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Letter From Bill White 8-5-2013

Hello, Harold:

I've been told you posted some wild thing about the U.S. Attorney accusing me of being an "Iranian agent." LOL. I am not an Iranian agent, although the story the feds are pushing just got even wilder over the weekend. I've worked in the past with FARS, just like I've worked and written for Pravda, Mathaba, the Washington Times, and others. But the point about these allegations is not that they are cool or true, but that they are bizarre and ridiculous.

Much good news this weekend. First, the government finally released some of their alleged Facebook evidence, and it's conclusive--someone other than me had access to my Facebook page. All of the IPs are European, American, or Canadian--none are Mexican, Carribbean or Latin--and there were chats and posts ongoing both during and after my arrest in Mexico. So I could hardly have been posting online from the Mexican migracion detention center. Plus, the folk in my account were brazenly discussing having compromised and hacked my accounts, and discussing what tools to use--Tor, TrueCrypt, and the CAT, among others. So Facebook is now a dead issue.

Second, my attorney tells me that the indictment is fatally flawed and that I will have to be acquitted at trial.

Third, the government seems to know this, so they have proposed a new plea agreement--in which they will drop all existing charges in exchange for a plea to a single much lesser charge. We shall see about that, because I'm not guilty--but we are now in the 10-to-43-month range rather than the 210-to-270-month range. 

(The problem here is that the U.S. government never negotiates in good faith. They're dangling this in front of Bill, neglecting to mention that once he accepts it they'll simply make something else up out of whole cloth and indict him again. The judicial system in this country bears a striking resemblance to a huge, fat, snot-faced little boy pulling wings off human flies just to titter at the screams of agony. - HAC)

Now on to Black Robe Bizarro World, which you will enjoy. The regime's current theory is now this: as a British-Iranian intelligence agent, part of a "white supremacist" (sic) group run by Charles Manson, (without whom no paranoid liberal "white supremacist conspracy" theory would be complete), I was tasked to assassinate the Trayvon Martin judge and 19 other people. Harold, I know you probably think I'm exaggerating or losing my marbles, but I swear to you, this is now the theory the U.S. Attorney is planning on presenting at my trial, or at least that's the threat if I don't cop a plea.

What happened was this: [name redacted] decided to steal my car, so she went to the FBI with a wild story. On May 31st, 2012, she stated unequivocally that she had no knowledge of any plot to harm anyone in Florida. Then, when prompted by an FBI question about the internet identity "nslf-helterskelter", someone who made a threat to my judge, [name redacted] followed along and volunteered the false statement that I was obsessed with Charles Manson and the book Helter Skelter.

Now comes July 17th, when she was called before the Grand Jury. [Name redacted] then forgot her lines. When asked about my alleged online identity as "nslf-helterskelter" she forgot her previous statements. However, she did remember to include a plot about a state judge in Florida, directly contradicting her previous testimony. The fact that I have been in a prison cell and monitored 24/7 since the Trayvon Martin trial began seems never to have come up. I guess I was going to send my secret army of flying monkeys after the judge.

So the story here is not that I am allegedly "nslf-helterskelter", the operative from the British-Iranian intelligence organization led by Charles Manson who was ordered to assassinate the Trayvon Martin trial judge. The story is that the FBI has taken a damaged and deeply disturbed young woman who was willing to say anything for a few dollars, and coached her to say all this rubbish because the dictatorship thought it might be useful to insert a "white supremacist", a real one, into the Trayvon Martin controversy.

And yes. The dictator's servants are using the threat to indict me on all this happy horse shit I have just described in order to coerce me into pleading guilty to a crime they know I did not commit, either out of personal malice, or because they have been ordered to do so by someone in the Attorney General's office. This is where things stand right now.

In other news, the regime's informant, [name redacted], was arrested Wednesday in Roanoke County and charged in a domestic assault on her father. [Personal information on Bill's divorce drama and finances redacted.]

Otherwise I have been writing regularly for the American Free Press, am going to appear in Numen Press' upcoming second volume of Mimir: The Northern European Tradition, and am working on revising an article on Nietzsche and the revaluation of history for the second volume of Manticore Press' Aristokratia. The Barnes Review is running something I've written on Evola next month, and I believe is preparing a biography I've written on Thurgood Marshall for the issue after. I am reviewing a piece on Apollo and Dionysus, Otto Rahn, Alfred Rosenberg, and Friederich Nietzsche for publication sometime next year. So I'm keeping busy.

Plus, your readers are treating me quite well. One sent me a thick packet last week of columns by someone in Idaho who claims to have started the militia movement in the late 80s. He claims to be a Rhodesian veteran and is more extreme than you, although his name was not in the columns.

Anyway, looks like I'm going to walk on the charges down here, so the only question is what the dictatorship is going to do next in order to keep me in prison. I'm still fighting to get all my alleged computers back in the Southern District of Florida, if the corrupt suits and guards haven't sold them out the back door already, so that may be the next battle. Be well, Harold.


P.S. I received the Barnes Review magazines today. Thank you.

* * *

I have received word from other sources that Bill's trial is now scheduled for October 1st. I know he seems cheery and optimistic, but so are most prisoners in his situation. They have to be; if they let themselves give in to the full horror of their situation they will go insane. Some do when it finally dawns on them that The Beast has no intention of ever releasing them again, but will keep them in the little box so it can come and poke and prod and pull wings and limbs and burn them with a magnifying glass every now and then. 

I can't count the times I have received firm and confident assurances that "I'm gonna walk at trial," from men who are still buried alive in the Beast's torture chambers to this day. Trials in this country are no longer about the evidence, they are about the skin color of the defendant and the skin color of the jury and whether or not the dictatorship has been able to paint a defendant as politically incorrect and therefore fair game for persecution, torture and murder.

It is difficult to overstate how important letters to someone in this situation are, something letting them know that The Beast has not yet achieved its objective of erasing them from human consciousness, that there is a world outside where someone remembers. Bill's address is:

William A. White #20040199844
Roanoke City Jail
324 Campbell Avenue SW
Roanoke, VA 24016


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a Bloom County comic from the 80s. Opus the Penguin flipped out and attacked a mime with a baguette (long story) so the cops told him "Look, plea bargin with us and you'll be out of here and sucking on sardines in 20 minutes" so he does then the cops laugh and scream "You're going to fry!" The final frame shows Opus screaming "I'M SO GULLIBLE!"

Anyone else that actually trusts the Federales is quite gullible as well.

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Odd. I never thought that much of Bill White when he was on the outside, but prison seems to have matured him and knocked a lot of the silliness out of him. We may have something here after all, if he ever gets out again. Maybe that's why they're so interested in keeping him inside. Eric Holder's petty vindictiveness may have created a monster.

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Mark Underhill said...

Prosecution in this country is a lot more petty and personal than you might think. I have known people who spent years in prison simply because they had personally offended some asshole with money and power, or ticked off some judge or attorney or politician. It happens all the time.

4:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Charles Manson a racist? Give me a break....

In Manson's dope induced visions he raved about how blacks would rise up and kill whites and take over, because whites deserved it. Charlie's profundities held that the Niggers wouldn't have enough sense to run anything and consequently would seek out the best qualified white man to help them. Naturally this would be Charlie Manson.

Helter Skelter was cooked up by prosecutor "Bug" Bugliosi who wanted to hype the Manson case beyond its real significance to leverage himself into the state AG office, and, dare I say, dare I say...maybe even to governor.

Manson's real motive was to muscle in on the mafia and carve out a chunk of the action for himself.

Trouble is Manson was a piker. He sent nutjob Tex Watson and three VD infested, doped up and half starved stupid hippy dippy girls to do the job.

Had Manson succeeded in a small way, by not getting caught, the real syndicate that runs the music, dug, and movie business would have whacked him in short order.

Anyway the Bug was happy to pursue the Helter Skelter motive so he didn't have to pull on all the strings exposed by the Manson crimes. Strings that led to buggerers, dopers, child pornographers, devil worshipers, sado-sexual torturers, and snuffers among the Hollywood elite.

Nor did he want to interfere with the mob money laundered through the movie industry financing a good part of Hollywood.

No, the Bug sure as hell didn't want to open that can of worms. It was best to shut down the LAPD investigation and send the Mansonites to the gas chamber.

6:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just becuase you ahte niggers doesn't make one a racist, just a realist. Those articles that were sent to Bill were from J.B. Campbell. He always seems to be in good spirits. He'll be alright, he is Bill after all.

1:22 AM  

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