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Letter From Bill White - July 26th 2013

Hello, Harold,

Thank you for all those wonderful publications you’ve been sending, particularly The First Freedom. I had heard of Olaf Childress and his paper, but never read it, and it’s really an excellent publication. I’ve sent him an article; we’ll see if he publishes it. I also enjoyed all the biographies of Jewish criminals. Very interesting.

Much has been going on here, but not much of it is going anywhere. The government has been trickling out discovery, drip by drip, doing everything they can to conceal what evidence they are actually holding. I have determined that both government witnesses are not only lying, which I knew, but concealing evidence from the prosecution itself, which I am attempting to obtain. The bottom line is that the régime really doesn’t have the evidence it wants and is lying about and concealing what evidence it does have.

The biggest problem is a [redacted to avoid accusations from Goat Dancing fools that I somehow “messed up Bill’s case” by discussing it in public. - HAC]

So it appears that because of a [an egregious government legal and procedural error which was either stunningly incompetent or deliberate] “career criminal” with the 20-year sentence is out. The régime is now trying to pressurize me into accepting a two-year concurrent plea that would add no time to my current sentence, on the condition that I plead guilty to a crime which they know perfectly well I did not commit. This in a series of malicious prosecutions which everyone throughout the entire judicial system understands perfectly well to be politically motivated.

I never cease to be amazed at how thin their pretense that I have committed crimes is from the inside. When off the record, usually none of them even bother to pretend to believe I’m guilty of anything; keeping me in prison for criticizing the dictatorship is now just another day at the office for them. As one of them once said to me, this isn’t a legal or criminal case, it’s simply a process, something like the weather, and I got caught in the rain. My life and freedom is the fuel that keeps the process going and the machine which is that process firing on all cylinders, and the machine will keep on running until the fuel runs out. This isn’t Edgar Steele II, it’s a cheap knock-off.

Right now, the régime is tightening the screws on me by threatening me with endless indictment after indictment. My next indictment will be my eighth. This seems to be really what my current case is about—setting me up for a harder fall on the next case, whatever that might turn out to be. God knows what they’ll come up with--they have at least ten years of my archived internet material to use against me.

This is all about vengeance. They hold me for two more years, then they indict me again just before I’m to be released so they can put a “hold” on me, get me to plead to another short jolt, then wait until I'm about to be released and do it again, so forth and so on. Once I start pleading, I keep taking these little sentences, and all of a sudden it’s Three Strikes and Career Criminal time and I am never released.

None of this is being run from the local U.S. Attorney’s office. It’s all being co-ordinated from Washington, from the same Attorney General’s office which stated that it would not investigate civil rights violations or Voting Act intimidation directed against White people. I am your tax dollars in action.

Right now, I’ve spent the better part of five years in prison, all of it under constant prosecution, constantly being moved here and there on the bizarre whims of the BOP. I have two more to go, and will do every day of it if the dictator’s servants have their way. I am a multiply-convicted “violent felon” with one strike they’re trying to parlay into two and then three because of things I have said on the internet, and I have never been convicted or even accused of a single violent or unlawful act. Just speech--aggravated cussing and criticizing the government.

When [these people] are trying to force me to plead guilty to a crime which they are perfectly well aware I did not commit, they say “think about your life.” My life? Have these people lived in America lately? That’s no life at all.

Anyway, thank you for the publications. Be well, Harold.


William A. White #20040199844
Roanoke City Jail
324 Campbell Avenue SW
Roanoke, VA 24016


Anonymous Goat Herder said...

Harold, you know that the same Goat Dancers who are constantly posting horse shit to the internet about you are also down on Bill White? Same IP addresses, from what you tell me.

9:27 AM  

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