Thursday, March 07, 2013

Radio Free Northwest - March 7th 2013

Mac raps on Northwest gun laws and non-migration excuses, HAC responds to John in England and dishes on the Brewington case and the upcoming papal conclave, Gretchen gets into Germanic mysticism, and then HAC does some more FBI-baiting.


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I was surprised some twit or twits had the audacity to criticize Gretchen and her show. I just bet these twits have never done any activism themselves and wouldn't know what to do if they had a mind to. They are around to be entertained. This work is no longer "entertainment" but deadly serious so tell them to do a show like Gretchen's rather than spend opinions and not do something. Gretchen is active and a female who is racially aware (a rare find in today's Amurrica unfortunately)and supports the cause. LET HER SPEAK ALL SHE WANTS. At least she is publicly speaking out. Also, I remember J.B. Stoner too. I passed his home/headquaters on my way to school way back when and occasionly saw him working in his yard as I drove by. And I remember he pulled in almost 40,000 votes in a governors race which caused many to crap in their pants. He died too young.

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