Tuesday, April 30, 2013

First White Nationalist Cartoon

An event of great significance has occurred—the first White Nationalist cartoon! (At least the first one I have seen; there may be some other precursors I missed.)

Okay, granted, it’s crude, but it’s funny. A new-born baby isn’t much use, but it can grow into an effective adult. The significance here is the fact that it has now been done. We have breached one more barrier in the battle to communicate with our own people, an important barrier in view of how badly the power structure has dumbed us down.

Achtung to all White racial computer geeks: get this software and start learning it!

Many thanks to the White Rabbit for this pioneering new development.


P. S. One quick hint to all cartoon-makers: in your credits, spell-check! It’s “starring,” not “staring.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nasty encounter with a joo today. Got into a bit of a scrap that ended up with the joo calling me a homosexual. I'm not and was just mildly amused when the joo kept accusing me of being homo in very anti-gay language of the sort you'd hear from us!

Then it occured to me. Joo culture is identical to Muslim culture except for the whole Yahweh/Allah stuff (same guy, different names). Joo's HATE homosexuals, in Joo/Mooslim culture, homos are put to death immediately.

Its the biggest joke that the joos who run this culture pretend to be all pro-gay in their effort to destroy white america and whites in general.

It finally dawned on me that this joo was trying to make the most damning horrible insult possible by accusing me of being gay. To me it was just silly and riduculous because I know its not true. Its amusing, the joos that run this country, they hate the homos more than white nationalists do!

HAC says homosexuality is a disease and that as long as gays stay in the closet and keep their sickness to themselves, they'll be fine. This joo and their fellow joos aren't so kind. Death (by stoning I believe) is the only treatment for gay-o's. And whites are supposed to be the bad guys...

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"P. S. One quick hint to all cartoon-makers: in your credits, spell-check! It’s “starring,” not “staring.”"

You Grammar Nazi! Wait a minute... you are a Nazi. Oh well, carry on then!

2:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

7:07 PM  

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