Friday, June 07, 2013

Bill White Update

Hello all:

The Bureau of Prisons responded to me today, refusing to give me credit for the time I spent in custody on the Chicago case from January to April 2011.  This is the period of time in which the BOP was drugging me and trying to compel my confession to false crimes -- and it appears to be a period of time that the BOP has merely deleted from my custody records, as they have also squashed the forty or so shots I received during this period and generally expunged any record of this time's existence.

As a result, since I cannot file administrative remedy, as I am, again, leaving the BOP, I am going to have to file a 2241 motion when I arrive in Roanoke.

This is really irritating.  On the one hand, the BOP has covered up what they did to me in 2011 by destroying all records of my custody, which is disturbing, but expected from these scumbags.  On the other hand, the BOP is trying to hold me another three and a half months because they have destroyed these records, which is even more disturbing.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harold, you may want to get Bill's website about his trial and movement in prisons. The guy running it is great and has posted links to your site. I suggest you do the same so that people can track Bill in prison and read what's going on with his cases.

10:55 PM  

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