Tuesday, February 02, 2010

On Haiti

I once knew a man who was a missionary to Haiti. He died on that squalid island after being hit by a car while riding on his motorcycle. Poor medical care and resources contributed to his death. And while I liked and respected this man very much, I have always thought of his life's ministry to Haiti as an enormous waste of time. There is no true Christian church in Haiti, because Haiti is as spiritually dark and wicked as Detroit at midnight. The sons of Adam do not walk there.

Right now, well-meaning people are scrambling to assist the eternally helpless children of Haiti (and I don't mean just the ones under age 18). Churches are in the vanguard of this assistance, along with the government, which is bolstered by the tax dollars they extort from each of us. Church and state, hand-in-hand. "We're going to make a difference," they claim.

I honestly feel very sorry for the people of Haiti. I feel very sorry for all negroes, because their lot in life is a dismal one. To paraphrase Robert E. Lee, the negro's entire existence is a span of years in which they stay low and bring low anyone who tries to help them.

But pitying the negro is not synonymous with feeling moved to rescue him from his lot. My people have tried that many times, and it is a tragic exercise in futility. As others have pointed out, these people (who once killed all the whites they could find on their dank, malarial island) have been "independent" for quite some time now..and what have they done with their independence?

Throwing money at Haiti is very much akin to throwing money at the Compton public school district, or the Detroit City Council, or the United Negro College Fund. Money does not change the moral strength of the one receiving it. The negro is not like the white man, and he will squander and ruin what the white man gives him.

So why give it? I must confess that I am opposed to helping the Haitians at all (just as I am opposed to helping any non-white nations - they are not my people). If a Haitian comes down my road and is set upon by coyotes and mauled, I will run to him and help him and see that he receives decent care.

But I will not travel to Haiti to help his people. I will not send the money with which God blesses me through my job in a blind, trusting manner to some dubious organization that offers promises to use the money to help poor, ravaged Haitians.

Right here in my region, there are little blonde girls who don't have decent clothes to wear. There are wizened and withered crones with my Scots-Irish blood in their bodies who starve themselves in order to have money to pay for monthly prescriptions. There are little boys who can play the banjo and the dulcimer like southern seraphim, but no college will ever give one of them a four-year free ride scholarship. But I am expected - as a follower of Christ, my kinsman redeemer - to give money to a nation that would kill me, my family, and my ancestral memories if that nation had the chance? This is worse than ridiculous. This is insane.

Let the negroes of the world help Haiti. Let them show the rest of the world how much those words "brother" and "sister" mean to them. And let us provide for our own. To do less is to play the reprobate.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen! I am moved to make an extra contribution to an organization that supports the survival of my own kind this month.

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