Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bill White Trial Update Blog Shuts Down

Grittings, dewds:

Our friends in the silk suits visited the guy who runs the “Bill White Trial Update” blog at

Although he gave no details, they apparently terrorized and intimidated his wife to the point where she is hysterical and threatening to leave him if he doesn’t shut the blog down, at least that’s the way I read between the lines, so that’s what he’s doing.

This will leave Thoughtcrime as the only serious site covering White’s case. I wonder if I will get a visit now? Bill is getting an extra dose of “diesel therapy” and was moved first to Philadelphia, and then to Petersburg, Virginia. He is off e-mail and so probably doesn’t know he just lost 50% of his internet support.

The article was followed by two comments from Goat Dancers accusing this guy, whose name I don’t know, of being me. He isn’t, but I suppose that’s another cow pie to be added to my ever-growing “legend.” [Sigh…] You know, I don’t know why, but I recall in my youth that I always believed if I made it this far, we might not have won yet, but at least at some point along the line we would shed the lunacy. Guess not.

Oddly enough, when he was active in the NA after Pierce’s death, Bill White himself was accused of being me. No, really. I guess being the Son of Satan, I have mastered the art of being in two places at once.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

No worries, Harold, its back up. Has anyone bothered to make patches?

12:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What was Bill White accused of, anyway? Officially, I mean

1:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seven counts total. The Matt Hale case wtih theat kike judge Leftkow and other political crimes. He's also got to deal with his ex-wife which the trial is for on the 24th.

6:27 PM  

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