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The White Resistance Manifesto

[In April of 2007, Jake Laskey of Eugene, Oregon was sentenced to an appalling twelve years in federal prison for the horrendous crime of throwing a rock through a window. The window happened to be in a synagogue; had it been anyone else's window, Laskey would have been charged with misdemeanor vandalism or criminal mischief at most.  

One is reminded of Victor Hugo's Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, who served 19 years in the galleys for stealing a loaf of bread. I can think of no more chilling and crystal clear proof of the fact that in our wonderful world of political correctness, as George Orwell wrote in Animal Farm, "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others."

Jake Laskey's life was destroyed because he dared to upset a politically protected minority who enjoy superior rights and preferential treatment under the law, as well as  fawning subservience from the judicial system. Since then, among other tortures and acts of institutional terrorism, Laskey has been deprived of all legal rights and access to his daughter, for no other reason than his political convictions. This is a textbook case of what is not supposed to happen in America.

While he was in prison awaiting trial, Laskey wrote a document called The White Resistance Manifesto. In reading this I am reminded not of Jean Valjean, but of the Russian Sergei Nechayev (1847-1882) who wrote one of the most famous of all declarations of rebellion, The Revolutionary Catechism, which I have published both here and in the Northwest Observer

Both manifestos are a bit inchoate and shrill at times, coming as they do from the heart of men tormented almost to madness by the suffocating and horrific injustice that has been inflicted on them, rather than from the rational and ordered intellect. But they are a clarion call of warning to the people who maintain this marinating toilet of a society as to exactly what kind of men they are breeding in the depths of their prisons and in the daily despair of life in Obama's Amurrica.

There is a rage building and building in this land that is buried deep, compressed like molten lava beneath the iron heel of the courts, the police, the FBI, the tax collectors and bureaucrats and Barbie Doll media personalities and the shouted obscenities that pass for pop culture. It is building in the prisons where White men are now sent for a politically incorrect word or a thought or a poem. It is building in the homes of the unemployed where families await their foreclosure notices, and under the bridges and in the Obamavilles where those families go after receiving them. It is building in the hospitals and nursing homes where loved ones are pushed off into a corner to die because they have no money. It is building in the hearts of men and women whose ancestors built this country and who now find themselves outnumbered, outvoted, shouted down and insulted, ignored and mocked, and kept as financial livestock to pay and pay so the ruling party can buy votes every election. It is the rage of the dishonored, the dispossessed, the disrespected and the dismissed.

It is the Fury of the Northmen that will one day explode America like a stick of dynamite in a rotten apple. - HAC]

The White Resistance Manifesto
By Jake Laskey
USP Hazelton
P. O. Box 2000
Bruceton Mills, West Virginia 26525
I am a political prisoner. I am a casualty of the endless race war that proceeds today. That racial war is being fought between the oppressed White race and an alien, degenerate, unwanted system under the control of Zionists who are destroying our land and rights. I whole-heartedly believe and stand next to my racial kin who strive for the noble right of a White Homeland, completely sovereign and independent, and the right of any White man or woman to assert this right in a White revolution.

Never will we have peace in America until the foreign, despicable, and oppressive system’s presence is removed, leaving the White race to control our own affairs and determine our own destiny as a free people. Free in mind, free in body, disparate and distinct physically, culturally, and economically.

I am a White man born of a rising generation of determination wholly rooted with the unquenchable desire for freedom in our sacred Homeland. Armed resistance against the system is justified in achieving this goal. It is better to die fighting our enemies and battling for freedom to attain our own country than to live under this evil system. Freedom is worth fighting for, for even if we perish our children will reap the benefits of our sacrifice.

“Violence” is the unlawful use of force, so I don’t accept this term “violence.” I maintain that force used against the system is legitimate and justified by the circumstances that prevail today. Force is the means to an end. Who reading this objects to our taking back power in America by ballot in one hand and an AR-15 in the other? Ultimately we know assimilation into the system means our extinction, so we must fight, we must survive, and we must prevail against ZOG. There is no reconciliation.

The objective is to make America ungovernable. When the system realizes that the cost of making America governable is prohibitive, the political will to stick it out will collapse and the system will fall in on itself. It is not those who inflict the most but those who suffer the most who will conquer, as seen throughout history of revolutions and uprisings across this world.

Paramilitary organizations formed into small active cells, units of no more than two or three members each, drawn from different White racialist groups/organizations, united for White freedom, can and will be victorious in this struggle. Structure is formed vertically, and the nature of their function defines the composition of each unit. We can learn from the re-organized Irish Republican Army cells, and today’s Al-Qaeda organizational structure as taught to them by the C.I.A.

Information is disseminated on a need to know basis only. Take for instance a bombing unit cell group, where only one member knows in advance who is the intended target. The less others know, the least likely infiltration by system agents or stopping of revolutionary actions before implementation.

Cell groups must follow a five-step program like the Order instituted in the 1980s:

1. Form the cell.

2. Establish priorities.

3. Set up the war chest (money).

4. Recruit new members.

5. Execute operations against the people who are destroying America and the White Race.

Now let’s take a look at the insurgents in Iraq. The strategy there is a long war of attrition. The system concedes it can’t defeat the insurgents, so the insurgents continue to flourish for as long as the system remains a presence and an inescapable corollary follows. Eventual war-weariness sets in which precipitates the collapse of the political will to pursue an indefinite and ultimately fruitless war. This was also learned in Ireland.

We must wage a long war of attrition against the system in America and wear down the political will by making the cost of containing the conflict prohibitive to the taxpayers. Such as with sporadic bombing campaigns to remind the public that the actions of their government make them legitimate targets of reprisal, and by hunting down and executing prominent officials. If the ruling class isn’t safe, who is?

We live in a celebrity-conscious world where assassination galvanizes world opinion and excites the media far more effectively than the random deaths of thousands of nameless souls. JFK, MLK, Malcolm X, the Order’s action against the Jew talk show host Alan Berg, etc.

Meanwhile, paramilitary cells must alternate periods of force with periods of inaction, but this interval must never last long, otherwise the public’s expectations of what level of force is acceptable might change including their reaction to further forcible activities. Execution cells break into homes at early dawn to kill targets effectively when least expecting anything, political officials coming or going to work, or on lonely roads and in fields.

The key is television. Funerals of targeted officials are covered with details of their deaths, and circumstances are made public. Thus a media feeding frenzy ensues as well as a hysterical reaction by the public, since it is their officials and celebrities being killed, right in their back yard. The officials’ death is magnified a thousand-fold by television since it conveys intimacy. Each death becomes a statement and as the death toll rises, living rooms are filled with more statistics of death and the ritual of burial.

With these actions there is a loss of civil liberties (case in point, the Patriot Act after 9/11), whole-city curfews, mass arrests, martial law by the system. Yet more paramilitary organizations ply their trade out of the conviction that America cannot or will not protect the people, and more revolutionary acts ensue. The most successful operations are those which create conditions of optimal instability, maximizing the likelihood of a public backlash against the ruling élite of America, provoking the public to challenge the system in a way inimical to their own best interests.

Cells must adopt the policy of “shoot and scoot,” targeting public officials, politicians, media spokesmen and the like, because these people live at home and make easy open targets who can be hit at any time, any place. The cells’ risk of apprehension is minimal and they will be able to conduct these well-planned execution actions repeatedly.

These public figures being assassinated or even bombing campaigns in the system’s office facilities like the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, merit more time on television than the killings of civilians like the murder of John and Jane Doe. The gruesome scenes of carnage and chaos, interviews with bemused survivors, pictures of victims torn to pieces, insistent cameras catching the sheer suddenness of oblivion and the ostensible pointlessness of it all.

Like the memory of the 9/11 Twin Towers “terrorist” act of airplanes wrecking into the buildings and its falling collapse (which was impossible without the use of demolition explosives) being shown repeatedly, the Alfred P. Murrah building split in half by an alleged truck bomb. Those pictures catapult the paramilitary organization that takes credit to the forefront of America’s consciousness to an extent never matched before.

Who but military personnel knew about Al Qaeda before 9/11? The Unabomber’s lone wolf campaign over the years got Ted Kaczynski’s Manifesto on the front cover of a nationwide newspaper and featured on national news and TV. The Order as well as Timothy McVeigh brought a fictional racialist book to the spotlight called The Turner Diaries written by William Pierce of the National Alliance under the pseudonym Andrew McDonald. This book is still featured in newspapers and magazine and TV repeatedly, upping the sales and becoming well known to the public.

Al Qaeda is now known world-wide for their action and has become a household topic of interest, with copycat Muslim cells now taking leaderless action in England, Spain, and elsewhere. Ireland knows the phrase, “By ballot, by bullet” very well. Sinn Fein, the political arm by the ballot, and the I.R.A., the revolutionary arm, by the bullet. We must use the ballot as well to manipulate public opinion whenever a suitable issue presents itself to chip away at the electoral strength and politicize the hordes of people pouring out with nowhere to go and no hope for the future. By bullet, to make American ungovernable.

Although a paramilitary organization does not set out to win at the ballot box, but sets out to win its political aims. We must admit that power truly comes out of the barrel of a gun. The hard truth is that politics ultimately has a lot more to do with the dictates of power than with the interests of John Q. Public. In reality, winning the hearts and minds of the people is more the by-product than the cause of success.

The mainstay of paramilitary organizations is repression. Success is predicated on the ability to provoke more repression. When the system cracks down and suspends constitutional rights by setting up special courts, denying due process, making warrantless searches and seizures and arrests, establishing more and more detention centers, prisons, jails, concentration camps, and increasing the power of ZOG’s forces. This will all create the conditions that promote and perpetuate paramilitary organizations to wage war against the system increasing in velocity and hasten ZOG’s demise once and for all. ZOG will be annihilated and our new nation will be born.

This is the prescription for the utter and wanted death of the System’s tyranny. This is what our cells must strive for. We must spell it out as R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N, to create change, to create our White nation, to make our White ethnostate.

Repression does in fact have a few problems to note, such as the question of time. But for a paramilitary organization there is no concept of failure, since it is non-existent in its ideology. In the face of failure there is a persistence to keep fighting since the benefit is ultimately freedom. When things and situations get bad, the solution is to go underground, cease the operations, re-organize, establish priorities, and execute offensive operations again better than previously, In the face of failure, the group’s aim will never go away.

ZOG will vow to stamp out the paramilitary organization and will have to show progress toward this goal to justify social, economic, and political costs the conflict entails. But how is progress measured? What is victory for the system when a well-placed bomb or the assassination of a political figure makes the claim of progress empty?

This places ZOG in the constant position to attain that which is unattainable. There’s no defense against random bombing, while weaponry become sophisticated with remote-controlled devices fine-tuning the swift delivery of gruesome death, the task of the System becomes more difficult. More of the celebrity figures get buried. The television shows these rituals on a constant basis. More civil rights and liberties are stripped from the public which feels the blunt end of the stick only to eventually rise up themselves and fight for what’s been taken—freedom!

Terrorism in fact functions best in a complex, interdependent urban society. I was taught by the Marine Cadre while in the Navy’s Auxiliary Security Force that “Terrorism is the act or threat of violence to attain goals political, religious, or ideological in nature.” Opportunities to disrupt the normal flow of life and sow the seeds of alienation grow more abundant, as long as the active strikes continue endlessly.

Iraqi insurgents changed tactics from suicide bombers to roadside IEDs that we now see and read about in the controlled Zionist media any time a U.S. soldier is killed. The ripple effects are felt and reach more widespread than ever before. The impact is absolutely devastating and deadly and the paramilitary organization gains its political aims as ZOG falls.

The order, the Phineas Priesthood, the Aryan Republican Army, the Christian Patriots Association, and others, known as “terrorists”, were and are freedom fighters. Force is justified for our Homeland, our goal, our White nation.

Be part of the Cause today. May Wotan give us victory and National Socialism be our savior. Hail the Aryan Revolutionary Movement! White Power!

Gulag America


Blogger Luek said...

So, how did the authorities know it was him who threw the damned rock? Did he and his cronies get drunk after the incident and decided to celebrate and loudly brag about it to every one in hearing distance? This is usually the way it turns out!

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Red Green said...


Yeah, it was probably something like that. No one claims this young fellow was the sharpest knife in the drawer, but that still doesn't excuse what was done to him.

8:37 AM  
Blogger Steve Godfrey said...

Jake was a victim of an unjust justice system. Americans should be ashamed to live in such a country. Here, even murderers only get 8-11 years gaol. So sad, so sick.

3:45 AM  

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