Thursday, July 11, 2013

Radio Free Northwest - July 11th, 2013

Lot of good stuff this time around. HAC discusses Edgar Steele’s appeal before the Nutty Ninth, Andy talks about meeting security, Gretchen reviews Arthur Kemp’s Nova Europa, we hear from the Kingfish himself, Lord Lucan talks about the recent assassination attempt on Mike Harris, and HAC closes with a rant about Movement people who play Trivial Pursuit.


Anonymous Lt. Greyman 21st Bell (The Blackjacks), NVA said...


In the Travon affair, interesting that Bush appointed Debra Steinberg (now Nelson) to the bench. The tribe has the fix in.


9:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well of course they have the fix in! Zimmerman's getting what used to be called a kangaroo court. At least trials in the Soviet Union were short before they'd haul you off to the gulag or firing post.

I suppose its for the public spectacle.

Really, the USA has turned into some 1960s-1970s dystopian sci-fi novel that used to sell on the used paperback stands for .75 cents. :(

10:28 AM  

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