Friday, March 29, 2013

My "Bill White Kick"

Okay, I need to explain what I’m doing with this Bill White kick I appear to be on.

First off, it is no secret that Back In The Day, Mr. White and I were not exactly simpatico on a number of issues. But that was then and this is now. Love him or hate him, Bill White has now paid his Dues with a capital D. He has more than paid them, through years of torture and imprisonment for nothing but words. What has been done to Bill White is something which isn’t supposed to happen in America, but which happens on an increasing level every year, as the Slow Coming Dark of the one-party liberal Democratic dictatorship descends on this country.

Anyone who studies Bill White’s case for five minutes is struck by the fact that he is very clearly being bullied, tormented, oppressed and denied his basic human rights for nothing but words on the internet; not even the prosecutors at their most enraged have ever claimed that White committed one single actual act of crime or violence. 

The motivation for his bizarre and manic persecution by the régime appears to be nothing more or less than pure personal malice on the part of some faceless person or group of people hiding behind the anonymity of the cubicles and locked doors of Washington, D.C. 

Most likely this intense personal hatred of Bill White, which at times seems to border on insanity, originates in the negroid section of the Democratic Party apparatus and probably has to do with the cover of a magazine White intended to publish in October of 2008 during the run up to the general election, a magazine which was never actually printed but the cover of which White was foolish enough to display on several web sites. 

I personally suspect that our monkoid Attorney General Eric Holder is in the mix somewhere, if not Barry himself. He may not have the time or inclination to investigate the violation of White people’s civil rights, but he clearly doesn’t mind committing a few.

The hell of it is that White appears to have been “scared straight” by his horrific experiences at the hands of the dictatorship and its prisons, and he has evidently given up all contemporary political or racial involvement and has retreated into the mists of the idealized past, a reaction I have seen before among those who have been brutalized by the dictatorship. Americans as a whole are not strong people. Frankly, we break pretty easily, and retreating into mysticism and the past while we abandon hope of compelling change in the present is a form of breaking. I am not saying this to criticize Bill; I have not suffered what he has suffered and I have no right to judge.

The System clearly wants to break White, and in that sense they have. He is clearly harmless now, but that is not enough. Bill White must not only be rendered harmless, he must be humiliated and degraded and above all he must be rendered silent. He must surrender all control of his own narrative to the evil, yellow dogs with rotting teeth who have rent his flesh for the past five years. He must consume a huge steaming bowl of Barack Hussein Obama’s feces, grin while he does it, and then he must do a little tap-dance as he is allowed to shuffle off stage.

This he refuses to do. Bill’s capitulation is only partial; he has agreed not to say things which the dictator might find personally displeasing or discomforting, but he refuses to keep silent about our people and our past, and that’s not good enough for the dogs in the expensive suits. Bill White must cease to exist, in that he must never again remind the world that he ever existed. He will not, and so they have once more dragged him into the mangling machine for a more thorough working-over. 

The material you are about to read you may find boring, incomprehensible, and irrelevant to anything in your world. Of course you do. You are, after all, a 21st century American. Suffice it to say that you are reading something which Barack Obama and his servants have forbidden you to read, a manuscript virtually smuggled out of a prison cell and written by a man whose voice the dictatorship clearly fears, else they would not be messing him around something stupid like they are doing. 

It is an excerpt from White’s fourth book, entitled Serpent’s Blood, and it fills a scholarly need because it is a rare look at the history of our people from a racial and occult viewpoint.


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