Friday, March 22, 2013

Looks Like I Called It On Colorado

An update on the incident I mentioned in the latest RFN, where the head of the Colorado prison system was gunned down on his own doorstep. 

They're now hanging it on a so-called "White supremacist" (of course!) named Evan Ebel, aged 28, who was shot and put into a vegetative state by county mounties down in Texas. They're harvesting his organs now as I write this.

Our Lords and Masters now claim that they are "looking for connections" between Ebel and the shooting of Colorado prison czar Tom Clements. The previous theory that it might have been done by a brown-skinned Muslim (i.e. a politically protected minority) has now been shoved down the Memory Hole. Nothing like a conveniently dead "White supremacist" to take the rap for pretty much whatever rap needs taking.

Okay, look, we don't yet know much, so maybe it was this guy Ebel. With a criminal record for armed robbery, he's certainly no prize. I've never heard of this alleged "White supremacist prison gang" he's supposed to be a member of. Maybe it really does exist. But I do find his sudden demise and linkage to the Colorado incident very convenient for the power structure, and when things fall out conveniently for the dictatorship my bullshit antennae start twitching.

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Anonymous Shaggaz The Clown said...

At least the vile evil bastards didn't have the satisfaction of putting him back in their dungeon to get tortured some more by Satan's chimps.

10:40 AM  

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