Friday, May 24, 2013

That New Mantra Again


Blogger Sebastian said...

Mr. Convington, I thought you'd find this info interesting.

Apparently your new mantra (which I use in comments where it is appropriate) is causing a ruckus with the BUGS crowd and you have been mentioned there by name: "Covington's Mantra"

They don't have many nice words to say about you, I'm afraid. They're lumping with an amorphous group of people they accuse of "stealing" and "perverting" The Mantra.

According to the higher-ups there it is a BIG no-no to change, mutate or adapt "The Mantra" in any way and you're supposed to say or type it verbatim (even if it doesn't make any sense in the flow of conversation, I guess).

Apparently, Bob's gang has its heart on the right place and is dead set on raising awareness on White Genocide. Their ideas and interaction strategies with Anti-Whites are extremely useful. BUT it seems they are looking more and more like a cult with no Endgame goal in sight, and which pisses their britches when someone starts talking about White Ethnostates.

Oh yes, apparently mentioning the YKW question in any depths is also verboten...except in podcasts which are only for the consumption of the inner circle of BUGSTERS.

One of the oddest bits I found is that although they consider people of your political persuasion anathema, the NS concept of "Lebensraum" and even the ideas of the 14 Words are present in Mantra Speak: "Do you agree that White people have the right to have enough land for their needs/to assure their continued existence and a future for White children?"

Yet despite using these arguments the BUGSTERS flee from WN like a vampire from the cross.

I guess it is just another case of useful idiocy, except in this particular one it benefits more than hinder us.

And yes, if White people had a country of our own, none of crap would be necessary. :)

12:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harold you must have some great, (no Brilliant) graphic designers working for you, but is she truly a White a woman LOL??


12:57 PM  
Blogger Luek said...

Just a few decades ago white people did have countries of their own. But like once Great Britain they gave them away with both hands to the non-white 3rd world crap for some unknown reason.

Supposing a section of the US was set aside for a white nation how long would it take for the white occupates to AGAIN give it away to niggers and the like?

7:27 AM  

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