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Letter From Bill White - July 6th 2013

July 6, 2013

Hello Harold,

I have received a number of letters this week that start with “I’m sorry about what Harold said about you …”  LOL  Apparently, you think my belief that the forces of Order cannot win within this time cycle is despair.  Au contraire.  The belief in struggle that cannot be won is at the heart of Aryan virtue and the ideal of warrior asceticism.  The belief that there is something to win – or that winning is important – is the materialist cowardice you have been railing against.  No one who wants to win is going to join you – because the odds of anyone benefiting by joining you are small – death or imprisonment is more likely.  What you are seeking is people willing to sacrifice whether they win or not – and that is the spirit you’re missing.

In the Bhagavad-Gita, when Arjuna looks at the army of his kinsmen that is arrayed against him, he does not want to fight – he does not want to slay his relatives or be slain by them. So, Krishna speaks to Arjuna and says:  “I am Time, the Great Destroyer.  All of those you see arrayed against you are mine, and will die even if you bear no arms. So go forward amidst them into slaughter, and become the instrument of my will.”

This set of verses reveals the great truth about life in this world.  It is the same lesson embodied the spirit of Islamic jihad.  In Islam, there are two jihads – al-jihadul-akbar and al-jihadul-ashgar – the Greater and Lesser Holy War.  The Lesser Holy War is the war fought in the material world to bring the infidel into submission to Allah – to grow and expand the dominion of the Islamic ethno-cultural organism.  The Greater Holy War is the war fought to bring one’s soul into submission to Allah, by bearing the pain and suffering of war without losing faith.  In Islam, jihad is thus Allah’s way of testing and purifying his believers.  After all, as an all-powerful God, Allah could bring all of the world into submission by an act of will.  Instead, Allah allows the infidel to exist and, at times, dominate the faithful, in order to test the inner quality of the Muslim’ soul.

The same doctrine drove the Viking warrior into battle, promising his soul direct access to Valhalla.  In the Nordic culture, the value of the man was in the ordstirr, the judgment of Odin, sometimes called “the fame of a dead man’s deeds.”  By uniting the warrior with his Valkyrie – his spirit of victory – battle led the warrior to the conquest of death – and to eternal life in Odin’s hall – life until the end of time, when Odin is to lead the armies of Ragnarok and end the cycle, turning the wolf age to the golden age.

In the Vedic tradition, time is Mahakala – the Great (maha) Destroyer (kala).  Time’s function is to bring Order into Chaos. What is Order? Order is hierarchy and differentiation.  What is Chaos?  Chaos is uniformity and leveling.  In the physical world, take something hot and something cold and place them in proximity and the tendency is toward equilibrium.  The hot becomes cold and the cold becomes hot until you have an even lukewarm or cool.  Time is the same in the social world – put the Aryan and the Negro together and eliminate barriers and the tendency is towards the mu’allawah, or mulatto – to something that is neither one nor the other.   

Communism, internationalist socialist and democracy are all doctrines which attempt to accelerate this process; National Socialism, Radical Tradition, Northwest Republicanism – all of these are trying to retard and reverse it.  The first are doctrines of chaos; the second are doctrines of order.

The question is whether it is possible to defeat Time.  Can the doctrine of progressivism be reversed?  Can caste, race, sex and other hierarchies be restored?  In the Eddas, Thor himself battles Time in the forms of Elli, nursemaid of Utgard-Loki, and is wrestled to his knees.  When the apples of Idunn are stolen, even the gods grow old.  Even the greatest of gods are challenged by Time.  What Krishna tells Arjuna about men is true – all men, all warriors, and all things of men are subject to it.

Yet some God created this order – and established it for a reason. As the Pharaoh Akhenaton noted in his Hymn to the Sun, God created man in his races and divided him, giving a land to each.  To oppose racial differences, and to try to undo the division of man, is to oppose god himself.  Does not God defend his own order?

In the Vedas, Mahakala is Shiva, who sits on the left hand of Brahma.  On the right hand of Brahma is Shiva’s counterpart Vishnu.  Shiva’s dance is Time, which destroys the world.  Vishnu’s role is the preserver, and Vishnu’s actions is to reappear, spontaneously, through history, in the form of men – his avatars.  Vishnu’s appearance is like an explosion – the decadent world around him is annihilated and replaced with the initial Order – which survives a few moments, affirming the faith of the Aryan, then disappears.  Only the last avatar of Vishnu – the Kalki-Avatar – is finally victorious.  His coming ends the cycle and starts a new Golden Age or Satya Yuga.

In Shilia Islam, Kalki is the Twelfth Imam, or the Mahdi.  In Europe, Kalki has been found in the myth of the “hidden king” – of the resurrection of Charlemagne or Frederick Barbarossa.  The last avatar of Vishnu to visit the earth – the last Mahdi, the last Imam, the last Hidden King – was Adolf Hitler, who appeared, rolled back the decadent world, briefly established a paradise of Order, and then withdrew, allowing Time to return to its course.

Similarly, in the physical world, the tendency for ordered systems to avoid descent into chaos requires an outside force to reverse it.  The force represented by Vishnu is that outside force, acting on a system dominated by Shiva and his wife, Kali.

So, in plain terms, what does all this “mysticism” mean?

If the ends of life are to be found in this world, it is never sensible for the individual to sacrifice himself, because there is nothing greater than that individual’s life.  In this paradigm, one should stay home, keep one’s head down, never engage in conflict, and go along with whatever can get you wealth, pleasure, fame, a good reputation, family, security, and which will extend your life and glorify, or at least preserve, yourself.   

This is what the folk you rail against do.  They are comfortable now.  They may know in a vague way, that they will die, but they never think about it.  They believe they can be alive and comfortable forever – and are willing to accept alive and comfortable now as proof.  The live, as Charles Manson said, in the belief that “now is the only thing that’s real.”

Really, as the doctrine of jihad recognizes, there are two true means of super-personal existence.  One is through participation in an ethno-cultural or social organism.  As Oswald Spengler noted in his Decline of the West, and Yockey expanded on in his Imperium, social collectives – civilizations and cultures – have a lifecycle just as individual men do.  A cultural organism is born, grows, reaches maturity, expends its power, and then dies.  These organisms are really ethno-cultural, because a culture can only be the expression of a given ethnic group.  Other ethnicities can mimic the culture, participate in it as outsiders, or adopt and transform it to their own – but the culture can only reflect on ethnic or racial way of being.  Individuals are born and die within a culture, but the culture survives and, in a material sense, the individual continues in this world and achieves a super-existence through participation in the survival of the ethno-cultural or racial-national organism.

This is hat you keep getting at, Harold.  Ironically, you call participation in the racial-national collective “individualism.”  What you mean by this is that White people should look inside themselves and determine what they are – and not what a society based on chaos tells them to be.  In a sense, you are correct if you accept Julius Evola’s definition of individualism as the individual being what it is, and individuation as the alienation of the individual from his proper place in society.  However, insofar as you “individualism” as the pursuit of the supposed “individual” will against the collective demands, you are wrong.   

You are asking men to subsume and sacrifice their immediate individual well-being for the racial collective – you are asking them to commit a selfless, collectivist act.  This act is the exact same act that Islam demands that its followers commit in this world – to wage war and potentially die or lose their life and property for the benefit of the Islamic collective.

This then begs the question on which the Jews are beating us.  What should I sacrifice myself for the collective well-being?  After all, what investment do I have in the future of the White race?  Why do I care what White people are doing after I am dead?  And if I must sacrifice, shouldn’t I sacrifice for “humanity,” and not one particular race?  White philosophy generally ignores these questions, drawing on “natural” feeling.  However, modern culture is an anesthesia for “natural” feeling, so these questions must be addressed.

In Islam, one sacrifices one’s self for Allah because Allah commands it.  Christianity has a similar, non-warrior, ethic – one suffers in imitation of Christ to achieve salvation.  Aryan paganism teaches, as we outlined, that sacrifice and death in battle is the only path to heaven – and that, through proper sacrifice, one becomes a vehicle through which God or the gods becomes manifest on earth.  Because transcendence of the material world and the achievement of eternal life is the goal of every religion but the Jewish, the Jews have done so much to dismantle Aryan religion.  In fact, before explaining why a White person should sacrifice for the White race, it is probably necessary to explain to the debauched and decadent something basic, like why “my” God’s Order – as if the gods and their order were a product of my imagination- is superior to the doubting forces of Chaos.

Given that cultural organisms exist, and that individuals exist in the context of social collectives – that individuals are not isolated in this world but exist in relation to other individuals which are more or less dissimilar to themselves – an individual has a social collective to which he bears a greater affinity than others, and that social collective is his cultural organism.  In other words, some men are more similar to an individual than others, and these men will tend to be of the same race and same culture, because racial and cultural preferences tend to vary together.   

That racial and cultural preferences tend to vary together can be observed empirically and is likely because of variations in DNA which have been observed and variations of soul which can be hypothesized.  Those unable or unwilling to acknowledge the empirical evidence linking race and the individual behaviors and preferences which contribute to the cultural collective dispute this foundation of or argument endlessly, falsifying data and threatening violence – but we set them aside here, they can travel no further with us.

If men exist as part of cultural organisms, then individual men have an ideal relationship to that cultural organism – a way of relating socially that maximizes their happiness.  In other words, each individual has a proper place in a society that reflects their being, and this place allows them to best express their unique inner self – who they are.   

The greatest happiness for humanity is found in a world in which each individual lives in a racially and ethnically based society – a culture organism – and fulfills its proper place in that society, without it being demanded to do more or denied the opportunity to do less.  This is caste – the place into which a person is born – and it is liberating, not constricting.  

Multi-culturalism tries to say that multiple cultures should live in harmony within a single nation – but this is wrong.  Calling someone a “creepy ass cracker” is part of Trayvon Martin’s culture, it is not part of White culture.  Similarly, the kind of government needed to control a Trayvon Martin – who would have been speared and eaten, not shot, had he committed his crimes in his native Africa – is not the kind of government under which White men prosper.  A social organism encompasses all aspects of social organization – economic, political, interpersonal, and a government must reflect a given people’s ideal.

And this is to examine multi-culturalism in its best light, and not in light of the erroneous belief that all races are one “mankind,” without meaningful differentiation.

So, if men live best in cultural organisms, those seeking the benefit of humanity would seek to divide mankind b race and ethnicity, and to allow each race and ethnicity of man its own territory, its own nation, and its own way of being.  I would argue that this philosophy only properly applies to the White and yellow races – the races that are capable of living in accordance with Tradition – and that the evidence is that the Negro race is not properly “human,” and thus deserves the same consideration society gives to animals and nature – but I don’t seek to make that leap now.  To satisfy the humanitarians, I grant that separate racial nationhood is best for all humans – and leave the term “human” open.  There is no way of contradicting this view without denying both common, anecdotal observation and the entirety of the empirical evidence.

I would also argue, though, that no matter how widely one defines “human,” the White race – and the “Aryan” segment of the White race in particular – enjoys a special role.  The doctrine of Order – of race and caste – originates in the Aryan segment of the White race, and spread from the Germans and Nordics of northern Europe to Europe, Asia, and all the places it resides in the world.  The Aryan has, religiously, been gifted by God with the ability to order the world – and is, thus, the hereer volk, or “noble people” – to whom government is given in an ideal world.

That such a people exist is predicted by the acknowledgement that each man has a proper place within his culture’s organism.  Some must work and some must rule.  This is no different than the fact that each individual body has a brain an has muscles.   

The rulers are not “superior” to the workers, in the sense that both must perform their proper role for the organism to thrive, just as the brain and muscles must work together; though the brain commands the muscles, and the body can lose a muscle without dying, but cannot lose the brain.  And, as there is an order among collectives of men, there must be order between the races of men – an ideal relationship in which all races benefit maximally.  This order is White world supremacy – or, really, the supremacy of the Aryan minority among White people.

So, this then begs the question – since I live in a world which has fallen far from the ideal, why should I sacrifice myself to better it, and to bring about an ideal – or, the temporary resurrection of an ideal – which I may never see?

Well, as Marcus Aurelius noted, in a hundred years, my body will be dead – so, the question is whether some part of me is eternal or not part of me is eternal.  If some part of me is eternal, then the goal of me must lie beyond the things of this world.  If no part of me is eternal, then nothing I do has any meaning.  And, if I’m not certain, it is best for me to err on the side of immortality – because I lose nothing if I’m wrong.  

 Only if I’m certain I do not have a soul should I live only for this world – and no one is reasonably certain of that, because the existence of one’s self, apart from the body, is the first sense of all men – at least, all White people.  (Those “people” with animal or demonic souls - the Negro and the Jew – I admit my experience themselves differently.  In fact, differentiation experiences of the soul, or being, is the basis of differentiated expressions of the cultural organism.)

The Neo-Platonists came to God by hypothesizing an original, unmoved mover.  This first cause – the One – spawned the lesser causes – the Forms, or the lesser gods, or the angels – and the Ideals – in whose image the material world is molded.  Neo-Platonism taught that man transcends his material being by becoming a vehicle through which the ideals – what Jung called the archetypes – become manifest.  This is a modification of the Vedic notion of the avatar – that man exalts his own soul by becoming one with the ideal of himself – an ideal the Egyptians called the ba, the Greeks the daemon, the Norse the fylgja.  

 For the warrior, the Romans called this ideal the divine woman, the Victory; the Greeks, the Nike the Norse, the Valkeyrja or Valkyrie.  In Islam, this same notion exists in the Greater Holy War by brining the body into submission, the soul is exalted to paradise.  Because the individual is finite, he achieves the possibility of an eternal soul only by participating in infinity – by making his life, and death, the manifestation of a super-personal force.  We all die – but we do not all live and die the same.

Thus, among Indo-European peoples, there has always been a dual notion of the afterlife.  On the one hand, there is Hades – the grey, chthonic nothing into which the souls of the dead dissolve, forgetting and sleeping until they have lost all individuality.  On the other hand, there is Olympus – the exalted eternity of ambrosia an nectar to which the super-hero or demi-god ascends, having risen fro a man to an archetype which men may embody.   

The Egyptians saw the same – one could be devoured by Amenet or live eternally with Osiris.  The Norse had Nidhagg and Niflheim on one hand and Odin and Valhalla on the other.  There is a death that brings nothingness, and a death that brings eternal life.  Christianity had the same idea, once, too, before Semitic demons gave color to its Hell.

So, not only does the existence of my people in this world depend on my sacrifice, but my eternal soul does as well.  Thus, the test is whether I can set aside those things which can never be mine in a true sense – all the things of this world outside myself – in favor of that which is always mine – my character, my righteousness, and my eternity.

Now, in the first age – the Golden Age, Satya Yuga, or Age of Being - the adherence to dharma – the following of the law proper to ones inner being – is easier, because good actions bring good results.  Sacrifice in battle, for instance, is exalted and celebrated by one’s people.  A man’s wife demands he come back with his shield or on it – instead of begging, pleading and crying that he not go off to war.  The question of the existence of the racial collective and the maintenance of the proper order is no question – the idea that chaos should be exalted is absent.

But then then comes the Jew.  The Jew is the agent of Time, God sends it to challenge his people.  The Jew asks the questions and tells the lies which make the survival of the collective a question.  And, this is not “dishonest,” because, lacking a human soul, the Jew truly does not understand.  Dharma and its karma – right action and right results – break down.  Right action no longer brings right results.  Those who do the right thing cease to always “win.”  The material order no longer mirrors the order in heaven.

In time we reach the Kali Yuga – the Death Age – the Eddic Wolf Age, Axe Age, Age of Cloven Shields.  Chaos becomes dominant, Order becomes an oddity.  This is our age. We act righteously, but, we do no win.  When God becomes manifest, he rules for a time and allows himself to be defeated.  Men despair.  Faith in divinity and Order is shaken.  Men sink into despair.

But, who is in charge?  Not I.  The man who despairs is the man who refuses to fight – the man who does not sacrifice – the man who loses himself in pleasure, or who tries to maintain his comfort by keeping his head down.  This man only wants to be part of something that “wins,” and is willing to give up his being and sink into the nothingness if Hades if he cannot “win.”  He is the antithesis of the Hero. He is nothing.

I, though, have no illusions of “winning.”  I know that there is nothing to be won or lost outside of my own soul.  This world, and my struggle in it, is a test.  The first test is whether I can abandon comfort.  The second test is whether I can preserver despite suffering.  The victory is in my own righteousness.  Whatever I may win in this world is vanity – my only victory is to stand at the hand of God when he chooses to destroy and redeem the world.

Thus, Harold, you should fight for the Northwest Republic – and others should join you.  But the victory of the Republic is only the victory in this world.  And, like all things in time, even a new Roman Empire with a similar lifespan, ant victory in this world is, in time, consumed by Time.  The real victory is not in the death of the American democratic infidels and their submission to National Socialism, but in the struggle by which that victory is brought about.  The defiance of – and conquest of – death and the ascension to heaven is the victory which allows our souls to be reborn and to struggle again and again until we are purified and ready to lead the armies of heaven in the burning of the earth.

The Aryan remnant needs to be reminded of the virtues of sacrifice and struggle as ends in themselves.  Then, you will have the warriors you want.

Shiva and Kali dance on the one hand.  Kali is the substance of the illusion, the image.  Shiva’s will gives the illusion form, and his dance breaks that form down, from beauty into nothingness.  Vishnu sits eternally on the other hand, occasionally intervening, joining the dance form outside, and reminding the dancers of its beauty.  But both are the hands of Brahma, who imagined the world and went to sleep, and sustains both creation and destruction in his dreaming.  Both death and beauty are part of the same world in which we are imprisoned.  Only when we see clearly both the beauty of Order and the death which is coming to it can we stand apart and be liberated with the Great Dreamer.

So, fight for your Northwest Republic, Harold, for the race, for National Socialism, for the Tradition and for Order – and fight to win – but understand that it is the fighting to win – when you know the odds are against you, or, better yet, that you are certain you will lose – that is important, and not the winning.  “Winning is in the mind of God; the fighting is in you.

Be well, Harold, and don’t despair.


* * *

Bill White is currently being held in a windowless cell in Roanoke, Virginia the size of a broom closet. I can only hope that there is some kind of air conditioning in there in the July heat. He is not allowed access to phones or e-mail and he is not allowed to receive books, so all he can do is sit in his cell for 23 hours per day writing on sheets of yellow legal pad, which he must pay for. You might want to drop him a small money order for his commissary to:

William A. White #20040199844
Roanoke City Jail
324 Campbell Avenue SW
Roanoke, VA 24016

Bill was supposed to go on trial in late August for the hideous crime of sending his ex-wife an irate e-mail two years ago and “causing her to feel apprehensive,” for which he’s looking at twenty years in prison.  

Not threatening her, but "causing her to feel apprehensive," which is now thanks to Bill White's multifarious cases a different kettle of fish, legally speaking,  and which apparently makes the concept of a "terroristic threat" completely subjective. 

The Bill White precedent does not require any actual threat to be made, thus eliminating the need for the "reasonable person" and "credible threat" burdens of proof. All that is necessary is that someone, somewhere, should "feel apprehensive." I am not making this up. In essence, Bill White may spend the next two decades in prison for being rude to his ex, or as he put it to me once when he described his actual offenses, for "aggravated cussing."

Once again, in this latest case, not even the prosecution claims that Bill actually committed one single criminal act; at no time during the past six years of horror has a single judge, prosecutor, cop, or other official of the dictatorship claimed that he ever actually did anything at all. He is being kept buried alive and repeatedly prosecuted for speech alone, apparently for the purpose of establishing legal precedents that this can be done.
My understanding at the moment is that the trial has been postponed because the ex-wife is no longer interested in participating, and because the primary witness for the prosecution has gone insane and staged a public meltdown on Facebook. This doesn’t matter since all they have to do is get a few niggers on the jury and they could convict Bill of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the great Chicago fire if they want to. So right now they’re just keeping him in a box until they decide what to do with him. They may be trying to drive Bill himself around the twist. He could use some letters, folks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Gods help those who help themselves. The only battle you have to win is the last one. And the Last Brigade will triumph in the End that will be a Beginning.

10:48 AM  
Anonymous americafarm said...

Thanks for posting this.

I believe the trial is still on. This may change.

Bill White welcomes any donations. Cash, checks or money orders may be sent to the Roanoke City Jail address given in the blog post.

Bill's full name, "William Alexander White" should be in the address.

When sending a money order, fill in the "To:" address on the form as follows:

Roanoke City Jail
Inmate Trust Fund
William A. White #2004019844
324 Campbell Avenue, SW
Roanoke, VA 24016

The inmate number must be included on the money order form.

7:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I write to him weekly. I didn't know that it could be twenty years for his letters and correspondence with his ex-wife. The letter Bill wrote was extremely well researched and not a surprise at all for someone with Bill's vast knowledge of history and intellegence. Just incredible.

Looks as if he's in solitary. I'll have to send him a few pads of paper and a clipboard. He can be sent loose leaf material and booklets I'm assuming would be okay.

Letters cheer him up so write to him as often as you can.

4:24 AM  
Anonymous americafarm said...

Harold, I am very sorry. I goofed up the inmate number. You have it correct in your blog post - 20040199844. Please edit that in my last post here, if you can do it. Thanks.

The trial has been delayed, I hear.

4:48 PM  
Anonymous americafarm said...

Don't think my last comment went through so posting again. Correct inmate number is 20040199844. Please edit my original post here, Harold. Thanks. (If you can.)

4:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, he's got a new pad and some news on the way. He should have it by now and I'm sending him more today. At least he's got his own cell now. They've been trying to piss him off with all the bullshit they've put him through and that's just at Roanoke, a city jail of all places has solitary the size of a fucking broom closet! Bill can recieve, newsletters, books, booklets, magazines and loose leaf paper. Send things daily that you see and print them off. Buy lots of postal stamps and keep sending stuff to him. Rememeber guys, he's got nothing to do but sleep and stare at the wall.

3:19 AM  

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