Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Price of Diversity

[Shamelessly plundered from another blog.]

Of all of the words that have fallen out of use in the English language the most lamentable is consequence.

Colorado has, over the past decade, been one of the primary destinations for third world illegals (outside of Texas and California).

Here is the result:

More than a third of the streetlights in Colorado Springs will go dark Monday. The police helicopters are for sale on the Internet. The city is dumping firefighting jobs, a vice team, burglary investigators, beat cops — dozens of police and fire positions will go unfilled.

The parks department removed trash cans last week, replacing them with signs urging users to pack out their own litter.

Neighbors are encouraged to bring their own lawn mowers to local green spaces, because parks workers will mow them only once every two weeks. If that.

Water cutbacks mean most parks will be dead, brown turf by July; the flower and fertilizer budget is zero.

City recreation centers, indoor and outdoor pools, and a handful of museums will close for good March 31 unless they find private funding to stay open. Buses no longer run on evenings and weekends. The city won't pay for any street paving, relying instead on a regional authority that can meet only about 10 percent of the need.

But the 2010 spending choices are complete, and local residents and businesses are preparing for a slew of changes:

• The steep parks and recreation cuts mean a radical reshifting of resources from more than 100 neighborhood parks to a few popular regional parks. The city cut watering drastically in 2009 but "got lucky" with weekly summer rains, said parks maintenance manager Kurt Schroeder.

• Community center and pool closures have parents worried about day-care costs, idle teenagers and shut-in grandparents with nowhere to go.

• Though officials and citizens put public safety above all in the budget, police and firefighting still lost more than $5.5 million this year. Positions that will go empty range from a domestic violence specialist to a deputy chief to juvenile offender officers. Fire squad 108 loses three firefighters. Putting the helicopters up for sale and eliminating the officers and a mechanic banked $877,000.

• Turning out the lights, literally, is one of the high-profile trims aggravating some residents. The city-run Colorado Springs Utilities will shut down 8,000 to 10,000 of more than 24,000 streetlights, to save $1.2 million in energy and bulb replacement.

The above is what Diversity looks like in its initial phase. Later stages include increased random violence, higher rates of disease from lower standards of public health management, above-board official corruption, lack of medical and law enforcement services and so on.

The truth is there is not one place on planet earth that is "diverse" that is not a third world hell hole.

The third world is not the third world due to an unbelievably long run of incredible bad luck. The dividing line between the first world and the third world is race. Like it or not!

Bringing them here will only result in them replicating the environment (endemic to them) from which they previously fled.

The Haitian refugees being brought here now will, in time, reproduce the environment that their nature in inclined towards.

Only the vain and arrogant believe otherwise.

Many Whites today choose to believe that their lifestyle is the result of a work ethic or system that (evidently) just fell out of the sky one day and landed on them.

No, their work ethic and the systems which they put in place are endemic to them and no one else. Hence The West (the first world, home of the White race) and the third-world (non-Whites).

And those who insist it is the free market capitalistic system which blesses us, it does well to keep in mind that we dump said system in order to accommodate non-Whites. Integration, fair housing, affirmative action, race quotas and a host of government sponsored programs to give non-Whites (and only non-Whites) a rather blatant anti-free market "boost" (these include the race-based loans that have sunk the nation into recession

And to those who poor deluded folks who believe it is Christianity that is the cause of our prosperity and technological development, I would point out that the third world is (and has been for the past several centuries) the most devoutly Christian regions of the planet.


Anonymous Joseph Anthony said...

Whites will just move off to a more secure, perhaps gated, community, then continue to vote Democratic.Whites love diversity is direct proportion according to how far they can live away from it s effects.A case in point; the most exclusive hotel in Little Rock, one of the few 4 star hotels (The Peabody), is hosting a party for Haitian relief. It will be attended, I am sure, by wealthy whites intent on helping their black brothers. I say put your money where you mouth is and hold it in some of the majority black sections of Little Rock close to where the salvation Army guy was killed by black teens.
Put your love of diversity to the test! Where is Denis Kearney when we need him?

7:39 PM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

We can repeat ad nauseam how the non-whites and the jews are responsible for the rapidly increasing disaster that is engulfing our civilization, but the reality is that we are at fault. There is something wrong with our race. We can point out how the best of our men (and women) have been killed in jew instigated wars but the fact remains that we allowed the jew to instigate them. We allowed him to pollute and corrupt our institutions and nations. Even now, with all the evidence available to us most whites refuse to accept, even in their own minds, that we are in a war for our very survival. Many would literally prefer to die than admit to themselves that jews are a race of psychotic criminals and that niggers are sub-human savages. Until we can discover why whites are so susceptable to the spiritual illness of liberalism and find some way of curing it the ongoing disasters will continue. Grumbling and looking for any explanation other than the obvious one will mean terrible and increasing suffering for our race everywhere, and especially in the US. We will have to change or die. Nature will not be denied.

4:53 AM  
Blogger Ray Seltz said...

Yet we continue to read and buy Jew media, jew products and shop jew stores and live where jews and niggers live.

8:52 AM  

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