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Slavery, 1850

Speech of Mr. James L. Orr of South Carolina
in the House of Representatives, May 8, 1850

In Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union, on the
President's Message transmitting the Constitution of

Mr. ORR said:

Mr. CHAIRMAN: I propose, in the brief hour allotted to me, to examine and present what I conceive to be northern sentiment upon the subject of slavery, and the inevitable results of that sentiment. I believe, sir, there is much misunderstanding, both at the North and the South, as to the extent and character of that feeling. I know the misapprehension that exists in that part of the country which I have the honor to represent, and I desire to lay before my constituents and the people of the South, the result of my observations since I have been a member of this House, so that they may be prepared to judge of the proper means of meeting, counteracting, and repelling that sentiment.

The first evidence of abolition sentiment in the northern States to which I refer, is to be found in the numerous abolition societies organized in every part of that section of the Union, composed of large numbers of individuals of all classes and sexes. These societies meet at stated periods, for the avowed purpose of advancing their political and moral tenets; they appoint their emissaries, who traverse the country, and who, by their slanders, poison the minds of the masses of their people as to the true character of the institution of slavery. They have established newspapers and periodicals, which are circulated in great profusion, not only in the non-slaveholding States, but are thrown broadcast over the South, through the mails, for the purpose of pluming the thorn of discontent in the bosoms of our now happy slaves, and inciting them to the perpetration of the bloody scenes of St. Domingo. These auxiliaries of the American anti-slavery society, not content with a general combination against the institutions of the South, form a component part of the American and foreign anti-slavery society, in which they unite with the zealots of foreign countries in an unjust crusade against their brethren of the South.

Most of the avowed Abolitionists have, however, the merit of frankness at least. They seek to emancipate our slaves it is true, but concede that it cannot be done consistently with the Constitution; they therefore declare an uncompromising war against the Constitution and the Union; while others, who intend to effect the same end, have not the candor to own it, and hypocritically profess an attachment to the Constitution, which they are really seeking to destroy. . . .


Blogger Robert said...

Sounds like the handiwork of the Jews, though he never does name the Jew in the full document.

1:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even in that time, the truth was carefully avoided! That truth being that Slavery itself and subsequent Abolitionism was each an institution wholly controlled by and profited from by Jews for the purpose of the destruction of the Republic! That truth being that the silverback gorillas stolen by Jews from Africa should never have been permitted entry into the New World in any manner, slave or free, and the Jewish-owned ships carrying them should have been turned away from these shores and/or sunk by our Navy as the invasion force which they truly were intended by their Jewish nation-wrecking masters to be. Furthermore, in the event that the Jews would have resisted and forced the sinking of the slave ships, the blood of the dead niggers would have been on the Jews themselves and future Jewish generations. Jewish attempts at importing nigger slaves ought to have been treated in the same manner as attempts to import any other unlawful contraband or to give aid and comfort to an invading enemy: with swift destruction by force of arms.

5:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the Confederate states had been left alone and allowed to continue the institution of keeping negroid slaves, those slaves would have inevitably overtaken their white owners in sheer numbers and would have eventually risen up and devoured them. It happened in ancient Egypt. It happened in Haiti. It happened in South Africa. It would have happened in the American South. Lincoln was right to do what he did. I just wish he had lived to finish the job -- i.e. mass repatriation.

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even the nigroids know they were better off under slavery. I mean, its not like they like to work for a living.

10:21 AM  
Blogger ENGLISHMAN said...

Is that all of it?

8:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I only wish the lesbian man hating lorena bobbits of the national organization of women, be dissolved and women be returned to her biblical role of submissiveness to the man, and all the male hating, male castrating, and male bashing laws be revoked, reversed and rendered null and void! To many Fem Dom women put men in prison for all the wrong reasons. Man has no rights, as tits, pussy and sexy fem body seem to run things. :( With too many male bashing laws, man can't be a man no more. I miss the 70's and 80's but rather the women be like the 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's. Kissing man's ass! :)

11:29 PM  

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