico on a number of issues. But that was then and this is now. Love him or hate him, Bill White has now paid his Dues with a capital D. He has more than paid them, through years of torture and imprisonment for nothing but words.

What has been done to Bill White is something which isn’t supposed to happen in America, but which happens on an increasing level every year, as the Slow Coming Dark of the one-party liberal Democratic dictatorship descends on this country.

Anyone who studies Bill White’s case for five minutes is struck by the fact that he is very clearly being bullied, tormented, oppressed and denied his basic human rights for nothing but words on the internet; not even the prosecutors at their most enraged have ever claimed that White committed one single actual act of crime or violence. 

The motivation for his bizarre and manic persecution by the régime appears to be nothing more or less than pure personal malice on the part of some faceless person or group of people hiding behind the anonymity of the cubicles and locked doors of Washington, D.C. 

Have I said “nigger” at all during this article? Well, now would be a good time. Most likely this intense personal hatred of Bill White, which at times seems to border on insanity, originates in the negroid section of the Democratic Party apparatus and probably has to do with the cover of a magazine White intended to publish in October of 2008 during the run up to the general election, a magazine which was never actually printed but the cover of which White was foolish enough to display on several web sites. 

I personally suspect that our monkoid Attorney General Eric Holder is in the mix somewhere, if not Barry Soetoro himself. Holder may not have the time or inclination to investigate the violation of White people’s civil rights, but he clearly doesn’t mind committing a few.

The hell of it is that White appears to have been “scared straight” by his horrific experiences at the hands of the dictatorship and its prisons, and he has evidently given up all contemporary political or racial involvement and has retreated into the mists of the idealized past, a reaction I have seen before among those who have been brutalized by the dictatorship. Americans as a whole are not strong people. Frankly, we break pretty easily, and retreating into mysticism and the past while we abandon hope of compelling change in the present is a form of breaking. 

I am not saying this to criticize Bill; I have not suffered what he has suffered, and I have no right to judge.

The System clearly wants to break White, and in that sense they have. He is clearly harmless now—he always was. Bill is just one of those people who get a visit from Mr. Hyde every time he sits down behind the keyboard of a computer. No one would have been more appalled and horrified than Bill if someone had committed an illegal act due to something he posted on the internet.

But breaking him is not enough for our divinely appointed lords and masters, who know so much better than we do what is good for us and how we must live our lives. Bill White must not only be rendered harmless, but as the trope of the White Male Who Dares, he must be humiliated and degraded.

Above all, Bill White must be rendered respectful, humble, and silent. He must be domesticated. He must surrender all control of his own narrative to the evil, yellow dogs with rotting teeth who have rent his flesh for the past five years. He must consume with a wooden spoon a huge steaming bowl of Barack Hussein Obama’s feces, and he must grin while he does it. Then he must do a little tap-dance and yow-zah! yow-zah! as he is allowed to shuffle off the stage to oblivion.

This he refuses to do. Bill’s capitulation is only partial; he has agreed not to say things which the dictator might find personally displeasing or discomforting, but he refuses to keep silent about our people and our past, and that’s not good enough for the dogs in the expensive suits.

Bill White must cease to exist, in that he must never again remind the world that he ever existed. He will not do so, and so they have once more dragged him into the mangling machine for a more thorough working-over. 

I know that many of our people find the material I publish from Bill White on this blog and in Northwest Observer boring, incomprehensible, and irrelevant to anything in the real world. I do it so that you can read something which Barack Obama and his servants have forbidden you to read, manuscripts written in a 9 X 5 windowless cell by a man whose voice the dictatorship clearly fears, else they would not be beating him and beating him and beating him as they are doing in an effort to make him shut up.

-Harold A. Covington


Anonymous Anthony DiNardo said...

White's turning into kind of an imprisoned philosopher-king. If nothing else, he has the potential to become a powerful martyr for the cause, which the idiots holding him in prison don't seem to have sense enough to realize. If they had any brains they'd let him go and let him wither away and get lost on the internet.

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Dave from Idaho said...


I think that with the exception of "Let's Talk Treason", this is the best non-fiction piece you've ever done.


1:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harold, I actually enjoyed Bill's long piece on fighting for Duty's sake rather than solely for winning, thanks for posting it.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill White is now in the process of growing out of his Hollywood Nazi phase, like you did, Harold, and once that happens ZOG starts getting frightened.

White made a stupid fuck-up, broke a law he didn't even realize he was breaking or even know existed, and that gave them their handle on him which they refuse to let go years after any pretense of appropriate punishment was gone. They clearly intend to keep him in prison permanently, hence the repeated additional indictments every time he looks close to getting out. They are afraid of what he might become.

Be careful, Harold.

3:28 PM  
Anonymous John Hawkwood said...

Odd if Bill White turns out to be the White man's Nelson Mandela.

4:26 PM  
Blogger The Old Man said...

"The White Man's Nelson Mandela"--hmm. Not sure Bill would approve, but wouldn't it be great if we could get that meme running all over the internet and start getting traction on it?

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another true irony is that if the comissars who rule us simply ignored him, most people would consider Bill White as a raving loon babbling about mythical pasts and strange semi religious ideas. But in torturing and imprisoning him so blatantly, they make him stand out more than he ever would have on his own.

4:39 PM  
Anonymous Wayne Whitehead said...

I agree with Dave from Idaho; this good shit, right up there with all your better old stuff. You still got it in the old twinkling keyboard fingers, Harold.

5:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harold, tell the FBI go go to hell! Nothing you write is boring. The FBI can come after me. If it ever comes to getting the new guy on the Bill White Trial blog, by the way, it was after the blog got back up, approximately two to three weeks before things changed.

Anyhow, if he can't run it any more I will do my best to although I;d probably need some instructions on how to do it. They come for any of us, be prepared to defend yourself. NEVER let yourself get detained. Torture is legal if they think, by their definition, you are a terrorist. They are the terrorists and traitors and they need to go away, permanently.

They will NEVER make me back down and they damn well know that if they come for me what will happen to them. Send him lots of news guys, he's bored in there.


2:09 AM  

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