Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Disappearing Muslim

The unnamed "Saudi national" who was arrested after the bombings in Boston seems to be getting airbrushed out of the picture. Sounds like the Boston cops just scooped up some poor old Apu from the Quickie Mart who was in the area. He may or may not have been involved. If I was a Muslim and a large explosion went off near me I'd probably start running, too. 

The state-controlled media are trying to pin the bombings on the Tea Party or tax protestors or of course wicked and evil "White Supreemists." Fat liberal slob Michael Moore claims it was the NRA, although you'd think that pro-gun protestors would use guns.

Anyway, the secret police now have all the excuse they need to go cruising around the countryside knocking on doors and trying to get people to talk to them and develop people as informers.  



Anonymous Charles Martel said...

No, this the beginning of the end. We have devolved into a 3rd world country and now we will start behaving as a 3rd world country. I.e., mindless, chaos creating bombings and other "terrorist" "attacks" that only serve to destabilize society. Which is what our glorious leaders do to other countries in order to maintain control there.

Our illustrious elite ruling class's attempt to maintain control in the JewSA will see more of these senseless "terrorist" attacks.

In fact, that is how they try to maintain control, by creating such chaos that the lumpen proletariat will turn to the central " government " for protection. Ha ha, that really worked out well in Iraq. Actually, the Iraqis finally ran us out of the country with our tails between our legs.

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'The state-controlled media are trying to pin the bombings on the Tea Party'

240 years ago the Boston Tea Party had British problems... Today it is the media creating their problems... ;o)

12:53 AM  

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