Saturday, March 30, 2013

Quick Addendum To Article Below

This is second-hand but reliable. 

Bill White has apparently been informed that he is being moved on Monday from Chicago back to the Loretto camp in Pennsylvania.There have been no actual hearings or motions or other court paperwork filed in his Roanoke, Virginia case; the dictator's men seem at this point to have simply charged him as an excuse to continue holding him in prison if the judge in Chicago had let him off with only time served. 

It is not known at this point whether or not the regime intends to proceed with the Roanoke case at all, or simply keep it in reserve as a "detainer" when the time comes in order to prevent his release, now officially scheduled for November of 2015.  

Bill will most likely be moved back to Loretto via two transit camps, and so it will take him at least a month to arrive. Once he achieves some kind of stable address I will post it here. It goes without saying that he is deeply grateful to those of you who have written to him.


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