Monday, April 22, 2013

How To Use RFN As A Podcast

Mr. Covington,
Some time ago, one of the comments on RFN asked for instructions on how to get RFN onto a person's iPod.  This process is actually generic to any particular podcast software such as iTunes or Zune (or anything else anyone has going).  Unfortunately, the podcast feed isn't easy to find and there's no "iTunes" button anywhere on the website to trigger a user's browser to have the podcast software on their computer subscribe to the podcast.  After a bit of searching, our feed is located at and that should be enough to get most people going.  They'll need to follow whatever procedure their particular software requires, but it's a copy-paste job from there on out.

For those not in the know:

A Podcast is a series of sequential audio files which are detailed in an XML-formatted file accessible on the internet.  This file is presumably updated every time a new episode is released.  Computer programs can download and read this file to determine things like the name of the Podcast as well as the title and description of each episode.  The term "Podcast" comes from the early widespread use of Apple's iPod and the associated software suite iTunes.  Podcast software is intended to actively monitor the contents of the feed so that new episodes are downloaded without prompting the user about them.  Most podcast software will automatically places these audio files on an associated device (also automatically).  The idea is that the audio file is broadcasted to your iPod (or whatever device you use), hence the name.



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