Monday, March 04, 2013

Minority Parasites

If I could live my life over again, I would never have had any children. Now that the insanity of youth has finally passed out of my system and I can see half-way clearly, I now know that to bring any poor soul into this evil place is a crime. A crime against the poor child and a crime against my own spirit.

For if any person could know his or her future from the moment of birth to the moment of their death, I seriously doubt that very many would choose to live a life here. The pain, heartache, agony, treachery, betrayal, injustice, brutality, cruelty, and unending evil that is inflicted on us in an infinite variety of ways is no less than a house of horrors. 

And as a rule we are powerless to stop it. All we can do is look on helplessly with a deep shock and hopelessness at the futility of trying to make this place tolerable. For we ourselves create our own hell, and we have taken this world, (which obeys the fundamental laws of survival of kill or be killed, of eat the nearest creature to survive or be eaten and always alive), and perfected its evil with our own insanity.

For as a race we are fundamentally insane. This isn't my opinion, it's simply a fact of life. When I see a poor innocent child looking up at me with trusting, unknowing eyes, my heart breaks every time. For I see what the poor child cannot yet fathom, a lifetime of pain and tragedy it in no wise deserves but will suffer all the same, just because it had the misfortune of being born. This alone proves that life is unfair. And anyone expecting justice in this world is hopelessly naive.

This all may sound excessively dark to you, but actually it's simply facing reality. We as a race detest the truth, and we don't like hearing it from anyone. It disturbs us. That's why all those asinine TV comedies are so popular (they're nauseating to me) with so many. It's a pleasant lie, a fantasy view of the world where people can go to escape the reality of life for a short while.

They were extremely popular during both world wars and during the Depression as well. Anything to offer a little escapism. This should tell us how deeply we all want out of this madhouse. We all work like dogs to build a life here, to have a place to live and food to eat, then we start aging, getting sick and finally die while our loved ones look on in helplessness and fear because they too will experience the same mad dash back to the oblivion we all came from.

That's why liberalism took off. People don't want to face the truth about the dark races. They see them as poor and starving, and their compassion wants to help them. And naively they think that by making them equals in our society, everything will be fixed. They don't want to face the hard reality that they're incapable and unwilling to climb up to our level, so they become parasites and predators in our culture to survive.

This is why we must destroy this lying dream world of liberalism and start mass deporting invaders and putting blacks on a reservation, much like the Indians. Either that or a forced repatriation to Africa. We could pay some despot billions to take them, and let them be blacks and do what blacks do.

It would be far cheaper in the long term, and a lot of innocent white lives would be spared. Our crime rate would plummet to almost non-existence and our deficit would also plummet because these parasites are now costing us 2.3 trillion dollars a year. A staggering number that's only going to keep skyrocketing because they're breeding like roaches. We must make the hard decisions and act upon them if our nation is going to survive, and we're going to have to do it damned soon. We're flat running out of time folks.

White America hides behind air conditioned walls with a stockpile of cheap, plentiful food and all sorts of mindless entertainment, and they live a life of comfort and escapism as the world around them falls apart.

But they don't see it because they don't want to see it. Evil forces are working feverishly to destroy the freedom and plenty we have. That's because the entire world is jealous of what we whites have built, and if they can't have it then nobody can. We've spent our gross national product several times over, trying to educate and kick start the economies of dozens of third world countries.

But without exception our efforts were wasted. What idiot liberals can't seem to get into their thick skulls is that it's not the geography of a nation, or the water supply, or something in the food or air that causes those countries to remain poor and crime ridden, it's the race occupying it. We know without a shadow of a doubt that the dark races are flat incapable of creating or maintaining a civilized nation. And if we allowed it, there would be a stampede into this country so severe from every mud nation in the world that there would be standing room only. If whites don't wake the hell up and fight, we are going to lose everything, and soon. Our own racial enslavement is already knocking at the door.

Liberalism and escapism are a trap door that once you fall through it, you can't get out without facing the truth. And sadly, there just aren't that many people left that can do it. I now believe liberalism took off for several reasons. One of them being the fact that not enough people have died in wars over the past 70 years. Not since World War II have we "cleaned out" the gene pool. War is extremely efficient in eliminating the stupid, the morally bankrupt, the cowardly, and the physically and mentally inferior. 

And since none of these undesirables have died, they bred millions more like themselves, teaching their kids the same stupid tripe they have always practiced. This leaves us with an army of idiots and physically deficient parasites and pests. The liberals were far too stupid and morally bankrupt to have ever taken power in this country on their own. They had to have help from someone that hates America and the whites that built it, and wants it destroyed and its people enslaved or eliminated. The Jews.

Jews were persona non grata in this country for a century, Then all our founders and those that followed their teachings finally died off and the Jews were able to start buying their way back into America. Washington himself banned the Jews from ever entering this country because he had seen the results of their handiwork on other countries in Europe. I really wish whites cared enough to read their history books (not the ones the liberals now publish), and learn about the catastrophic consequences of Jew immigration. Without one single exception, every last nation they inhabited went bankrupt while the Jews got filthy rich. Finally people caught on, and over 70 countries evicted the Jews en

In 1930's Germany for instance, the Jews bought up company after company in one particular industry, working as a team and pooling their money. Soon they had a complete monopoly on a particular industry, then they would raise prices out the roof while lowering wages to starvation levels. Then they picked out another industry and did the same thing. In a very short time the Jews would literally control the country's economy. The populace became unemployed and starving in the streets because the Jews deliberately shut down food production and other vital services.

I remember one instance where a Jew bought the mansion out from under a wealthy white family he had swindled into poverty. He bought it for peanuts to put the money against the debt the poor man owed this fiend because of his crooked business practices. In an act of acute irony and malice, he then hired the now poverty stricken family as servants in their own house. It was either take the job or starve. 

Personally I would have refused the job anyway, and come back in the night and murdered that evil bastard. But that's me. The Jew would show them off to his dinner guests, giving them all a good laugh while they stuffed themselves like hogs. There was no relief in the court system because all the courts were bought. Mostly Jews now sat on the bench and controlled the whites that still did.

I saw a picture from those days when a fat, bloated, hook-nosed Jew was stepping over a starving woman and her child on his way to a fancy restaurant. In the pic there were starving people lining the street as far as I could see. Many too sick to do anything but lie on the sidewalk. Dead bodies dotted the ground as well. All were suffering from starvation. 

These experiences deeply scarred the German psyche, filling all of them with a deep hatred for all Jews. In an act of kindness, the German people had allowed the homeless Jews to immigrate. And this was how they paid them back. Too late they realized that there is no gratitude in a Jew, only hatred, greed, and contempt for whites and all other races. Jews believe they are destined to rule the world, that they are the master race.

We all know what happened in Germany. The Jews literally took over the German economy through working together to buy up industry after industry until they controlled everything. Then they rose prices and dropped wages to starvation levels. They literally starved millions of Germans to death. Whole families were on the streets, begging and starving. The damned Jews would step over them on their way to a fancy restaurant to pig out, and laugh at the poor starving women and children. Is it any wonder the German people reacted the way they did? But none of this was ever told to the American press, nor were they allowed into Germany by order of our Jew-controlled government.

But the true atrocities didn't start until after the war ended. The Jews were put in charge of post-war Germany! Imagine that. This too, was done because of Jew pressure in our government at the time. There was very strong pro-Jew sentiment in America, thanks to a concerted propaganda campaign designed by who else--the Jews. And if any politician wanted to be reelected, he had to kowtow to the kikes. Not much has changed. Our media is Jew controlled, as is the movie industry, the courts, the cops, our corporations and our economy. It's only a matter if tome now unless we cat. Something radical needs t happo to wake up white America. Something profound that can't be ignored. For either we wake them up, or a knock on our doors will come in the dead of night, and a black truck will be waiting outside to take us to a camp. Don't let your kids or friends fall through the trap door because getting them back out mat prove to be a lot tougher than you think.

-The Lone Haranguer


Blogger brian boru said...

I would argue that modern wars have been very efficient in eliminating the best from the white gene pool. Certainly, the war against Germany 1939-45, killed millions of the best Europeans. We see the results today in the type of creatures who rise to the top in our civilisation and who allow and encourage the outrages against us.

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, you're correct. The Jew also controls public education. And in Germany (before Hitler), there was the short-lived Soviet Republic of Bavaria. The order came from Lenin to the Jew Marxists in Bavaria to kill all the German Nationalist leaders in that state - and they did. Today we are slaves. Yes, the U.S.A. IS the NEW WORLD ORDER!

11:15 AM  
Blogger FeminizedWesternMale said...

From The Brigade:

When they were five feet behind the two expensively dressed people, some sound or
sense made the Goldmans both turn. They stared at two men coming out of the darkness just
beyond the pool of friendly light and laughter, masked so that only the black of their eyes could
be seen, and leveling revolvers at them. The two gunmen said nothing, but Jacob Goldman
gasped out in a strangled cry, “You!”
All four of them understood what Jacob Goldman had said. He did not know or recognize
the men who were about to put him to death. They had always been far beneath him, part of the
scenery he saw from the window of his luxury car or a plush office suite, animals who through
some accident of nature resembled God’s Chosen People in outward form, but whom the sages
of Torah assured him were beasts without souls. Yet he knew who they were, and why they were
here. Four thousand years of racial instinct crackled in a moment of cosmic, hideous recognition
and knowledge. A timeless drama was once again about to be played out, an ancient debt was
once more to be paid, and blood was about to be spilled once more in humanity’s longest war.
The men before Jacob Goldman could have been wearing Roman armor, or Crusaders’ chain
mail, or Cossack leather and furs, or the black tunic of the SS. Now they wore denim jeans and
ski masks, but oh, yes, he knew them. Now he was going to die, because they knew him as well,
knew him for what he was.

4:03 PM  

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