Friday, March 15, 2013

Provo YouTube

Don’t know if you want to watch all four parts, and yes, I know, it’s a different country and a different era, but you might want to take 48 minutes of your time and watch the first part of the series, below.

Just to show that yes, it can be done. White men can resist. It has been done, within our lifetimes.


Anonymous Robert the Biker said...

You are holding up as heroe s a pack of murderous scum who are lower than any niggers on earth, who blew up women and kids (WHITE ones, or were they perhaps not white enough)and who were brought to heel by a sries of tit for tat killings by the UVF. I'd sooner side with the jigs and the jews than these shit.

9:44 AM  
Blogger Sebastian said...

I have just seen the 1st episode and will be sure to catch the others. It is a useful documentary to educate those of us who aren't very knowledgeable about those events.

But it is clear the program is awfully biased in favor of the British. They keep asking the former IRA soldiers about the legitimacy and ethics of killing an occupation army and their supporters, but never ask the British veterans about how justify the invasion, occupation, expropriation and killing of the Irish people for the benefit of their empire.

Some of the interviewers sound appalled at the notion that a man who has just seen an foreign occupation army assassinate a dozen unarmed civilians lacks any compunction about fighting back and doing some killing to the aggressors too. And the IRA veterans try to answer their questions instead of pointing out the interviewer's blatant pro-British position.

The Provos, non-withstanding their courage, organizational and operational skills, do come out like a bunch of revolutionary amateurs at times. You don't inflict casualties on the very same people you are fighting to liberate ffs. And it takes them the whole of two years to realize maybe, just maybe, bombs and assassination should be conducted on the capital of the aggressive, occupying government who sent the foreign troops in? Rather than only, and constantly, on their own soil

And why didn't they try to bag some high-profile targets instead of just shooting "young soldiers and policemen" that can be used as poster-children by the state-run UK media to show how eeeeevil the IRA was?

Why weren't they offing Unionist politicans, officers, judges. Why didn't they go after the British judicial and taxation institutions in Northern Ireland and hurt them where it counts?

The imbecilic actions of the field operatives who set explosive devices in civilian areas *and* don't give proper warning time time
were staggering. That is the sort of actions that can't be tolerated in a revolutionary army. If it happens the culprits have to be tried and sentenced by the organization itself.

I'm expecting the next episodes will delve into the bombings of the London subways and such. Another assinine strategy if there ever was one. Bomb Westminster or shoot UK parlament politicians, burn their houses, bomb their cars! But for goodness sake, don't blow up some working-class London sheeple who have no idea of what is going on, no power to change it and are having their money stolen to pay for the occupation of Ireland in the first place.

Having read the Northwest novels it is clear to see now that Mr. Covington knows exactly what he is talking about when he writes about practical politics. The battle doctrine of the fictional NVA is obviously based on a sound foundation of what the IRA did right and a reversal of what they did wrong.

5:39 PM  

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