Friday, June 28, 2013

Thought Police Closing In On Winston

Dear HAC,

I am sending you this email through someone else, because I believe that the police have blocked all internet communication through my home router to your usual Earthlink email address.

Just now I tried to email-send you the following question no less than five times and then tried a test email to see if it was the content size or format that was causing the blockage and on each occasion I received a “Delivery Status Notification (Failure)” message.

Further to my email to you last week (Thursday June 20th) regarding the police phone call concerning a “non-criminal” police investigation they "couldn't talk about" on the phone (and which took place on the same day), today (Thursday June 27th) I came home from work to find a typed letter on my doormat from the Metropolitan Police.

The letter which was delivered to me by hand in an unstamped envelope with the address written on in biro, is as follows.

"Dear [redacted]

"I apologise for the unsolicited nature of this letter, and do not wish to cause you and your family any undue alarm; however, further to our discussion with "Channel" I do need to discuss some sensitive issues that may concern you. I would like to stress that this letter has not been sent as part of any criminal proceedings, nor are you in any trouble whatsoever.

"If you could, please contact me on the telephone numbers shown on the letterhead above so that I can go into some more detail with you.

Kindest regards,
Police Sergeant"

The letter was dated 14th June 2013 and the information shown on the letterhead is exactly as follows:

26th Floor
Empress State Building
Lille Road
Telephone: 0207 161

Here is a Wikipedia article about the Empress State Building:

What I find rather strange is that the letter is dated six days before the secret police made me aware of their interest in me.

The person who I rent from also lives in the same building as me and was the person who originally received the initial phone call, which I then called back from my place of work last week. If present this person would probably let them in, for fear of being caught inadvertently committing some perceived wrongdoing.

What should I do?

-Winston Smith

* * *

Dear Winston:

Sorry about the bouncing e-mail: a guy sent me over 100 megs of Ulster music and filled up my in-box.

My advice is to do nothing. Wait until they come for you. Ask if you are under arrest, or if they have a warrant.

If not, then do not let them in and close the door. Do not engage them in casual conversation. If they arrest or detain you simply respond to every question with “I have nothing to say.” Keep on saying that until they release you, even if it’s 20 years later.

As Bill White (who has given in to despair, as I have not) says: “We can never win, but we can still save our own souls.” Yes, we can at least do that. Co-operating with this evil in any form leaves one deformed, dirtied, defiled, even if you manage to somehow satisfy them and make them go away without actually physically harming you. Co-operating with these beings leaves one feeling depressed and filled with self-loathing, and in the long run that guilt can be almost as personally destructive as an actual prison sentence. For some of us who still try to live in the old ways, anyway.

Please keep me posted.

* * * 

[Got this from “Winston” just now. Maybe it will work. - H.] 

I'm sending them this final note tomorrow:

"Saturday June 29, 2013

Dear Detective Inspector [redacted]/“Police Sergeant”:

Thank you for your phone call on Thursday June 20 and letter delivered to my door by hand on Thursday June 27, while I was away.

Unfortunately the phone number that you provided in the letterhead, which in the letter you requested I call, had four digits missing at the end, so I wasn’t able to use it. What is more the letter was dated Friday June 14; six days before your initial phone call and signed simply as “Police Sergeant”.

Having taken some time to look more closely into this Channel Project online, all I can say in response is that it doesn't apply to me, and that therefore I see no reason for us to either meet or chat further, as you propose.

Since as you say there is no criminal investigation taking place, I have nothing further to say or add with regards to this matter and continue to reserve the right to purchase and read whatever type of literature I please.

Yours Sincerely


* * *

Dear HAC,

They are trying to intimidate Winston. If he is “invited” to go to the police station he should refuse to go. If he is arrested then the UK best tactic is just to just to be polite and give name, age and address and say '”no comment” to everything – he should also ask for a duty solicitor to be present.

If he is raided by the police they cannot legally raid his home again for a month – the usual reason would stocking and distributing  “racist” material. Books are normally OK, except those like The Turner Diaries, or some of your books – they would be better ordered singly from the USA for personal ownership, nor is distributing magazines and leaflets with racial content legal in practice. Survivalist type material is not popular with them either, let alone anything more extreme, or chemicals stored in a garage.

It could be worse for him though – presumably they are not using “close surveillance” – entering his home in his absence or other harassing tactics, such as obviously following someone  by car, or even staged incidents for harassment/training purposes. The security services are showing signs of coming out more into the open. which is not a good sign.



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