Sunday, April 14, 2013

Other Northwest-Related Resources

Hi, guys:

There are other Northwest-related internet sites and resources you may find interesting, beyond our three main sites:

I've always liked Yahoo groups; they're incredibly user-friendly and when they catch on and attain some membership, they can reach a lot of people. I was really sad to see them be replaced by Facebook and Twitter. This is a group for discussing Northwest Migration and Northwest issues. Moderated to keep the GUBU out.

An internet bulletin board. Our version of Stormfront and VNN, only without the lunacy. Smaller, to be sure, but growing all the time, and moderated to keep the GUBU out (see below.)

A site for discussion of my Northwest independence novels. Check out some of the older posts, like the suggested casts members for movies of my books.

Moderated to keep GUBU in. This used to be an actual blog. Now it's my cyber-nuthouse. I have always wanted to see if it is possible to kind of corral all the Space Madness and the GUBU Goat Dancing nuttiness onto one site and keep it away from the rest of the internet as much as possible. I'm using this site as a kind of rubber room, where anyone who wants to can pound his head on the padded walls and howl, including me. Only Willard and Frazier Glenn Miller are banned outright; anyone else can yammer away all they like in the comments section, so long as they don't threaten anybody by name.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't find 'the stars in their path' anywhere on the web.... I'd love to read it..

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Blogger The Old Man said...


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