Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Truth About Segregation

I continually get all kinds of crap about my calling blacks by their proper name, aka niggers. Liberal bitches pompously tell me things like, "One of the important things about the civil rights movement was that blacks were recognized as black men, not niggers!" I usually retort back with something along the lines of, "I have a sure-fire method of telling a black man from a nigger. Want to know what it is?" Of course her curiosity always gets the better of her and she'll say yes, and that's when I say, "I ask him one simple question: "Do you chase white women?"He'll invariably grin and say, "Hell yeah man!" And then I tell him, "Yep, you're a nigger alright." This usually gets me a string of profanities and insults from said liberal bitch, at which point I bust up laughing and make a hasty exit while giving her the bird. I have absolutely no respect for any liberal of any type. To me, liberal and brain-dead are interchangeable words. Any person that believes any of the tripe the liberal lie machine pumps out is a fool out the gate.

To be a liberal means you deny the facts in front of you, and ignore reality when it's staring you in the face. How can any sane person honestly say a black is a man? All men look and behave a certain way. It's a given. There are accepted modes of appearance and behavior that have been in place since the very dawn of civilization. Blacks do neither. 

A black man will lie to your face without blinking. In fact they would rather lie when telling the truth would be easier. Oddly, chimps behave just like them, though they can't talk. I have seen videos taken by anthropologists who study chimp behavior, and they have shown repeatedly that all chimps lie to each other continually. For example they'll cheat on their mate, then act as if they don't even know the one they just had sex with, when they are with their assigned mate. Or one will steal a banana from another one and hide it so the one that owns it won't know who has his fruit. 

Black behavior was passed down to them from their furry ancestors. It's really ape behavior. And a black child will start lying even before it can talk, same as a chimp. A white child on the other hand has to be taught how to lie. This kind of primitive behavior is not instinctive in whites as it is in blacks.

The same thing applies to stealing and violence, though we do have the occasional aberration; a child that's born with sociopathic traits. These kids usually grow up to be homicidal maniacs or the criminally insane. It is not normal behavior for a white, as we all know. But whenever one of us turns on the TV and hears of a murder, rape or robbery, the first thing we think is, "another damned nigger." and we're almost always right. Since the civil rights movement we have seen our crime rate literally go out the freaking roof and steadily increase as their numbers increased. 

Before the wetback invasion, we already had a crisis on our hands thanks to liberal stupidity.Liberals feel sorry for the poor oppressed blacks. They forget to feel pity for the victims of these animals ever since they got turned loose on white society. Before the civil rights bowel movement, niggers were forced to use blacks-only facilities. That meant stores, restaurants, restrooms and even drinking fountains. And there were damned good reasons for this segregation. It wasn't some arbitrary thing that was instituted because of something as asinine as skin color, as the liberals and Jews would have everyone believe.

It was because blacks don't conduct themselves in any of these facilities like whites.When a nigger enters a restaurant, he's loud, argumentative, rude, demanding, will usually raise hell over the check and try to get them to give him a free meal. He'll also eat like a pig, slopping food all over the place and even onto other customers. He almost never leaves a tip, but is well known for stealing them. And on the way out he'll usually steal something to boot. This is why all waiters and waitresses watch black customers like a hawk. They have to, even now. In a restroom he'll piss all over the floor and the toilet, leave toilet paper everywhere and in many cases deliberately crap on the floor or smear feces everywhere before he leaves. 

And this kind of behavior isn't a random, rare event but the norm. It's a way they show their hatred for whites without getting caught. Drinking fountains are another nightmare. Niggers have absolutely no concept about the necessity for good hygiene. I've lost count of the times I've seen some plate-lip do a complete lip-lock over the mouth piece of a drinking fountain as he guzzles water like a hog. 

Never mind that the mouth piece is loaded with all sorts of diseases and bacteria, not to mention nasty communicable viruses, a nigger will go to it without a single thought about any of this. And when the next person comes along, he gets any bug that coon may have had. All these practices have been the norm for niggers since the white man first brought him over and introduced him to our civilization and its amenities. As soon as he did, it became painfully obvious that niggers would have to have their own separate facilities. Comically, even other blacks don't like using their own facilities, but would usually try to sneak and use the white ones when they thought they could get away with it, and they still do it.

But now they're allowed to use anything they like and brother, we are paying dearly for it. Almost every public restroom I go into is not fit for a white man to use. The same goes for the women's side and to be honest, a lot of time the girls have it far worse. Black females can be the nastiest bitches on the planet. And if one is in a bad mood, look out. She'll leave that bathroom a holy nightmare. I pity our girls,
let me tell you. 

My kid brother used to manage a large shop and gas station, and I mean large. He told me that there were multiple occasions where he had to go in the girls' side and take a fire hose to it because some worthless ho' had gotten it so damned filthy and vile. No, I won't go into descriptions. Use your imagination. I guarantee it won't be bad enough. No matter where niggers go in our society, they leave a trail of theft, trouble, destruction and filth behind them. And this has been going on ever since Martin Loser Koon got them, dey "cibil rights".

You know what really kills me? It's that niggers call him "De Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King". Gimme a damned break here! Two titles? Nobody is called both! Nobody but a nigger looking for prestige he doesn't rate. King was not a doctor of anything.He was given an honorary degree posthumously by some coon university. And as far as "reverend" goes, he never went to a seminary or divinity school, and was no more a reverend than my frigging cat! It's just another case of liberals twisting the living hell out of the truth to appease the spoiled natives. I do know a few people who are men that happen to be black, but unfortunately they are a very rare breed. I truly wish that blacks could and would conduct themselves like civilized beings.

But I realize that's impossible. Creatures behave according to their design, and niggers will always and forever behave like niggers. It's about time whites acknowledged this fact and started dealing with them accordingly. Our forefathers and their fathers before them, going back to the very beginning, knew the nature of niggers and instituted social barriers to protect their women and families from these animals. 

Civil rights doesn't work. It never worked and never will. We need to reinstate our father's barriers whether the niggers like it or not. I can guarantee you they'll chimp out, but we need to be ready for that with battalions of armed troops to contain them by force. We'll have to bust a whole lot of spoiled, angry skulls at first, and bury quite a few as well. But once it's back in place it'll be fairly easy to enforce.

It's time for major social upheaval in this country. We must put things back the way they were in this nation if we want to see our America survive. And I don't just mean controlling the blacks. There's a whole shopping list of changes that must take place, and we can do it. The only thing stopping us i ourselves.

-The Lone Haranguer


Blogger Unknown said...

Excellent. Please get this guy to the Homeland and on Radio Free Northwest.

1:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our White ancestors *did not*, I repeat, *did not* bring these apes into this country! That's a blatant Jew / Liberal lie intended to place blame upon Whites, as usual, for the atrocities committed by the Jew! In fact, *every* atrocity throughout History had one or more Jews as its architects and primary perpetrators. In a few cases, such as the act which paved the way for the Jewish slave trafickers to begin importing stolen apes from Africa to sell into bondage mostly to fellow Jews as farm hands to allow lazy Jew bean-counters to overcome the Curse of Cain whereby God doomed the Jew to fail at tilling the land himself as a farmer by allowing the huge Jewish-owned agri-business entities called Plantations to be successful by forcing niggers to till the soil while the Jewish money-handlers never touched a shovel, some hapless White dupe was bought and subsequently made the patsy for the crimes of the Jew. That aforementioned act, attributed to bribed White politician Peter Stuyvesant, was the repeal of a ban on commercial interaction between honest Colonists and dishonest Jews, in response to the objections of a Jew named Jacob Barsimson and obtained by a bribe paid to Stuyvesant by Barsimson and the promise of Stuyvesant receiving praise in the products of the then fledgling Jewish moneylending empire that would soon devour the Press and transform it and all Media into a monopoly of purveyors of Jewish lies. That sabotage of the not-yet-born United States occurred in the year 1654, slightly more than three centuries after the Jewish-engineered genocide which decimated the White population throughout Christendom known as the Black Death.

10:43 AM  
Blogger Shaunantijihad said...

Humans and apes share a common ancestor. No-one is descended from modern apes, they are as modern as we are in that sense.

Negroes evolved down a separate evolutionary pathway to H. Sapiens, with H. Erectus being the most probable ancestor. Compelling evidence of this is here:

Consequently, and rather off topic, is the conclusion that the ultimate military victory over a people is to convince them to mate with Negroes. They genetically lobotomise their offspring. Literally.

2:01 AM  

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