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Letter From Bill White - April 21st, 2013

April 21, 2013
751 days to a halfway house.

Hello Harold:

It’s been a few difficult weeks. I have been trying hard to craft a good letter- one which makes some points about democracy and the nature of the struggle against it- without it getting me dragged off to solitary confinement or jeopardizing the effort I’ve learned I may be able to make to win a transfer to a minimum security camp, to a Club Fed. 

I’ve also been restricted to three letters a week and no phone calls or email for the past seventeen days- and will be in that condition at least two more weeks, so every letter I send is precious. Last week, I had to write to the Court, then deal with some personal business, and send an update to my information hub at the Bill White Trial Blog--some very special people who do a lot for me--including relaying messages. So, I’m glad I’ve finally been able to sit down and write you properly.

I’ll start, if I may, by discussing what happened in Oklahoma City and what I said to cause that; then I’ll discuss the denial of my two latest appeals, and how this reinforces an important lesson; I’ll follow up with a discussion I had on which nation’s governing structures is superior to American democracy (and, no, I can’t go live there, because the United States will not allow me to leave) and I’ll end with a bit of personal news.

On April 4th, I was dragged off the unit in Oklahoma City by a group of CO thugs, directed by a very short man named Macelli, and thrown in solitary confinement for the offense of giving a podcast interview to Dave Gahary of the American Free Press. Dave had asked to record me talking about why I write and what I thought the importance of history was to the struggle against American democracy. 

I do not know if the podcast aired. A lone person was trying hard to persuade Willis to yank it, and I do not know if they were successful. However, I had asked Dave, if the podcast did not air, to provide copies to you, Alex Linder, the Bill White Trail Blog, and YouTube. 

The Special Investigative Agent Macelli did not like what I had to say, so he dragged me off to SHU, claiming he was going to cite me for violating BOP policy, and either bar me from phone or email, extend my sentence, or both. Ultimately, he did not do this--but he could have, and like a federal indictment, no matter how fake his claim was, it would have been difficult to beat.

Twelve days in solitary confinement may not sound horrible-- though most people not hardened to it have trouble with 24 hours of it--but it is difficult. The room is bare and cold, the food is inadequate, and one’s sleep cycle quickly becomes distorted. One can only take so much hunger and cold. The low point for me was when I was taken out for “rec” and left for two hours with inadequate clothing in the freezing rain. After my clothes soaked through, I lost all feeling in my left leg and both feet, and almost fell over. [NB: The federal prison system regularly attempts to murder inmates through deliberate neglect and medical malpractice, with what success is not known, since it is impossible to obtain any objective or serious investigation into the countless thousands of deaths in custody in this country. - HAC] Then, when I was finally transferred from Oklahoma, I was strapped into a “black box”--a black metal box that goes over hand cuffs and further restrains the arms- which caused bruising that took me about five days to recover from.

As often happens, I received the treatment that is typically reserved for particularly violent inmates- SMV and ADX- and political prisoners headed to ADX. I am, and have always been, a “low security” inmate with no history of violence other than punching Negroes who clearly assaulted me –in all cases, in my own room. Yet, I have spent a total of 26 of the past 54 months in solitary confinement. Further, I was free for 14 of those months, so 26 of the 40 months I have spent in prison for “crimes” that don’t amount to aggravated cussing.

Why is this? Well, you may think I’ve gone soft, Harold, but the feds respectfully disagree.

What I told Dave Gahary is that the United States is fundamentally illegitimate. Its government is nothing but a gang of murderers and thieves imposing their will on the people through force in the name of the law. The Constitution and legal process are illusions, and we, as white people, need to abandon our illusions and realize there is no lawful way to respond to America’s dishonest and criminal behavior.

America once derived its legitimacy from its claim to represent its people. Not all people, or even all people within its borders, but its people- the organic socio-cultural unity of its white population. America no longer claims to represent the interests of its people- or any people. America, like Vladimir Lenin before it, has adopted the doctrine of Lenin’s mentor Chernychevsky, the 19th century communist who taught that socialist revolution is so important that it must be advanced even if it hurts the people. 

Having seized power in America, the “revolutionaries” within both the Republicans and Democrats are now waging a “Permanent Revolution,” both domestically and internationally, to eliminate the last vestiges of what is good in this world and replace it with decadence and slavery. This new, “progressive” America derives its legitimacy from the neo-Marxist proposition that its “democracy” and “freedom” represent the culmination of all historical processes. This is the lie of Francis Fukuyama that your character so neatly demolishes in the introduction to A Distant Thunder. The fact this American revolution is termed democratic rather than proletarian makes no difference--it is Soviet imperialism repackaged.

An attack on this doctrine requires an attack on both history and on the progressive notion of Time itself. Progressivism is essentially the worship of death--of Time as Mahakala, the Great Destroyer--and, to end this worship, what is needed is a revaluation of all values, in the Nietzschean sense, beginning with the story of history, as told from the earliest records of man, and taken into present and future. 

The occult, hidden currents which have directed history must be taken back to day zero, traced to the modern day, and extended into the future, to show that there is no progress and that, far from being at a pinnacle, modern, Judaized America marks the deepest level of a human sewage pit, and that it is the moral obligation of man to destroy it.

This re-evaluation of history is part of what Willis Carto does with The Barnes Review, and it is what I have been doing with my books. Centuries of Revolution laid  out the general theory, Tradition of the Mother took it back, in detail, to the ancient world, and Serpent’s Blood is now taking it from the fall of Rome to the French Revolution. 

The American government and its Jewish masters know the danger this intellectual approach poses to them. If people only knew the truth of the extent of the government’s efforts to “get” me, from the special legal team in Washington, to the dozen and a half efforts they made to draw me into stings, to the hundreds of hours of surveillance and tape.

And it is an irony that, while all they want is for me to shut up, they are so dishonest that it takes a stunted semi-dwarf, probably hired under the Americans with Disabilities Act, to be honest enough to come out and say that’s why I’m in solitary. Instead, the feds burble on about violence and danger, while the Learned Elders of Zion on the Circuit benches don their prayer shawls and apply middoth to the Constitution to find cause to convict me. Democracy is not less repressive, it is simply less honest about its repression.

I am in this mess because I was once a fool, and my foolishness is driven home more strongly with each passing day. Like many Americans, I was raised with the foolish notion that I had rights and that the law would protect them, and with the equally foolish notion that the law, while imperfect, generally functions for the good of society. 

Fortunately, I have now exorcised what Max Stirner would  have called the ghosts that were in my head. The law is the tool of the ruling class, which, in the United States consists of Jews and corrupt members of the white mercantile elite. As such, it is invalid, or rather its validity is only a function of its power. If its power can be evaded or resisted, then it is morally permissible to do so.

In February, I was sentenced to 42 months in prison--an additional two years, when it all shakes out--for a crime I was twice acquitted of at trial. The decision to overturn my acquittals, made by Zionist Jew Richard Posner, was upheld by the Supreme Court April 1st, when that court determined that the audience of White Publications was “inherently criminal”- even an audience of 150,000 unique monthly visitors, none of whom could have been shown to have committed a crime--and thus those publishing to such an audience did not enjoy the same protections as Jewish and Jewish-oriented publications such as CNN, MSNBC, or FOX News. 

[It is difficult for me to overstate just how dangerous this ruling is to what little remains of freedom of thought in this country--the idea that a dissident writer, speaker, or journalist may be arrested and imprisoned on the grounds of who his AUDIENCE is or who the authorities believe his audience MIGHT BE. - HAC]

This was followed by a ruling April 16th that the now openly admitted tampering with my appellate lawyer in Roanoke--the use of threats and bribes to prevent her from filing my en banc appeal--was lawful, because tampering with lawyers at the en banc and Supreme Court level is not Constitutionally prohibited. I can’t make this up--I encourage everyone to go online at PACER and read the pleadings.

It was because I realized that this was the nature of American justice that I fled the country in May of last year. It was the right thing to do, and I hope others can learn from my misfortunes.

For too long, National Socialists and our lesser racialist brethren have been casting our struggle in terms of a seat at the democratic table. We have sought to exercise our rights and participate in American society. We have demanded a return to Constitutional liberty. This perspective is wrong. White people do not want to participate in democracy; our demand must be to be liberated from democracy. This means we are not waging a struggle with democratic laws, but we are waging a struggle to overturn and win freedom from democratic institutions.

I was asked last week what modern system of government I thought was superior to America’s. You address this topic yourself in your novel Freedom’s Sons. My belief is that the ideal form of government is the direct rule on earth by the god of Order through his avatar, which occurred in National Socialist Germany under Adolf Hitler. 

But God has not been manifest these past 68 years. In the interim, I would say that a model for a future government might be found in the institutions of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Iran’s government is two-tiered. There are civilian and religious institutions. The civilian institutions, like the President and the Parliament, are democratic, and composed of the mercantile and worker castes. These castes conduct the day to day affairs of health care, education, and infrastructure. The lower, democratic tier of government builds roads and traffic lights, but does not make moral decisions. The religious government- the Ayatollahs and the Islamic republican Guard- the priests and the warriors, restrain the civil government and keep it within the bounds of Islam. Thus, parliamentarians don’t debate abortion rights and the Supreme Court doesn’t mull over gay or mixed marriages.

This system is what Adolf Hitler had intended to introduce in Germany, when he discusses introducing a Senate after the general state of emergency on the continent was over. His elected Senate would have spoken for the merchants and the workers, while the National Socialist Party, the avatar at its head, would have constrained the Senate within the values of the National Socialist Revolution. This, not democracy, is an Aryan way of social organizing. Each caste is in its place, and each caste is performing its function.
I’ll conclude with a bit of an update on me. Despite the legal setbacks. I have been feeling quite positive. After all, everyday I’m not freezing to death or starving, unwashed, and 3” deep in human feces is a day that could be worse. My communications are limited, but my mail appears to be going out untampered with. (Though I received a two-week-old bundle of incoming mail Monday.) I have some limited reading material-thank you to the Bill White Trial Blog for that- adequate food, and room to exercise. Things cold be much, much worse.

I am still headed to Loretto--not to Virginia to stand trial. I have spent two weeks wrapping my mind around Speedy Trial Act and Rule 48, and I am just today refilling my motion demanding a Speedy Trial. You have to love attorneys--they tell me “demand a speedy trial” but don’t tell me how to do so--so I do it wrong and then have to redo it. 

The U.S. Attorney seems to be avoiding bringing me to trial because its witness, SG, has had a public nervous breakdown on her Facebook page, claiming she is “wanted by police” and going to “start stabbing motherfuckers.”

[Sketchy witnesses are par for the course in federal judicial proceedings, but most prosecutors would prefer not to put outright raving lunatics on the stand. Well, most of the time not, but they have discovered that it doesn't seem to matter any more WHAT the hell they produce by way of evidence or testimony in the courtroom, because every aspect of American life is now politicized from top to bottom. Fill up the jury with niggers or trembling Whites who are terrified of contradicting or arguing with the black jurors, tell them the defendant is a "White supremacist", whatever the hell that is, and Bob's your uncle. Worked with Edgar Steele. - HAC]

As I noted, the government appears to have built this indictment on the unsubstantiated word--not even testimony--of a single emotionally disturbed young woman. This doesn’t mean they won’t railroad me anyway--I have no faith in the U.S. legal system--but it does make it harder.

In fact, I was reading the novel Gorky Park, and found a statement about the KGB very apropos to the FBI’s modern efforts. “If the KGB were to arrest all political offenders, their sheer numbers would exaggerate their importance. Better that some be arrested by the prosecutor’s office for normal crimes that the average citizen could understand."

When the hell does the government seek 15 years imprisonment for an alleged domestic dispute involving $500? When it is political in nature. Only the Jews have the chutzpah to say “Vat? Regular prosecution, it is routine! These allegations are narcissistic!" LOL.

In good news, for all my ranting, my BOP security level--currently low--will likely fall this summer to minimum. Don’t expect that to help me--constant prosecution means I’m never treated like a normal inmate--but, nominally, it means I’m in line for Club Fed. 

In reality, at low level. I’ve done 26 months in solitary, 8 months in population at high security administrative facilities, 5 months in population at a medium security facility and 45 days in population at a low--so , like everything these BOP ratings are often illusory--and it only takes one CO or negro creating an incident to derail that. However, there is some hope my situation may improve.

Thank you for listening to all this, Harold. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, and am looking forward to reading that book on medieval Italian politics. Despite your rough edges, you are a very different person than I’ve been led to believe, and I am glad to have made your acquaintance. I know how much work it is to post my letters or format them in your newsletter, so I am thankful whenever that happens as well.

Please write. I can receive postal mail here even though my ability to respond is limited. Please no references to criminal acts. Thank you!

Bill White

I have received word that Bill White has finally been transferred back to Loretto, where it is possible he may recover his e-mail privileges. The address is

William A. White #13888-084
FCI Loretto
P.O. Box 1000
Loretto, PA 15940

Please drop him a line, guys. He's been out of touch for a while now. - HAC



Blogger brian boru said...

It's remarkable how much like the Soviet Union the US is becoming as time passes. The FBI emulates the KGB and all the other institutions become like the Soviet ones were. The Justice system is now merely a series of jewish tribunals. It's the inevitable result when the jew gains overwhelming power. Psychopaths produce psychopathic societies. It most certainly is going to get much worse. The sight of the morons in Boston shouting 'USA, USA' and cheering the thugs who placed their city under marshal law doesn't bode well. The repression will spread from white men like Bill and yourself to any white who expresses any doubts about the system. It becomes more like Airstrip One every day.

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Anonymous Fuck free trade said...

maybe you should set up a letter writting program to white prisoners

so they know we havn't forgot them

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