Friday, March 15, 2013

Job-Hunting In Britain

Hi, Harold:

I just thought I would let you know how the job search has been going.

Yesterday I went for an interview for a job at a low budget catalogue chain store called Argos. (I'm pretty sure there was an Argos in the 1990's.)

There were about 30 people there all applying for a grand total of 4 new vacancies, about half of whom were non-Whites. The interview consisted of being divided up into teams of 5 to 6 and being asked to "work as a team" to see which team could draw the best Argos advert with the paper and thick felt tip pens provided.

Besides myself my team consisted of 1 nigger with a Nigerian accent and 3 White bimbos who knew each other.

As soon as we had introduced ourselves, the bimbos in the group then decided that they just didn't like me for some reason and refused to exchange sentences with me throughout the entire proceedings. By the end of the interview the advert depicted looked like a 5 year old child's scrawl; something one would usually expect to find in a kindergarten nursery, (the bimbos even drew on a smiley face to their depiction of a sun with what appeared to be attempts at drawing small furry animals pictured around it).

After the interview we were asked to write down what skills we had on to a piece of paper, but when this was explained to us it became clear to me that the type of "skills" that they were referring to consisted only of contextually meaningless adjectives, such as "leadership", "communication", "positiveness" and "organization".

Having already been there for an hour we were asked to wait to be called up and told whether we would be selected for the next stage of the interview process.

When my turn came I was asked to speak to a Paki. Before I could even say anything the Paki started by giving me this look as if I was stupid and then proceeded to inform me with a slight sneer on is face, that Argos didn't consider me to be suitable material as an employee. When I asked him why Argos didn't consider me to be suitable material as an employee he told me that it was due to my lack of quote "bubbleness".

Yes that's right, he said that I had failed the interview process because I wasn't quote "bubbly enough".

He used the words "bubbly" and "bubbleness" more than once each, so no I wasn't hearing things, that was actually the stated reason why they turned down my application.



Blogger Unknown said...

Go to Bill Powell's website and read until you find his series on white man jobs. You should not be looking into industries where you compete with either women or lazy minorities. Find a MAN job.

1:11 PM  
Blogger Luek said...

Too bad John didn't take this golden opportunity to tell the brown Paki that he was occupying a land that was not his but the hundreds of generations of whites who have lived in Britain for thousands of years and it is high time he and the other brown invading hordes got their asses back to the Punjabi. Yeah, John would probably be arrested for spewing hatred but it is time to stop giving a damn about the consequences of resistance.

9:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fella they're terminally stupid third world pond life who're the unfortunate possessors of an over inflated sense of entitlement and self-worth. They created the shit whole they fled to come to the paradise we created. On the bright side...they're terminally stupid with an over inflated sees of entitlement and self worth. Hesco 14

4:17 PM  

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