Friday, May 24, 2013

Interesting Theory on Neanderthals

[This guy still pushes the "Out of Africa" theory, which in my view is a politically correct hoax and not supported by any actual evidence, but he does have a very interesting new take on Neanderthals. - HAC]
Did Neanderthals look like humans as modern depictions indicate? Danny Vendramini says no. He says they were typically ape like in appearance and that modern DNA studies suggest that a Neanderthal strain migrated into the middle east 100,000 years ago and hunted modern man to eat and to interbreed with their women. That thesis is confirmed in DNA studies which show that middle easterners have the highest percentage of Neanderthal ancestry of any modern humans, some ranging to as much as 24%.
This one has implications for our modern day struggle with the Jew in that Willis Carto among others has made the revolutionary suggestion  that modern Jews get their predatory attributes from their Neanderthal ancestry. Others have suggested and have provided evidence that Neanderthal characteristics still survive in the modern socalled Sasquatcch or "Big Foot" of which there are four strains worldwide. This film is a missing link on that subject matter. 15 minutes       TL


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