Sunday, March 17, 2013

Prisoner News

[E-mail from Bill White]
Hello all:

My release date updated today to "unknown." This means that the detainer in Roanoke has finally processed, and they are shipping me there as a pretrial inmate.

The fact that my release date did not update in between may or may not be significant. However, since there was no chance of me being released by May 17th, given the detainer that was put on me, none of this is particularly significant at this point. Right now, I would expect my release date to change at least two more times before the year is out:

1) At the outcome of my 2255 motion, which is pending and will probably be decided at the District Court level by April, unless the judge asks for additional proceedings;   

2) At the outcome of the Roanoke trial, which will hopefully go in my favor, though innocence is no longer any defense;  and possibly at two more points, including on any decision at the Supreme Court, though this will probably not happen until very late this year or next year.

So, no idea when I'm being released as of right now.  I can't see any way it would happen before June or July, but who knows?

P. S. I certainly am saying things the government doesn't want people to hear.  I have actually been told from the bench: "They just want you to shut up" and "You can have these ideas, but you just don't need to be going around telling everyone about them," and things like that.

Years ago, when this started, I found it amazing.  Now, I just accept it. - B.W. 

* * * * * *

Edgar Steele is completely incommunicado. No one seems to have heard anything at all directly from him since about June of 2012.  He is still listed as being held in Victorville by the BOP site and he has now been assigned a release date of January 1st, 2054, when he will be 108 years old. All this for nothing but words (which he never actually said) while the man who stole $45,000 in silver from the Steele family and planted a bomb on Cyndi's car is now free.

Around January or so, if senile memory serves, Cyndi Steele issued a brief statement to the effect that an appeal is pending, denied she had fallen silent, and then fell silent again, at least as far as I have heard. Certain people have never really been comfortable with me defending Ed in public and I know there have been at least two attempts by Goat Dancers to get family members to "denounce and repudiate me" as a wicked evil extremist who is going to fuck up The Appeal Upon Which All Depends if I don't shut up. No doubt when that appeal fails there will be more pressure to attack Howwible Hawold because he refused to doff his cap and humbly tug the forelock in the presence of Our Lords and Masters

The last time I went to the official Free Edgar Steele web site, I will say that Bob the webmaster had linked to my video on the Edgar Steele case at

for all the good it did; it's gotten all of 894 hits when I checked this morning.

Guys, I will keep up the fight for Ed until they drag me away in the night as well, but I'm running on empty here. I need information. Has anybody at all actually heard from Edgar Steele since the summer? If we can't find some way to access Edgar himself or at least neutralize whatever frighteners the FBI put on the family and get them to talk, it's going to be hard to keep on re-cycling the same old narrative.

* * * * * *

The Daniel Brewington case, where the White male father was imprisoned for two years in prison for criticizing (not threatening, even by the prosecution's own stipulation) a judge on the internet based on one of his obviously skewed and corrupt decisions, is now headed for the Indiana Supreme Court. The dictatorship's interesting contention is that the act of criticizing a judge in public now constitutes a "threat" in and of itself, the "threat" being to "hold the magistrate up to ridicule, hatred, and contempt because of the performance of his official duties." (Their words.)

Apparently refusal of Whiteboys to remove the cap, tug the forelock, tap-dance and shuffle before Our Lords and Masters with a yowzah! yowzah! is now an imprisonable offense, because it "intimidates" those warm and fuzzy folks in the black robes.

The lefty-libs have taken a mild interest in the case because they don't want a precedent set which might prevent their own media from vilifying Republican judges or Bush appointees on the bench, so Brewington might actually have a ghost of a chance, although by the time they actually go through all the courtroom horseshit his two years will be done.

P.S. - Finally got through to the "official" site and learned that Cyndi Steele did a media interview on February 25th, which is good news. My experience is that the more noise that is made about prisoners, the better, because it lets their captors know that they have not been forgotten and if there are any mysterious "incidents" in the cell-block, questions will be asked.

That being the case, folks, Ed Steele and Bill White's defenders need to network, they need to be kept in the loop, and information needs to be shared. There is to my knowledge still no "official" family comment on Edgar's long silence. How is his health? Why is mail either being returned marked "undeliverable as addressed" or simply disappearing with no response?

My guess is that especially in Ed's case, they are impatient for all the sound and fury to die down so they can get him alone in the cell-block one night, by which I mean truly alone, in every sense of the term. That can't happen. Remember the James McDougal case? Come on, guys, we need to step up our Edgar Steele game. I'll do it all on my own if I have to, but it would be better as a team effort.



Blogger Luek said...

This just proves the old adage that much more harm, injustice and needless pain and suffering has been caused by the tyrannical bastards that wear black sheets than those who wear white ones.

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