Friday, June 21, 2013

British Secret Police Hunting Brigade Readers

[From one of our U. K. comrades]

Dear HAC:

          Today about lunchtime I received a phone call from Detective Inspector [redacted] phoning from [redacted] Police Station in South London, (I Googled the phone number.)

          He said that they would like to conduct a “chat” (interview) with me in connection with the UK Government's so called “Channel Project”, which he said concerned “vulnerable people who may be in danger from extremism” and “radicalization.” He didn't tell me where to find out about it online, but I Googled that too, see link:

           Although there are many ways in which they could have obtained my real name, address and phone number in correlation to my political views, I have reason to believe that my purchasing of your book The Brigade on could have triggered a police investigation into my affairs. This is because I noticed that my accounts had been tampered with after I recently bought the book online, using my credit card which is linked to my home address.

          The inspector declined to discuss the line of inquiry which led him to issue the invitation, but said by implication that I am under a non-criminal police investigation regarding my political views and activities.

          I said that I would consider the invitation.

          What do you think I should do?

-Winston Smith

* * * * *

Dear Winston:

They may also have spotted your YouTubes.

Never, ever voluntarily assist these people in any way. If there is no way out, you give them Five Words: “I have nothing to say.”

Police detectives do not engage in “friendly chats.” They are always on the clock. Their object is to do harm, to pull human bodies, human blood and bone, and human lives into the evil mangling Machine they worship and serve, for which they are rewarded with money, medical insurance, status, and power. There is no way that any information you give them will not be used to do you harm in some way. That is why you must never give them anything, no matter how small and insignificant it may appear to you at the time.

As depressing as this sounds, whatever they are planning on doing, they have probably already decided to do it, and this is just the beginning of the process. Nothing you give them in the way of information can stop that, and will only give them more to work with. It is possible that this [redacted] character means to try and develop you as a grass, but grass on whom?

Britain is far more totalitarian than even the U.S. is becoming, but your best bet even there is always absolute silence. If you are taken in by force, demand a solicitor, which they may or may not give you depending on what mood they’re in, but it will at least win some delay. Then when your solicitor arrives you still stay silent, except now you are doing so on his advice.

You can’t stop these evil people from destroying you, or simply butchering you like a hog if they feel like it. But you are under no obligation to help them do so.

Some of our British comrades on this list probably have more experience with this kind of thing. If you like I can forward their comments to you.

* * * * *

Hello Mr Covington,

Living about 50 miles from “Winston Smith,” I agree 100% with your advice to give this [redacted] character nothing more than the five words, but I would add a warning.

In my opinion (and I know ZOG would deny this) any interview room is certain to be bugged, probably with video as well as audio. The law doesn't apply to ZOG’s enforcers, and people have even been convicted of “crimes” that don’t exist. If the cop thinks something ought to be illegal, you can be charged, tried and convicted - and ZOG has publicly stated that in some cases truth is no defence, meaning that an accusation is all it takes to get a conviction. People (especially White people) are automatically guilty of anything ZOG’s enforcers say.

The interview room will be bugged, or a cop who comes to your house will be carrying a concealed recording device. It's just my opinion, but I'd be very surprised if this wasn't true. Demand a solicitor, but it's not safe to talk to him either, even on a park bench.

A few years ago, a couple of people were sitting in a park discussing a hypothetical crime, probably with no intention whatsoever of actually carrying it out, but ZOG picked them up on hidden microphones and (if my memory serves me correctly) they were subsequently convicted.

Sorry this is a bit long, but basically say nothing in the street, in a public park or in an interview room, whether to ZOG’s enforcers or to a lawyer - even an honest one, if such a creature exists.

If you pass this message on, please identify me as "Barney", for obvious reasons, though I have no doubt ZOG knows who I am.

All the best,

(No, not that bloody pillock dinosaur)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You'd think the cops in Britain would be able to block their number. Good thing they hadn't. Also comes to mind is the fact that they did identify themselves. Question is do they hav to by law do that in Britain? Anyhow, hope this works out for Comrade Winston in Britain.

3:10 AM  

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