Sunday, July 10, 2011


Got an e-mail from a local comrade who swears he overheard this at his Seattle workplace. A young nigger was in the process of getting canned and was yelling at his supervisor, "You're just firing me because I'm black!"

The supervisor replied, "No, we hired you because you're black. We're firing you because you're useless!"


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OMG!!! Best laugh I've had in WEEKS, and the indisputable TRUTH applicable to 99.9999% of North American Stink Apes!

Speaking as a veteran of corporate Management turned small-business owner, experience has shown me firsthand that only one in every 10,000,000 of the bastards is capable of satisfying the MINIMUM requirements for keeping its job once hired to satisfy Affirmative Action quotas, and even then only with CONSTANT supervision. Getting rid of one typically requires some form of proof of its gross incompetence, up to and often including criminal negligence or some other willful wrongdoing on the nigger's part.

Do NOT, under ANY circumstances, allow one (especially a buck) access to an Internet-connected computer workstation. If forced to do so, install a hidden keystroke logger and porn site blocker FIRST. If not so equipped, the beast will soon infect your firm's entire LAN with a nasty virus picked up from some "blonde mudsharks" porn site.

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