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Jared Taylor Flees From The Jewish Question

[Published with permission.] 

Dear HAC:
When I filmed Jared Taylor (leader & founder of American Renaissance), late last Thursday I asked him if would be okay to film his speech, he said "Yes, of course." Now I find this email in my mail box, this morning, marked "URGENT REQUEST FROM JARED TAYLOR‏"


* * * * * *

"Hello Chris,

Jared has asked me if you could leave out the Q and A session on your You Tube posting, (or alternatively leave out the interchange between him and Webster). He'd be very grateful if you could do that in confidence.

Best Wishes

Martin Webster's question dealt explicitly with the Jewish nature of the demographic and cultural phenomena of White decline. While I don't approve of Webster's sodomitic lifestyle or of his views regarding homosexuality, he was the only one there who publicly asked a question explicitly dealing with the Jewish aspects of multiculturalism & political correctness in general. I repeatedly tried to ask such a question myself, but was continuously passed over by the host-presenter Adrian Davies even though I was clearly in the front row filming it all.

Martin Webster's question starts at 0:51:50

Also the host-presenter Adrian Davies demanded that we censor the part where Jared Taylor makes a small tangential reference to the Northwest Front in Idaho.

So far I haven't censored any of it, but since you are on record as stating that people like Martin Webster should be totally removed from the political process for their depraved lifestyles, I was just wondering what you have to say about it. 

[It’s not Martin Webster’s brain I have a problem with, which is first-class. It’s what he does with other parts of his anatomy which in my personal opinion—a minority one these days—puts him beyond the pale. – HAC]

According to your value system how ought one respond when one is put under pressure by a White Civil Rights activist (who is also an arch Jew appeaser), to censor an anti-Jewish homosexual on the subject of The Jewish Question? 

* * * * * * 

Jez: "Can you cut the Martin Webster question and answer bit from the speech on You Tube as a special favour to Jared Taylor?  I know it’s going to cause more work for you, but he's concerned its going to cause him untold problems and we do want him to come again! 

Chris: "What sort of "untold problems?"  What it appears he is asking me to do is to retrospectively self-censor my own work in order to avoid incurring potentially hostile Jewish intransigence. That requires a good reason. You need to ask him what the exact reason is before I can even consider going ahead with this type of odd and irregular request. 

Jez: "Better to cut the MW Q and A bit, otherwise he'll probably just tell YouTube to take the whole speech off, and that would be a shame. Don't shoot the messenger.  :-)" 

Jez: "Chris, just please do what Jared wants. 

Adrian: "While I am a little surprised by the request, it ought in my view to be honoured: I have to say that I personally dislike being filmed, period, as our American cousins say. I prefer to speak under Chatham House rules. If that is not acceptable, I tend to be more guarded in what I say than is desirable for the fullest possible exchange of views. Evidently, Jared feels even more strongly than I do and his wishes as the guest speaker ought in my opinion to be carried into effect, even if it annoys Martin, which would be regrettable. 

Jez: "Just [delete] the entire Q and A session and be done with it. If you don't, then you've let me and the rest of the guys down.  The speaker's wishes are paramount.  That's all there is to it. 

Chris: "Dear Jez, Adrian & Jared:

I regret to inform you all that I will not be censoring my video as requested for the following stated reasons. 

1. Having already spent many days painstakingly attempting to successfully edit and upload the video on your behalf and in light of the rather vague and unsubstantial reasons given for doing so, I am afraid that I just don’t have either the time or the inclination to re-edit and re-upload the video all over again.

However, both you and the rest of the general public have my full permission to copy and to re-edit the material in question free of charge should you wish to produce and promote an edited copy yourselves on your own websites, YouTube accounts and blog pages etc.

 2. I explicitly asked both Jared Taylor and Adrian Davies for permission to film the speech prior to the speech itself. Not only did I receive this permission but no condition of any kind was ever laid down to the effect of prohibiting me from shooting and uploading the parts under objection until now.

Indeed there was no condition except for the condition of having to refrain from actively filming audience members, a condition which I duly complied with. Adrian Davies was not filmed as an audience member. He was filmed as the host-presenter facing/addressing the audience and at no time was I ever stopped from filming, despite being situated in the front row directly facing both Adrian Davies and Jared Taylor throughout the entire length of the proceedings. I do not assume any responsibility whatsoever for the apparent failure to stipulate adequately clear conditions for filming prior to the event.

I know that I have in the past been prepared to retrospectively censor at least one recorded speech which at the time I was granted unconditional permission to film by the speaker which the speaker then later abruptly rescinded via email, but this really just takes the biscuit. Jared Taylor is meant to be a professional political activist not a theatre director. 

3. As far as I am concerned nothing in the video is illegal in either the United Kingdom or the United States. 

4. I don’t think that the answer which Jared Taylor gave in response to Martin Webster’s question in any way contradicted any of his previously stated public positions with regards to Jews, Jewry, Judaism and/or the role of Jews in the creation and/or permutation of Marxism, neo-Conservatism, neo-Liberalism and subsequent political ideologies and doctrines. I have requested more information about Jared Taylor’s reasoning for wanting me to censor my video through Jez, but it now appears that this request has been flatly denied. 

5. I am not prepared to compromise my moral and political integrity or to tarnish my personal reputation within the White Nationalist community by engaging in to what appears to be a baseless appeasement through self-censorship program for the unearned protection of other people's publishing assets from organized Jewish pressure. I'm sorry but this just isn’t how I personally do journalism. A politician who voluntarily founds and then leads a White civil rights movement in cultural Marxist America should be prepared to be placed under a certain amount of political and financial pressure, regardless of the personal consequences either to himself or to his income.

Please understand that to do what you're asking of me would not only constitute as a gross moral repugnancy on my part, but would also threaten my integrity as a journalist, as a writer and as a political dissident. With the extreme exception of some extraordinary situation, I could never in my own right state of mind comply with such an unusual, unprecedented, apparently spurious, controversial and possibly illicit request to self-censor. For the reasons given above I will not comply with Jared Taylor’s request to censor my own footage.

All of the footage I have thus far uploaded to YouTube from these meetings is my own intellectual property and any false copyright claims WILL BE counter claimed.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bravo Chris!

I am sure other WN's will appreciate your refusal to expurgate Taylor's "controversial" answer to the JQ posed to him. Most likely, in retrospect Taylor realized that his answer did not categorically deny Jewish influence in the West's decline and realized that nothing less than that would be acceptable to Jews. AmRen has a Jewish membership (which probably contributes generously) and Taylor would not want to ruin that. As a matter of fact, just try to post any comment even remotely "anti-Jewish" on AmRen and it will be immediately deleted. This situation is much the same as with V-Dare and Peter Brimelow. I once saw an annual corporate report of "earnings" for for V-Dare ( I believe it was at Occidental Dissent) posted on the Net and Brimelow's "pay" was a major surprise. I can't say that I saw anything similar on the Net for AmRen and Taylor; but I would be surprised if the situation weren't similar. These men strike me as opportunists who have found a niche market for their talents- protesting for the increasingly displaced White population of the world and taking in donations to further the "cause" with about as much effectiveness as the Tea Party.

3:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems to me that we should support all nationalists no mater their strain. At present we are so weak it is sucidal to discriminate and criticise our own people. When we are strong we can examine the details.

Also, the awakening we must go through is in stages. We do not go from a politically correct muppet to a fully awakened, jew wise, nationalist. Taylors brand of nationalism has its place along that path. He is every bit as important as any other nationalist.

If he feels something should be done to protect him then I believe we should respect that and support him.

9:32 AM  
Blogger Sebastian said...

Except, dear Anonymous, that AMREN is not a WN organization. They are jew-simpatico paycheck conservatives who place protecting their money above protecting their race.

Awakening does happen in stages, and willful self-censorship on the Jewish Question will only make the process slower. It isn't like we are criticizing Taylor for not starting Holocaust Revisionism 101 lectures, we're addressing the fact that he *never* mentions the Jewish Question and when cornered into having to talk about it by a true British White Nationalist he minimizes the issue in his answer and *then* tries to prevent the information from being uploaded online so as not to disturb his source of Talmudic money.

If the *alleged* rabidly pro-white Jews that belong to his organization are really 100% in our side then they should not have any problem with any AMREN member calling constant attention to the blight their people are inflicting on ours.

Mr. Taylor is just a stepping stone to true Nationalism. A man with a respectably conservative demeanor that will lessen the psychic blow of awakening to the greater Truth and who should be mostly discarded afterwards.

The swifter any awakening White person steps from him to true Nationalist speakers, the better.

2:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most of them are middle class toffs god help us LOL

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Ryan said...

Talking about Jews in the echo chamber of online comments is easy but when doing it in public you have to be at the top of your game.

Jared is not in an echo chamber, he deals with hostile media which will press him on his comments which he will be expected to extrapilate in detail.

2:26 PM  

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