Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bill White On Internet Smears

[I have to say, this Corrlinks e-mail system is great! Although it was no doubt created to make censorship and control so much easier for the dictatorship’s correctional slave labor empire, it allows something like normal, serious (albeit monitored) communication with prisoners, and by eliminating the need for typing out their letters, makes it possible for a prisoner with e-mail privileges to reach the outside world a lot faster.

Also, sudden cut-off of e-mail can let us know that something has happened to a White prisoner inside. Edgar Steele has not, to my knowledge, sent out any e-mail for at least ten months, or at least no one will admit to receiving any from him.

I’m posting this e-mail from Bill because he touches on the subject I discussed in my February 21 Radio Free Northwest podcast. I asked him about a derogatory term from Back In The Day that one of my three heckling IP addresses keeps trying to post to the comments sections of Thoughtcrime and Homeland, obviously working off an old template.  – HAC] 

Dear Harold:

The first person to ever use such a term to insult me was Erica Hardwick-Hoesch.  [Personal comment on Bill’s ex-girlfriend redacted.]  ;-D LOL.

However, the ones who really picked that up were the half-Jew Josh Hoyt and Darryl Lamont Jenkins of the One People's Project.  I have never heard any other person use such a term, and I don't believe such a term would be used by anyone who has met me -- though I have put on about ten pounds since my arrest last year.  LOL.

So, there is your answer.

One of the things that came out during my Roanoke trial in a sidebar is that the federal government pays people who, as part of their duties in the White movement, are tasked to insult me on internet forums.  As I understand it, they have certain informants -- part of the usual quota of four and average complement of ten held by each federal agent -- to whom they regularly issue directions as to who to support and who to attack on forums, message boards, and the like, causing the sudden "flocking" behavior these smear campaigns have always displayed. This came out when the feds admitted that they had had authored a Wikipedia article they tried to introduce into evidence against me. (Some of you may remember my own troubles with Wikipedia. – HAC) 

So, I would suggest that anyone using such a term is either Erica, still angry I got between her and her "boyfriend" ten years ago, or someone who knows her.



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