Tuesday, June 11, 2013

River of Liberal Lies

Every once in a while I tune in to some of the other channels besides news, just to see how bad it's getting. I think that the fact that I don't watch it like most people gives me a better idea of the changes taking place. A constant viewer becomes numbed to it as he slowly adjusts to the increasing intensity of the brainwashing. And brother, it's getting bad. 
I first watched the PBS channels. These as you know, are bastions of liberal thinking. It was both frightening and enraging to see what they're now putting out. Almost every program they showed was either about blacks and their plight, blacks and how they're like whites, blacks and what they want, or blacks and how whites should be doing more for them. 
There were also shows about the poor, downtrodden wetback and how bad they have it at home, and how we should open our doors to more of them. No joke. There were endless shows about black history, Hispanic history, and how the evil whites stole America from them.
The perennial "buck n' blonde" formula was prominent, with endless shows on all the other channels showing mixed race couples, mixed interracial romance, marriage, and especially sex, sex, sex. But they were very careful not to show the offspring of these monstrous unions. Something about nappy-headed, plunger -lipped babies is bad for their propaganda.
Once on Yoo Toob I saw an interview with a young mother of one of these kids, and she tried to warn other girls from
breeding with blacks. You'd never see something like that on a TV channel, that's for sure..even one of the independent conservative stations. 
And we have a few out here. In fact Cox Cable, that rabidly liberal cable network, tried recently to bounce Channel Five off its line-up. They claimed it was because of a lack of viewers plus the fact that Five was charging outrageous fees. Both turned out to be outrageous lies cooked up by Cox. The write and call-in campaign of angry viewers was so intense that Cox was forced to back off. Liberals will do anything to silence the truth.
Channel Five out here shows a lot of the oldie shows and other programs that refute the liberal agenda. This enrages the Powers That Be, and there's an ongoing battle between the conservative white owned stations and the Jew owned ones. 
On Five, if there's a crime involving a coon, they'll show a pic of the nigger perp. This is the only local channel that will do that. The others report a "suspect"and that's all. But all the conservative ones make sure to show that it's a coon or wetback that did the dirty deed, and it almost always is, as we all know.
The war between the liberals and the white owned stations here is far from over. The "rebel" states out here all have a few conservative white owned stations. I'm not talking republican. That's no longer conservative. I'm talking about people that think like we do for the most part. And while PBS, CBS, ABC and NBC will all be praising and defending Obama, the conservative channels will be exposing the lies and showing the truth about what's been happening in Washington.
This of course enrages the liberals, who are continually deriding their enemy stations. We get a real kick out of the snide comments the liberal reporters put out. On the news front today, PBS was celebrating the first fag marriage in France today in Paris. Two pole smokers got hitched and couldn't wait to sneak off to their honeymoon sweet to play catch n' pitch. I wanted to puke in my boot. 
Liberals always applaud anything degenerate as "progress" and millions of gullible fools actually swallow this tripe. I'm continually amazed at the sheer stupidity of humanity. What's next...legalizing NAMBLA? Believe me, I see it coming. America is swimming in a river of lies, and very few have sense enough to climb to shore before they drown in that filth. 
Just look at the Boy Scouts. Accepting faggots in their ranks. And fag scout leaders? It's only a matter of time. Wait a few years when these panty prancing queens grow up. Then you'll have queer scout masters taking our kids out on overnighters in the woods. Hoo boy. I can imagine how that will play out.
Our kids are the last sacred thing we have in this country, and the damned liberals are attacking even them. Nothing is sacred to these degenerates, nothing. My hatred for them and their evil Jew masters knows no bounds. Here in the heartland we have a high concentration of WASPS. White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. And while I don't subscribe to the belief system of most
of them out here, I do however, back their stiff resistance to the advance of liberalism into their states. 
My home state of Oklahoma for example, will not give drivers licenses or welfare to wetbacks. And there's not a white anywhere in this state that will hire one or rent to one. Consequently we're wetback free here, and our crime rate is the envy of the nation. 
Sure, we have blacks, but their numbers are also low because of the stiff harassment of cops across the state, and the difficulty they have getting welfare here. It's far easier for them to join their brown brothers across the border in liberal-run Arkansas, who freely supports both. That's why the property and sales taxes there are murder by the way. The whites there have to pay for the liberalism they support. Good.
The liberals there continually howl over the WASP owned stations pumping out the truth about Obummer, blacks and wetbacks. I just love our late-nite shows too. Old movies from the 40s, 50s and 60s that are free of propaganda and "super
coons". Stuff you will never ever see in any liberal state, let me tell you. I recently saw a video on the Net where the producers of "COPS" admitted they really have to hunt to find enough white perps to make it look like whites are equally criminal
with niggers. In other words the show is rigged. 
So for those of you out there that always suspected it, you were dead right. It's just another liberal lie. God! I am so stinking sick of all the lies! Even the news shows lie their butts off continually. It's so prevalent that you really don't know any longer if what you're hearing is fact or not. I also find it extremely interesting..and disturbing that we never hear anything about the state of our military or national defenses any longer. Have you noticed that? But you'll hear plenty about Obummer's latest golfing trip. 
We are in deep doo-doo folks. When it finally hits the fan in this country, all these "progressive" fools will suddenly get the shock of their deluded lives. They'll discover that their pet "equals" have turned into the animals we warned them they were, and are now beating down their doors to rape their women, rob them, then murder their ignorant, worthless butts.
Lies are the coin of the realm in Liberal Land and business is booming. Stay vigilant and stay prepared because this crap can't go on much longer without the whole shebang blowing up in our faces. There's always a price to be paid for believing lies and deliberately scorning the truth, and it's always high. The fools that started this madness will go down fiddling while Rome burns, and it'll be our fault for allowing it instead of kicking their sorry butts long ago, no matter what the price. 
I keep wondering what it's going to take to make whites understand that this present government is not legal or legitimate and should not be obeyed. Every man-jack in Washington is a career criminal and is guilty of multiple charges of high treason and crimes against the people of the United States. Everyone from de Prez on down to the lowliest liberal bureaucrat should now be cooling their heels in prison, not finishing the job of destroying our home-land. 
The choice is ours. Do we continue to cower in the corner while our house burns down around us? Or do was stand up and start lopping a few heads?
-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We should do the latter. Oklahoma sounds really nice. Thanks The Lone Haranguer, another excellent piece.

9:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harold, put all of these in a sepearate folder on the blog. They're really good. If everytign is organized, like issues from diffrent countries, nigger and beaner crime, and artilces like this one as well as email responses from questions asked by listeners and readers it might help people navigate the site easier. Just a thought.

10:51 PM  

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