Sunday, June 09, 2013

"Grow Stronger!"

Hi, guys:

Okay, here’s what this is. The number of Radio Free Northwests is now approaching 200, and that’s more than people can download and listen to unless they want to make a life’s work of it, which some of you seem to have done, but it’s not for everyone.

I will be making a series of shorter casts covering all the basics, no music or frills, all one long rave, so people don’t have to go downloading all those podcasts unless they’re real fans, basically giving the gist of things. This one is addressed to the existing RFN listenership, all of whom can be presumed to have at least some level of racial awareness. It is basically a re-cap of the RFN for March 11, 2010.

My next one will be a short cast for absolutely new White people. What I’d like to ask you guys to do is A) splatter this link all over the internet, and B) make CDs of this and future shorts to give to people as introductions to the NF, along with the ones you’re making of regular RFN casts as well, of course. These will summarize all our basic positions and serve as a quicker and more efficient basic course in the Northwest Imperative.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about transcripts for those of us who can actually read?

12:54 AM  

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