Monday, April 08, 2013

To Parade Or Not To Parade

by Robert E. Miles

[A classic from the mid-1980s]

We have seen what some in the right-wing call a parade. It is this latter variety, which concerns me. 

Few of these even qualify as a parade. They are closer to a picket line or a mini-demonstration than anything else. 

Before going any further, understand that I have marched in three or four of these racialist parades in my lifetime. No more than four. I regretted doing so for they were, to me, totally counterproductive. 

But I marched with my associates, as invited to do, despite my dislike for exposing the weakness of our movement to the world. So, don't get me wrong. I marched along with many others despite the results of such events. But I am afraid that the term parade is misused when applied to recent Klan, skinhead, nationalist or whatever you want to label them, exhibitionist displays of weakness.

To begin with, the Ku Klux Klan hasn't been able to mount a sizable force for any parade in the last twenty years. Even the White Patriot's Party, led by the arch-snitch Miller, in North Carolina, could not mass more than 600 marchers. And we have counted heads from films, which our own cameramen produced. The Ku Klux Klan was never a parading organization in its life. You can come up with the parade in Washington, DC. In the 1920's and with many others in that era ... but these were exceptions to the rule. 

That era, the 2nd Klan era, was when this country was White, Protestant and quite patriotic. Klan parades then reflected the mood, beliefs and temper of the majority of American citizens. There is no such climate in the ZOGland of America of today. There is no rising tide of support for any display of White Racial Pride in this basketball heaven of congoids andishes. 

The only parading the original KKK did when it was initially active was in military force. That usually was by the light of the moon, not for the delight of the jewish TV camera crews. It is long past time for the present Klan to return to the light of the moon and to forgo its egocentric trips that delight the Jews and congoids on prime time.

When we see the KKK of today parade, we see two thousand armed police, national guards and federal whatnots encompassing the fifty or so (if we are lucky enough to have that many) Klansmen marching down the street. Hordes of animal crackers come out of their cages to spit, shake fists and signs and otherwise hoot at the KKK marchers

 Actually if I were an alien watching the event, I would assume the KKK was being marched off to prison between ranks of soldiers to the delight of the mobs watching. It is not a sign of strength to be able to march while your foes delight in exposing your numbers and weakness. 

It is a sign of contempt by them for you. ZOG loves to be able to take you out of your dens and walk you like a dog so that the hooters and true haters can have a field day seeing you in such light. All they will finally need. Will be to lead you by chains through the streets to the new coliseums where the lions will await you. 

If you want to gain pity from the world, then walk like Christians into the games. The martyr mantle does not sit well atop a white robe and hood! If you want to play the hapless, helpless and meek barefoot supplicant role, fine. 

But don't try to talk about how tough you are, how brave you are or how wise you are! Pity doesn't bring respect. Strength comes from being feared. And when your foe has to protect you from the unwashed crowds you are not feared at all!

Let the next parade be one of daring, strength and guts ... if parade you must. Deny the TV cameras their delights. Notify the police and officials that you need no protection. Indeed, if they dare to protect you, bring them into court for interfering with your right to march. 

But, then, be real Klansmen. Actually prepare and train to be daytime marchers. Drill and practice. Recruit numbers who like to parade and march. Recruit those who understand what your organization is really all about ... It is about being a White, Racial, "mummers" marching group. 

Recruit a band or two to play while you march. Train marshals of your own to keep the ranks in order. Drill your members by by squads, columns and files. Make them a sight to watch! Train them to be a fighting machine as well as a "let's pretend" army. And no matter how many turn out to disturb your march, take them on! Head on! With trained, disciplined and law obeying ranks of marchers. Don't put the monkey on the back of the police and army anymore. 

If you cannot produce, shut up until you can. Don't get on the streets until you have something to show. No more of this being shielded by the forces of ZOG anymore!

As for me, I believe that the Ku Klux Klan is a vital tool, weapon and instrument of psychological warfare for the protection and perpetuation of our Race. Its original role was correct. It was invisible. It was silent unless it had something to say. It was never seen, but it was ever present. It sent its members into all kinds of organizations with out such organizations ever knowing that it was the host body for such elements. Through its unseen but disciplined soldiers, massive membership organizations could be directed, courses altered, and objectives effected to the benefit of the White Race. 

Even in ZOG itself, the KKK could be effective. It could be like a virus, which debilitates and destroys the host itself. It doesn't take large numbers for a virus to cripple and paralyze an animal. Only a small amount of toxin in the blood, and tiny serpent has gained a victory over the huge tiger. And I have never watched serpents on parade in the jungle! 

Until we have the numbers, parades are counter productive. Unseen but effective work will be crowned with victory parades. That will be time enough. That will be when our strength is visible. But to play the role of the weakling, while boasting about your numbers, is a transparent veil, which even the peasant on the street sees through. 

God spare us anymore from these TV oriented marches! Enough of walking like dogs at the end of leashes held by the grinning and armed police and guardsmen from the ghettos and drill halls of the foe! Until you have actual numbers trained to march, until you have enough training of your own marshals, until you have your own marching bands ... Stay in the shadows and do the work which you have the actual numbers to do. 


Anonymous Sector 19 said...

"Let the next parade be one of daring, strength and guts ... if parade you must."

Something more along these lines, perhaps?

Greek nationalists launch Nuremberg branch

Swedish Resistance Movement - nationalday Sweden 2008

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with all that Miles has to say about the embarrassing KKK "marches" of that period, and about exposing the weakness of the "movement". My gripe is with this one sentence:
"It is about being a White, Racial, "mummers" marching group."

No!No!for God's sake NO! Please do not seek to equate a good "marching group" with that silly pack of (poorly played) banjo toting, feather wearing faggots "strutting their stuff" on the 1st of every January! If not outright "gays" then most of them are closet faggots. Men do not dress like that (hell, even J. Edgar Hoover had the sense not to wear his dress in public), walk like that, "strut" like that and certainly a worthwhile male of our noble race would not accost the ears of the public with that wretched baleful cacophony of noise that they, in their drunken stupor are pleased to refer to as "music".

5:43 PM  
Anonymous Joseph Anthony Fascista said...

I agree. Parands and street demonstrations are designed to show strength and make people want to be a part of something. But when you are a pitiful numerical minority, surrounded by tens of thousands who are screaming for your blood, and would indeed kill you if the police wasn't there, that projects weakness ad dysfunctionalism. It makes people say" "Good god I would never join something like that!"

4:34 PM  
Anonymous patience said...

don't ever launch a coup until you can win.

10:26 PM  

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