Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Grow Stronger"

[A number of people have asked me for transcripts of various episodes of Radio Free Northwest. Sometimes I can send them excerpts, but the show is at least to some degree ad-libbed every week, plus the guest speakers usually don't submit transcripts. A number of you have asked for transcripts of the shortcasts, which I find pleasing as it indicates Whiteboys may not be quite as illiterate as I feared. We have no set-up for this on the web site, but here's the first one. - HAC]

Greetings from the Northwest Homeland, comrades. My name is Harold Covington, and I’m the public spokesman for the Northwest Front.

In 2010 I published an article in the Northwest Observer, which is our Party’s monthly magazine called “The Awakening.” In this article I dealt with character issues and the deep spiritual aspect of our struggle for the 14 Words of David Lane. I know maybe it’s more fun for White folks to listen to some guy ranting and raving and calling Obama a nigger, but all of this boring spiritual stuff is in fact what’s really important, because it’s the issue of character which has always prevented the White Nationalist Movement from becoming effective. What we have to undergo as a people is an epiphany, a profound moral and spiritual awakening, and these are my thoughts along that line.

First let me ask a question I know all of us have asked ourselves time and again. Why is it so hard?

Why can’t we ever seem to accomplish anything in the real world? Why are our fellow White people such idiots and bird-brained doofuses? Why won’t they listen to us? How did they get to be so bloody stupid that they can’t see what is right in front of their faces?     

It’s not as if we don’t have the truth on our side. We’re not flat-earthers or some kind of cult. Always remember: we are right and they are wrong. Every day the cable news confirms that everything we say about the world, the government, the Jews and the other evil people who rule us, as well as everything we say about the muddy scum who are overrunning our country, is true. You’d think with an advantage like that, building a Northwest separatist movement would be easy. But it isn’t.

It’s not as if we don’t have a plan. For a long time we didn’t, but now we do. We have a plan that actually makes sense. We have a plan that’s do-able, the Butler Plan and the Northwest American Republic. We even have a new Constitution to replace the old one that failed.

It’s not as if what we seek to accomplish can’t be done. It has been done, several dozen times over the past century, everywhere from Ireland to Papua New Guinea, and it’s been done against political and military forces that were much stronger by the standard of the times than the present weakened and disorganized America. (Remember, southern Ireland first broke away from Britain 90 years ago, at the height of the British Empire’s power and prestige.) There is no reason on earth why we can’t do it here.

We have done it here, in fact, A hundred years ago our people used to build alternative political movements all the time, and not just in Europe. Remember not just the Fascists and the National Socialists and the IRA; in this country there were the original Populists, the I.W.W., the Klan, the Grange, Huey Long’s movement, Father Coughlin, the Black Legion, the original Citizens’ Councils. We’ve done this before. So why the hell can’t we do it now?

It’s not as if we don’t have the numbers. There are tens of thousands of racially aware White people accessible on the internet alone, if we could ever just persuade them to live in communities like all other persecuted minorities down through history. Once we get them here and get functioning crews going in every community in the Northwest, through our efforts those tens of thousands of racially conscious Whites will eventually grow to be millions.

Why is it so hard?

Yes, these are difficult times economically, what with the Obama Depression, but hard times didn’t stop hundreds of thousands of people loading up everything they owned in the world onto Conestoga wagons 150 years ago and setting out across the plains on the Oregon Trail, when there was nothing at all here in the Northwest waiting for them. Nowadays there are interstates and soft motel beds along the way, and one can travel in four or five days the route it took the first pioneers six to eight months to walk. Many of you tell me you’re worried about getting a job here in the Homeland. Our forefathers would have laughed at your job worries; they made their own jobs, with their own tools and their own skills and never expected to have to do anything else. Long ago it used to be that the idea of working for a boss was repugnant to Americans.

The genetic trait that always imparted to our people their unique Aryan character, integrity, idealism, and physical courage seems to have become largely dormant over the past fifty years, probably due to the massive loss to our gene pool during both world wars, when all the White alpha males on both sides went to the front and slaughtered one another, and the cowards stayed behind the lines as staff officers, bureaucrats, conscientious objectors, etc. That alpha male gene seems to have been bred out of us, for all practical purposes. The number of White males who retain it are so few that they’re not even a remnant, they’re just genetic flukes, throwbacks, what are called “sports” in animal breeding when an individual suddenly shows traits from many generations back.

But the Party has to find them. Even a few hundred White people, male or female, who still bear the alpha gene, could tip the balance, if concentrated in a few key places here in the Northwest, and if given a program of action to follow.
Why is it so hard?

I have been begging and pleading for years for us to make the decision to live within half an hour’s drive of one another. You would think our isolated, lonely, frustrated and frightened people would jump at the opportunity, that they would move heaven and earth to come here and be with their own kind. Instead we continue to make excuses as to why we cannot and will not Come Home. We continue to hide from one another, heaven knows why. We can’t hide from our enemies—the FBI and Homeland Security can locate and lay hands on any one of us within 24 hours, any time they want. But we keep on hiding from our friends. Why?

Why are we so afraid of each other, to the point where we run away and hide on the internet behind computers and false names? Why are people who claim to be White Nationalists so paranoid and frightened that they won’t even show up to meet someone at a Starbucks for a coffee?

The computer gives us the safe option of interacting with a machine instead of with other fallible human beings who might end up entangling and complicating our lives in various ways. Like so many Dilberts, White males have become so afraid of any human contact that we flee into the cubicle, onto the computer screen and into the video game where we can live a fantasy life. It is an act of cowardice, because only a coward flees from the rough and tumble of human emotion, human fellowship, and human conflict. We are afraid others might play too rough, physically or emotionally. We are afraid our tender egos might be bruised, as well they might be, if we deal with real people instead of machines.

Why do so many of us refuse to take our participation beyond the internet, and disappear sometimes for months on end, so that I have no idea if they are alive or dead? Why do they do that? What kind of serious adults would do that? How can they reconcile such casual disappearance and reappearance with any shape or form of racial faith or duty? How in the name of God can anyone treat this sacred, vital, and incredibly urgent cause as a mere hobby?

Why do normally sane and stable people seem to suddenly go off the rails when they become involved with racial politics, especially now that we have the internet to accelerate this process? Why do people who have functioned and succeeded reasonably well in the real world of work and family life for many years, suddenly turn into gibbering freaks when they get a computer keyboard under their hands?     

We are right. The evil people who rule us are wrong. We have truth, they have lies. So why is it so hard?

I once spoke with an old Hungarian freedom fighter, who had been one of the young kids who charged the Soviet tanks in Budapest in 1956 with nothing but a few Molotov cocktails and raw courage. He told me something I will never forget, because it is so simple and so crushingly true. He said, “Harold, you Americans will always fail, because you are attempting to fight the most terrible evil on earth with nothing but words. Evil cannot be fought with words, no matter how pretty or brilliant they are, because evil is real, and words are not.”

 Why will so many of us contribute nothing at all to this fight but words?

Is it dangerous? No. Do I ask people to go out and commit illegal acts of violence and bloodshed and thus get themselves killed by police or put in prison to be sodomized by niggers? No. That point will not come for a very long time. I am not asking anything of the kind now, and no one with two brain cells to rub together is suggesting otherwise. I have told you that the Northwest Front is a legal organization that must act as if it were an illegal one, but it is still legal.

What, exactly, is it that I ask you to do. The first and possibly most important thing I ask you to do is to meet. The most appalling development in recent years, to my mind, is the idea we’ve acquired that we can do it all while hiding behind a nice, safe, anonymous computer. The introduction of the internet has proven to be the death knell of the last remaining rudimentary physical activity that White racialists undertake in a standing position out of doors, simple literature distribution. Almost no one does it any more. White males (as opposed to men) sit at home with a cold brewski in their hands and play with their computers.

No, people, one cannot bring about political or social change from behind a computer any more than one can bring it about from behind a post office box. For there to be any organized racial resistance, racially aware Whites must meet with one another physically, look one another in the eye, become friends and comrades and offer one another mutual support and reinforcement, must work and plan and bond together as friends, neighbors, brothers and sisters, and socialize with one another in the widest sense of the term.

One of the worst criticisms of our Movement, because it is so true, is that it is impossible for single White males to find a racially aware mate in our own circles. We are dying out because we cannot seem to locate women willing to have children with us and forego the money and pleasure and personal dominance that political correctness teaches is their due.

Racially aware, single and accessible White females of child-bearing age don’t seem to exist. Now, don’t get me wrong. We do have some good women, and we are getting more, but almost by definition they are either too old (where the hell were they when they were in their 20s?) or else they’re already married or committed. The few remaining good White women get snapped up right out of high school and stay that way.

One of several reasons for our poor recruitment of young women of child-bearing age is our retreat from any personal or human contact of any kind. How can we bring White women around when we make no attempt to bring other White men around? The prototypical White Dilbert’s ancestors ruled this planet as kings, yet today Dilbert hides in his cubicle, turning inward on himself and using his still superior knowledge to create his own little virtual world on the computer, in his online video games, or in books, or in pointless mysticism. The White male needs to get his ass back out into the real world and learn the lost art of dealing with flesh and blood human beings again. Including women,

Every week I get inquiries from people who want to learn about the Northwest Front, but who refuse to give me a full name and mailing address. When I press them they tell me they are convinced that the Organs are watching their house and their mail carrier is some kind of government spy, and in all honesty I cannot completely discount this possibility. We do know that the Organs have used mail carriers and post office employees as observers in the past. And yet the simple fact is that we will never make a revolution with people who are afraid of the mailman. Somebody has to start taking some personal risk sometime,

Time and again down through the years I have gotten e-mails and letters from young White people of both sexes, convinced that they are all alone in their racial agony, literally begging me to give them the name of someone in their area that they could physically meet in order to provide some kind of White contact and support in their despair and isolation in the Politically Correct world. Time and again there would be so-called “comrades” living within half an hour’s drive of this person, who reacted with anger and paranoia and accused me of “setting them up” over my mere suggestion that they step forward and meet another White, to further the cause they claimed to support.

More than once I have gotten hysterical e-mails as a result, demanding to be removed from the mailing list and all trace of their association with me destroyed, because my request that they take the rudimentary action of meeting someone else in a restaurant in order to serve their race convinced them that I was some kind of agent provocateur. The number of White people, especially young people, whom we have lost because other so-called White Nationalists were such chickenshit cowards, is something that I don’t even want to think about. Dozens to my personal knowledge.

I am asking you to take part in the lawful dissemination of an idea, something that you have every Constitutional right to do. Yet many of you continue to hide behind your computers, preferring to live alone in whatever homes you still have left in Florida and Ohio and Louisiana and Texas and New York, surrounded by daily swelling hordes of blacks and Third World immigrants until most of you can barely hear the English language on the streets any more. Still you refuse to come here where there are others like you. In the name of all that is holy, why? Why would someone choose voluntarily to live among the muds rather than come here to the Northwest where he could make a life among people of his own race and belief?

What in God’s name is wrong with us?

The hardest thing for anyone in the White Nationalist movement today to accomplish is to get other White people, who supposedly share our views and concerns, to commit any kind of physical act in support of those ostensible beliefs. Tapping on a computer keyboard does not constitute a bona fide physical act in support of the White resistance, because as interesting and pertinent as the results may be, they are still nothing but words, and as my old Hungarian friend pointed out, words are not real.

A genuine act of resistance is something that is done with the body, not with the mind. An actual physical act of resistance involves voluntarily giving up at least some portion of safety and anonymity, and therefore it requires at least a small shot of physical courage, the baseline of all human virtue. Courage means the willingness to place oneself at risk for a common cause or a larger good, and the willingness to accept that enemies will try to do you harm and may succeed, but that the cause is worth that negative result. In the final analysis we do not revere soldiers for their courage or for their ability to kill, but for their willingness to die, to place their own body between their loved ones and the war’s devastation.

The time has come when we must begin to demand at least small acts of courage and genuine resistance from those who claim to believe as we do, and not just words.

No one is asking you to charge the enemy machine guns. Resistance need not be armed or violent, at first. A true act of resistance involves the White male physically rising from a seated position, leaving the warmth and safety of his rec room or his bedroom where his computer is, and going out of doors, into the cold and the rain, meeting and interacting face to face with other human beings without the safety and anonymity of a computer terminal between him and them to shield him from unpleasant, unexpected, or difficult results. Real life cannot be altered or made to go away with the click of a mouse, and it is in the real world that our people will either survive or perish.

A true act of resistance involves the White male getting behind the wheel of his car and driving long distances in order to physically meet other human beings who claim to share his beliefs and his hopes for the future, knowing full well that there is at least some chance the person or persons he is meeting may not be as advertised. He takes that chance because it is right that he do so. It is his duty to his people, and he does it without cavil.

Genuine resistance sometimes requires the use of someone’s real name in a public context. It sometimes involves him signing his name to something. It sometimes involves him standing up publicly to proclaim his opinions and to tell us all what he believes in. It involves actually confronting the people who are doing wrong, physically, face to face, rather than running home and writing nasty things about such people to post to a blog.

I am not unrealistic. I know that we all have livings to make and jobs we must protect. I understand more than most that this evil system punishes those who dissent against it by depriving White men of their ability to make a living, and threatens them with life in a homeless shelter or under a bridge.

But there is no other way. Sooner or later, somebody has to man up and stand up, or there won’t be any more of us in a hundred years’ time, something we can’t seem to wrap our minds around. Genuine resistance, even of the legal kind, in every instance requires at least a small ration of physical courage, that seed of our ancient virtue that must be nurtured and must grow in size and strength as more demands are placed on it.

If there is to be any hope at all of our survival as a species on this earth, White people must ask and answer the following questions:

The first question that must be addressed is: why are we so weak and lame?

Given the material abundance and relative stability of Anglo-Zionist society up until recently, most White males today grow up in a kind of extended adolescence. Life is one long spring break of beer, partying, casual sex and carefree irresponsibility that never seems to end even as it careens onward toward disaster. Baby Boomers and Generation Xers in their thirties, forties, and even their fifties act like kids following the script of an Animal House-style teenage gross-out movie. Their entire lives are devoted to acquiring ever bigger, shinier toys to play with. The string of broken homes, broken marriages, divorces, bankruptcies, addictions, bad life decisions, fads and diversions, and aimless hedonism they leave behind is the most indelible mark of Jewish materialist man.

Okay, granted, there are still a few exceptions. Some White men are willing to shoulder their personal and civic responsibilities in life, true, but the clear and brutal fact is that they seem to be an increasing minority. This pattern of White adolescent childishness continuing far into adulthood, of self-centered egotism, of viciousness and general lack of character has never been displayed so clearly as it has in the Racially Conscious Community over the past three generations.

The time when we can afford this terrible, shameful weakness and childish silliness is now over. The demographic clock has struck. By 2050 we will officially be a minority in North America, but out here in the real world it will in fact be all over much sooner than that. Our average age will be so high that we will be incapable of recovery as a species. The last White people will die out in the northern reaches of Canada around the year 2130 or so. A little more than a century from now, we will be gone. The generation of White children now being born may well be the last wave of births sufficiently numerous even to be called a generation. From then on, our path to extinction is clear.

The second question is that has to be answered is, how did we get this way?

For the past sixty years, this country has enjoyed a time of abundance and material wealth beyond the dreams of any of the nations or peoples who have gone before, including our own Founding Fathers. Julius Caesar, Henry VIII, Thomas Jefferson and Queen Victoria did not live in the kind of luxury today enjoyed by one working class family in a double-wide mobile home. Indeed, Victoria’s husband Prince Albert and several royal children in the 19th century died of cholera and dysentery brought on because the palace plumbing was so atrocious.

We have become used to the idea that every material comfort and the gratification of our every material desire is not only possible, but our absolute right as Americans. The neoconservatives call this “American Exceptionalism.”

Most White people today have never had actually to fight for anything, in the sense of swinging a club or firing a rifle so they and their families could eat that night, an experience that most Third World peoples take for granted. It is this incredible material wealth and technological advancement, along with passably efficient police and a lack of war or other inescapable physical conflict to put us on our mettle, which has made it possible for White males to remain adolescents.

They’ve never had to grow up, and since the draft was abolished in 1972 they have never faced the possibility that they might get dragged into a shooting war against their will. Now we are finally starting to lose that abundance, and our reaction is to scream like crybabies throwing a tantrum demanding their toys back.

This is the crucial point. The Sicilians have a proverb: “Never ask for what you can’t take.” Because we are by and large overgrown spoiled children, we believe that if we just kick and scream enough, the grownups will give us an ice cream or a lollipop just to shut us up. The idea of knocking the grownups to the floor and taking their wallet and car keys by force never occurs to us, because we are still children. Americans are always demanding that we be given things.

The third question is: what is it that we are not seeing?                  
We’re not seeing ourselves. Out here in the real world, no matter what plan we use, we can only achieve anything like the results we claim to want through revolution—the complete re-ordering of American society from top the bottom by force of arms. And all of us know this; it’s the biggest open secret in American politics. The entire political system is designed with one goal in focus: to prevent change. The only way to put an end to the horror is put an end to the whole system, and Obongo and his Jew crew ain’t gonna go gentle into that good night. The only way to put an end to this danse macabre is by fire and sword. Being who we are, White Americans of the early 21st century, we will do anything, perform any feat of mental and semantic acrobatics, to avoid having to face up to inconvenient and unpalatable truths, especially this one.

Our capacity for self-deception is limitless. Peter, Paul, and Mary once sang “How many times can a man turn his head, and pretend that he just doesn’t see?” Where White people are concerned, the number of times we can turn our heads is infinite. We are especially good at turning our heads while looking in a mirror. We know what we’re seeing in that mirror. Most of us have the good grace to be ashamed, and so we turn our heads and pretend we just don’t see.

We don’t want the Iron Dream. We want the American Dream, middle class suburbia and red, white and blue and Marcia Brady the cheerleader. And like the overgrown babies that we are, we will keep on crying and beating our little fisties against the wall and holding our breaths until we turn blue, until Mommy and Daddy buy us that toy we want. But Mommy and Daddy are dead and gone. We want the present system magically to fix itself, which ain’t gonna happen. We’re really screwed, guys. We want Result A which can only be achieved by Strategy B, but the overwhelming majority of us would die rather than adopt Strategy B. Literally.

Question number four: what can we do to change ourselves from the timid and frightened weaklings we are today, into the men our ancestors were?

For almost three generations, American right-wingers and racial nationalists have been talking about a mythical time in the future when all of our problems will be solved through some kind of humongous national disaster. This event is generally referred to among right-wingers as “When the Balloon Goes Up,” and it is an intrinsic part of our subculture’s narrative.

Just what this great disaster might turn out to be is anyone’s guess. It could be an economic collapse. It could be a political crisis. It could be a foreign invasion. It was supposed to be Y2K. It could be Peak Oil and the drying up of fossil fuels. It could be an epidemic. (AIDS was considered a candidate in the 1980s.) Some now rely on the Mayan calendar dating to 2012 and an alleged invisible asteroid called Planet X which is supposed to be heading toward the earth, but of course the government isn’t telling us. (Well, they wouldn’t, would they?)

The main attraction in our minds of this projected catastrophe is that it puts off the fatal moment when we have to man up. It miraculously relieves us of the obligation to confront our racial enemies with weapons in our hands and forcibly remove them from power. The Balloon Going Up miraculously lifts the Iron Heel from our necks, it gets the monkey of the federal government and its law enforcement off our backs, and allegedly allows us to be free again…without our having to undertake any actual physical risk ourselves, without demanding any arduous effort, or forcing us to exercise our intellectual faculties at all in order to do it ourselves.

In this fantasy scenario about the Balloon Going Up, the Iron Heel will simply lift off us by magic. We will never have to see those flashing blue and red lights in the night outside our house or see the body-armored thugs with their M-16s lumbering up our driveway to drag us into living hell. It will all be done for us, through some Act of God, and then we can be “free” again without doing anything at all to earn it. One day the Bad Blue Men will all just be…gone. It will just kind of…happen.

But there is a fundamental flaw in this vision, The presumption is that should such a thing happen, we will all be ready to become ripped tattooed Mad Max road warriors in purple mohawks riding up and down the highways and shooting crossbows at one another. Or that we will all suddenly become idyllic 19th century small farmers living in cabins in the woods where the outside world will never intrude, and shooting our neighbors if they dare to step on our property. Or whatever else vision of our success we seem to have in our minds. (These visions are surprisingly rare, actually. Most of us actually seem to have almost no conception of exactly what it is that we do want out of life or out of politics, beyond a return to the Time of Abundance.)

It’s obvious that if there is to be any hope (and there must be) for any kind of real-world solution to the present crisis (and there must be), then we as human beings must change. We can’t put this discussion off any longer.

The primary applicable features of the White American character, relevant to the question of why we won’t do anything to save ourselves from our present situation, seem to be cowardice and laziness. Movement opinion is divided as to whether either cowardice or laziness is predominant in the White character. All agree, however, that no matter which of these is first or second, stupidity runs a close third. Is the situation a bit more nuanced than that? Yes, of course. But essentially this analysis is correct.

So how in God’s name did this happen?

It didn’t happen all at once, and once again I must repeat something I have said before on several occasions. White males are in fact still capable of displaying both extreme physical courage and vibrant, powerful energy, as well as brilliant analytical intelligence. They do these things every day as policemen, as firemen, as scientists at NASA and as Imperial soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But what appears to have been lost is any sense of individuality, of initiative, of independent thought and ability for the White male to act outside the box. In yuppie-speak, you might say that White males have a risk-averse corporate culture. Here in the Northwest Migration movement we see it as a pathological reluctance to go first.

White males are now intensely dependent on social approval, which in this society means Jewish approval. They can do brave and strenuous things, but they can only do so within certain very narrow, socially approved parameters. At the end of the day Whites must have the pat on the head, the attaboy, the hechser of peer group approval for everything they do. Whites were once wolves; they have now become dogs domesticated by the Jew. We are herd animals. A White male can no longer exist outside the herd, in the deep dark forest by himself, serving only his own interests and not the commands of his master.

It has been said that war is when you let the government tell you who the enemy is; revolution is when you decide for yourself. White males don’t seem to be capable any more of deciding for themselves who the enemy is. We have to change that, by altering and transforming our character from within ourselves.
Let’s start in on this fearless and searching moral inventory thing by taking a leaf from Alcoholics Anonymous, although we won’t be needing anywhere near twelve steps. It is time for us all to take a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

Why are you involved in this whole racial thing at all, on the internet or otherwise? Is it for yourself, or for something besides yourself, an ideal, another person? What?

Why are you listening these words? How did you come here? Idle curiosity? Hatred of niggers? What?

Why do you hang around the Movement at all, on the internet or otherwise?

What is it that you want from all this? What do you hope to gain or achieve?

Are you here simply looking for entertainment? If so, be honest with yourself and with me. I respect honesty, even when it tells me things I don’t want to hear.

What are you willing to do, what are you willing to risk, what are you willing to give up, in order to achieve whatever that goal may be in your case?

No, I mean really. If I were to show up on your doorstep later today and demand that you do certain things for the Northwest Republic, what would you do? How far would you go? Don’t bother e-mailing or writing me and telling me all about it. Me, you’d bullshit. You need to answer these questions yourself, to yourself, and be honest about it. I mean, really, what would you do?

Are you in this because you want to put something into it? Or because you want to get something out of it?

If you haven’t thought about these things, then it’s time you did.

Actual, physical revolution in America, as in down them and up us, is just plain beyond the comprehension of many of us. We simply cannot wrap our minds around the possibility that such a thing could be. I have lived in other lands and I know it can happen. Most of you haven’t and so you don’t. Don’t worry, I get that.    

Sometimes young Whites come to me and ask me what they should do personally, in their own lives, in order to prepare themselves for the struggle to come. I tell them that they must attempt to forget everything they learned growing up in the late 20th century in this temple of greed and corruption, and transform themselves into the type of young men that their great-grandfathers would have been glad to see show up on their porch to court their daughters. This is our task: to transform ourselves into people our great-grandparents would have recognized.

How on earth do we do something like that? How do we erase an entirely false and pernicious but deeply ingrained belief system along with the entire mental and emotional content of our minds and rebuild it all from the ground up? Through some mystical transfiguration that comes out of a cosmic epiphany? Sure, that works, and some people I know have experienced that very thing. It’s an experience that’s more common than you may think, even in these days of sleaze and roses. But it’s not something you can count on or schedule, though.

The first step is the same as dealing with a chemical dependency, such as alcohol or drugs. The person involved has got to want to change, to cease being the Amurrican he or she is and become that older, truer version of himself or herself that lies within all our genes. He or she must genuinely, truly want to stop drinking, stop using drugs, and/or stop being a yellow Amurrican dog. Changing one’s character is a matter of WILL, pure and simple, of imposing the dictates of your conscious mind upon your body—or in this case, on your unconscious mind. And yes, that can be done. Your unconscious is full of crap because the Jews have put it there, but your conscious can shovel it out of your brain and your heart if you force it to happen and refuse to take no for an answer from yourself.

It’s like homosexuality. This business about faggots being born and not made, about it being some kind of genetic mutation and therefore they really can’t help themselves, is purest rubbish. It’s simply a lame and non-credible excuse for weakness, for lack of the necessary will to control one’s behavior. The cure for homosexuality is very simple: don’t do it.

 The way to stop doing something that is bad for you, like booze or buggery or dope or White American moral cowardice, is to stop doing it. You don’t mope and introspect and self-pity and worry about all the horrible things that may happen. You know perfectly well what’s right. Make a clear decision: I am not going to do this any more. I am not going to be that person any more. And then you do it.
Yes. It’s that simple. If you will pardon my typically American lapse into movie references, in The Thirteenth Warrior the Viking tosses the puny Arab protagonist a huge broadsword to use as a weapon in battle. Ibn Fadhlan says, “I cannot lift this!” And the Viking replies, “Grow stronger!”

As facile as it sounds, that’s basically my answer. I demand that you shoulder a moral burden, a burden whose weight you must never think that I do not know and understand full well, for I have carried it myself for four decades. You tell me, “I cannot lift this!” and I reply, “Grow stronger!”

I tell you that you must step out from behind the computer and risk getting identified by your community and maybe by the Organs as well as someone whose mind is not properly under control. You reply “Harold, I cannot lift this!” and I say to you, “Grow stronger!” I ask that you pay ten dollars a month in Party dues, and you moan “Oh, no, ten whole dollars! I can’t possibly afford ten dollars a month! I can’t lift this!” and I respond: “Grow stronger!”

I call upon you to take on a small particle of risk and meet in person with other alleged White Nationalists who may or may not be as advertised, for the purpose of planning joint resistance efforts, and you say “Oh, no, Harold, that’s too dangerous! This person may be a spy! I cannot lift this!” and I reply, “Grow stronger!” I tell you that you must in effect renounce the material things of this world in order that your people and your descendants may be free, and you cry out “Oh, no, Harold, I gots to have my new cars, my plasma TV, my shiny toys and my cold beer from the fridge! I can’t lift this!” and I command you, “Grow stronger!” I tell you that you must give up what you have and come here to the Homeland that God and Destiny have appointed for our people, and you weep, “No, no, it’s too hard, the hill is too steep, I can’tt lift this, Harold!” and I tell you: “Grow Stronger!”

Mind over matter, people. You are an Aryan, and like all our race you were born with an inflexible will that is more powerful than your bodily appetites and your emotional failings. Use it.
Granted, ceasing to do or ceasing to be something is one thing, but because of the times we live in, becoming an actual Aryan man again does require affirmative, positive acts of courage. Small ones at first, like getting in your car and driving long distances to meet people like yourself, and giving up your precious leisure time off from your job to do so. Like meeting a stranger off the internet who claims to believe as you do in a Starbucks and checking him out. Like giving such strangers your name and telling them a little about yourself, so they in turn can check you out. Like beginning seriously to save money for your Homecoming to the Northwest, and not squandering it on Jewish luxuries and toys and beer.

True, these things involve a small amount of risk, but we take those small risks because it is the right thing to do, and doing the right thing is more important than our personal safety or any other self-centered considerations. They are in fact the first step on the long road to racial redemption for all of us. Then we work our way up to greater and more difficult things, like cleaning out our garage, selling up our property and loading up that moving van for the Homeland, often on spec, because it is right and not because of any potential gain to ourselves personally. Then will come still greater things, when it finally comes time for the world to meet Shane Ryan and Zack Hatfield. A moral resource such as courage is like a muscle. The more it is exercised, the stronger it becomes and the easier it gets to call up at need. Cowardice can become simply a bad habit. Courage can become a good one.

The first thing we must overcome is the major barrier that Zion has erected in our minds to keep us penned in: the fear that comes from paranoia. Yes, they’re out to get us. We accept that and drive on, because to falter out of fear is cowardice, and we have made the decision that we will no longer be cowards. We have to stop seeing FBI agents under every bed and suspecting listening devices in the sugar bowl, even though there is some chance that they may actually be there. Otherwise we cannot function, and to function racially is our primary duty which overrides all, at least in real men and women our great-grandfathers would recognize. To avoid duty out of fear or worry for the consequences at the hands of an enemy is the quintessential definition of cowardice, and we have made the decision that cowardice is no longer to be part of our lives.

Paranoia and fear prevent us from meeting with one another, and prevent many of us from making the physical move Home. It is paranoia that keeps us hiding behind our computers where we are ineffective, and pose no threat to the people in power who are doing us such terrible harm. Therefore we have to overcome and banish paranoia and fear, with an effort of conscious will wherein conscious and rational thought trumps feelings.

I am acutely aware that bad people really are out to get us. Bill White and Matt Hale are living, crucified testimony as to the reality of the threat that faces us. Their examples are fully intended to terrorize the rest of us into silence and acquiescence. Yet all too many of our people allow ourselves to collapse into quivering masses of jelly, cowering behind their computers. We’re not going to do that any more, because our minds and our wills are stronger than the baser part of our nature that cringes like a beaten dog at the sight of the master’s whip.

Let’s be honest. What are we afraid of?
We’ve got a bad case of the Green Monkey Syndrome. It is said that if one catches a wild monkey, paints it green, and then turns it loose into the forest, the other monkeys will unite and kill it. In addition to the loss of the paper which nurtures us and allows us to survive in a completely material world, we are also afraid of being identified and isolated as Green Monkeys.

We are afraid that our co-workers, neighbors, and friends might find out that we are different, that we are not “of the body,” to quote an old Star Trek episode. We fear that we might be gossiped about, shunned, and isolated from what human contact we may still have outside the internet. We just can’t do it. We can’t live outside the herd any more—but we have to. We must learn how to be true lone wolves again, because that’s the only way any of us will ever bite the kosher herdsmen who are driving us to the stockyards to be slaughtered.

 I can only state the obvious: someone must fight against this ghastly tyranny. The ranks are terrifyingly thin, and every time a man leaves or refuses to join those ranks for any reason, the day of our collective end as a race draws a little bit closer. If Zion is not stopped here, now, in the time of those now living, then in the long run there will be none of us living. None. The Darkness will continue to fall. Whatever time you may buy through surrender, for any reason, will be but fleeting.


Anonymous Alex said...

I agree with everything you said, here in Sweden things are not different, I'm 35 and mother of 5 kids (100% nordic kids) but for some fu..d up reason people think I'm mad for having "so many" kids and I'm frowned upon... of course when african, muslims and southamerican inmigrants have 10 or 12 kids, swedes think it's very nice, an improvement to our society..

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this blog but I'm tired of reading accusations on women as the destroyers of the white race, I live in Germany and I can assure you that men are more inclined to mix with brown/yellow/black women than us, just take a walk any sunday in any park in Berlin and you'll see white gentlemen holding hands with non white girls.. it's disgusting! men seem to be totally attracted to the aura of kinky,animalesque sex that brown/black women exude or the submission of tiny asian girls.. it's time for a male mea culpa. Just take a look at the so called hottest women on magazines: selena gomez,shakira, beyonce, nicky minaj, rihanna.. why there is not even one word of condemnation to the men who drool over those apes?

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They should be condemned. I've seen it where I am too. Its really frightening that the hate laws are so bad over there. Hope everythings alright where you're at.

10:13 PM  

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