Sunday, June 23, 2013

An Old Lefty Writes About The Southern Poverty Law Center

Still soldiering along. Baby-sitting drug addicts can be tiring.

You know, they don't make drug addicts like they used to. In the old days, if you pissed off a drug addict, he just tried to kill you. Now they just throw a temper tantrum in your office and file a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights. Really, this country is so pussyfied that even the criminals are pussies.

On another note, I was going to e-mail you earlier about that pussy in Idaho that got outed by the SPitLiCkers. I mean, really, why don't these weaselly little shits fight back? When the SPitLiCers tried to go after me in [redacted], I just carried around a bunch of copies of the expose' that Harpers Magazine did on those deviant creeps back in November of 2000. When any dipshit libby would jack me up about being "a (oh my god) Neo-Nazi", I would just pull out a copy of the article and tell them to read the article and then we would talk about it. Not one of the worthless pieces of human refuse ever came back. Big surprise! 

One of the few good things of being an old lefty, is that I knew real lefties. Real lefties hate and detest the SPitLiCkers, because they know Dees and his "boys" are total scammers.

At last count , the SPitLiCkers have collected about a 140 million dollars from terrified Jews and stupid white liberals with their "the Nazis are coming, the Nazis are coming" scam. And, of course, the  SPitLiCkers just kept all of the money. In all of their years of operation the Southern Poverty Law Center has defended a total of one poor southern black person.

And to add insult to injury, the SPitLiCkers actually got into trouble recently because they refuse to hire black attorneys. They only have "white" attorneys (read Jews).

For the gods' sake, why don't those poor white trash idiots fight back? The best defense is a good offense!

And more good news. The SPitLiCkers just tried to jack up SharkHunters for having two "two well known neo-nazis" on their Advisory Board.  The president and founder just basically told them to bite their cranks. Since Dees and his minions are a bunch of queer Jews, that probably wasn't much of an insult, ha ha.

More good news, today is the solstice, there is a full moon, and two bucks "in velvet" just walked past my deck, at least 30 feet away. For the gods' sake, why would anyone not want to migrate to the HomeLand?


Feel free to put this out for attribution.

The Harpers article is: The Church of Morris Dees, author Ken Silverstein, source: Harper's Magazine; Nov2000, Vol. 301. Issue 1806, p54, 4p.

You know you are a fuck-up Jew when other Jews feel compelled to attack you. Ha ha.

-An Old Sixties Hippie


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