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More From Bill White

[Some of you have asked why I am giving Bill White so much coverage. It's true that ten years or so ago he and I were not exactly simpatico on some issues, but whatever his sins of old were, he has more than paid for them. As far as I am concerned, Bill has Paid His Dues with a capital D now. As to why I am reprinting his letters (with his permission except for certain redactions regarding his current legal cases), it's simple: the dictatorship wants him to be silent. That means he must have something to say that we need to hear. - HAC]

February 28, 2013

Hello, Harold:

I have finished The Brigade. It was excellent, truly excellent. The multiple plot lines were well woven together and I appreciated its length. The attack on Portland that destroys the Federal Anti-Terrorist Police Organization and the massacre of celebrities at the Oscars were pleasures to read. I have not enjoyed a novel the way I’ve enjoyed your books since I was 12 and read Lord of the Rings for the first time—and I mean that. I collect books and have read thousands, without exaggeration, and I don’t care who you are—your novels are good reading.

As I probably won’t be here much longer, I won’t request any more, but I hope sometime to read A Mighty Fortress and the second volume of Freedom’s Sons, and I hope you write a history of the Sixteen Days and the adventures of O.C. Oglevy. You have created something beautiful.

The first time I was imprisoned, on my second prosecution in that round, I can remember being very depressed as my attorneys were clearly ignoring me and it became clear they weren’t capable of handling the case against me in Roanoke. Then I got an MP3 file of phone calls the feds had recorded, over 400 hours’ worth, and among them were radio shows where I had played Saga’s The Snow Fell, and I was so heartened by having some connection to the real world again I was able to make it through that persecution.

Your novels similarly encourage me today, and times are now even more trying.

I really wish I had paid more attention to you ten years ago, when you first tried to contact me. Really, I reflect, I could have done many things better ten years ago and avoided many problems. But your work has only recently started to get the attention it deserves.

I asked Olga to send you copies of my two books, Centuries of Revolution and Tradition of the Mother. They should have gone out first class on Tuesday, so you may have them before this letter. [They have not arrived yet. – HAC] I believe you will enjoy Centuries in particular—Tradition is the start of the explanation that backs Centuries up. When Centuries first came out my daughter, kind as she is (and unable to read at the age of four) said she thought it was a nice book. I had to tell her the truth, that it is a profoundly evil book about a profound evil, but it is good enough for what it is.

I would have copies of Mimir: The Northern European Tradition and Aristokratiq, two other books I’ve contributed to, sent to you, but the publisher strongly dislikes White Nationalism in general and you in particular (in fact, they frequently ban any mention of you from their internet discussion groups) so I can’t swing that. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve been unable to get copies of Tradition, Mimir, and Aristokratiq through to me, either.

If I was out I’m certain I could get your books distributed more widely. In here, most of the folk I’ve spoken to—Willis in particular—are just too busy to fight to put new things through. But I’ve written to Willis and will keep pushing it.

Also, it occurred to me while reading The Brigade that you may want to think about releasing your novels as mass-market paperbacks. You’ll need a graphic designer to fancy up the covers, but the printing costs will drop substantially. Just shrink the pages and reduce the margins. One-off publishing costs must be killing you.

I know Tradition has sold somewhere around 125-140 copies to date (with very little advertising support) and when I spoke to the publisher they are getting killed buying only boxes of 36 at a time. Again, if I was out, I could fix it—in here, I’m stuck like Chuck. The only upside is that I’m starting to get some independent financial control again—the royalties now Centuries is over 1000 copies help—so I may be able to support my own projects. My costs of living in here are minimal despite $70 per month for phone and probably the same for e-mail, not including clothes, stamps, and food.

I’m actually trying to find some more advertising outlets right now—if you feel Centuries is worth reviewing, I’d much appreciate it.

I don’t know how much you see your own work as satirical and how much as serious, but America has certainly grown into your caricature of it. The world of incompetent, ignorant, babbling negro authority figures and a bankrupt, bumbling, arrogant and paranoid and violent America is here. Your time is certainly coming. Even a decade ago, I would not have believed that America would be where it is today.

No news otherwise. I’m mulling over Otto Rahn and considering writing something about him, Rosenberg, Himmler, and Nietzsche for Willis—and wishing I had more outlets for writing and/or 2) could stay still long enough to get all my property together and continue to work on Serpent’s Blood, which is about 20% drafted. My recent effort to wrap my mind around Jewish folklore, oral tradition and mysticism to determine its influence on Dark Age and medieval European culture has been concerning some people I know. Soon I’ll be able to put on a shawl and debate with the rabbis. LOL.

Oh, one other thing. Your books would make excellent movies. I’ve asked [redacted] for the address of a professional film-maker we know—he just did some filming in [redacted]—to pick his brain, if he’ll let me, about what is involved in that. I’m sure it’s a big deal—I can remember trying to make good-looking short clips for the NSM from videos of rallies and interviews—but it can’t hurt to ask around.

Plus, what else do I have to do? I sit back in a dorm all day and wish I could be useful. (Contrary to your novels, in most federal prisons, particularly higher levels, Whites are left alone as a group because the blacks know we’ll hurt them. Here my associate Whitey threw boiling baby oil on a negro gentleman, permanently disfiguring him, after the negro stole something. The negroes here still remember it, so our section of the dorms is mostly quiet and we all sleep quietly. I still remember the negro telling his relative on the phone, “You don’t get it, the White people here are serious!” as he tried to explain how a White person could have injured him so.

Be well, Harold. Keep writing. I’m still hoping to be in Roanoke next month, and if I can get out of here and be of assistance to you, I will.



P. S. – I received a letter from the U.S. Attorney’s Office the other day claiming the BOP had not processed my re-sentenced judgment. This may be, but the BOP appears to have lost all records of my confinement—or at least all records relating to my solitary confinement and the abuse I suffered—from September 2010 until April 2011. Because this has a good side while I’m in here, I won’t get specific these fools find them—but I thought that was a funny confirmation. - BW


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