Saturday, January 16, 2010

White Slave

We've all read about slavery (except those of the modern generation, of course, who for the most part can't even read when they "graduate" high school). Thanks to liberal propaganda, most Americans think it means "de' po' abused black man" (sniff.) Jews have pushed white guilt down our throats about it to the point that liberal senators actually tried to pass a black restitution bill in the House that would have made every welfare nigger in the country "nigger rich."

Fortunately it was defeated, not out of common sense, but out of Republican greed because the big corporations they represent didn't want to be taxed to hell and back to spoil another generation of murderous parasites. But don't let them fool you again. Republican politicians are as much the enemy as any rabid Jew. Between big oil and corporate greed, they have a set of plans for us that are every bit as evil and dark as the Jew agenda ever was.

The most disturbing thing to me is the fact that even most white activists, regardless of type, still don't have a clue as to just how pervasive all these creeps and their agendas are in our lives, or just how deeply each of us are affected every day. There isn't one single aspect of American life that doesn't have the hand of the Jew or one of his henchmen in it.

And when I say henchmen, I mean liberals and Republicans alike. They're both the same poison in different bottles. To vote for either party in any election is pure idiocy. Either vote Independent or not at all. Never give an ounce of support to the enemy.

"But I've got to vote for somebody!" you complain. No you don't! Look what happened by voting for that worthless buck. Now think about the horrors of McCain if he had gained the presidency. Both men want amnesty for invaders by the multi-millions. Both are on board this "legal" immigration deluge that's now flooding America with millions of third world trash every month. Both were behind the huge financial rip-off of the country, and both were for that God-cursed healthcare abortion.

So where's the difference? Democracy is a failed system. It doesn't work and can never work in its present form, because there are no safeguards to prevent evil men from gaining control of the country, like they have now.

Democracy is evil. It allows unethical, unqualified people to run for office based on their political connections and wealth, never on their merit. We force all city police officer candidates to undergo rigid psychological, educational, physical, and background checks before we hire them. But the President is not required to pass one single check. Nothing!

Do any of you honestly think that Obama would have passed the checks to be a local cop? Then how in hell did that lying, illegal alien nigger get into office? "Obama" isn't even his real name, but one of those made up names coons give themselves when they convert to Islam. And most of them do it just to be a pain in the ass and stand out, not because they've had a spiritual awakening. Most will tell you they did it to reject "whitey's god," as if God would have them. Obama's no different.

We must tear down and completely restructure our country and government if we are to survive as a race and nation, and we must do this now. Not next year. Every one of us pays through the nose for gasoline because the greedy Jews have a stranglehold on all our oil, and have capped it off so they can force us to pay and pay and pay. Jews never get enough money and never will. It's a mental fixation with them that's genetic. Jews are instinctively greedy.

One of the most sickening things I ever witnessed was an old Jew giving money to his son for college. The old bastard charged him interest for it! His own son!

And if you really want to be entertained, watch a family of Jews at the dinner table. When they invite other Jews over for dinner, the lady of the house metes out how much they can eat, and watches them like a hawk so they don't snatch all the good parts when she's not looking. And you know what? They will! It's like watching a pack of starved dogs eat a carcass. It's every kike for himself.

The real fun though, is when a Jew dies and the relatives start coming around to claim his possessions by right of blood. It's better than WW RAW. They turn rabid. These are the animals controlling our lives, and it's only going to get progressively worse.

We are taxed, fined, fee'ed, and regulated to death in this country. Almost all the expenses that keep the average American from ever getting ahead are not needed to run the country, or for any real purpose other than the continual enrichment of their already full to bursting coffers. They deliberately keep us too broke to escape the system.

Right now Governor Schwartzinigger is trying to get the regime to return part of the money they forced out of California coffers last year. He wants 8 billion back, to help cover a 40 billion dollar budget crisis he's having. But the feds refuse to give it back. Instead, Obama's crony in Pakistan has been given over 7 billion dollars to give away to Paki politicians as bribes to get them to go along with his policies over there. His reps are getting shot at, even as they try to give away billions. Ironic, eh?

And at the same time California can't get any money. And of course the liberal media never mentions the real reason California is collapsing financially. It's because of all the millions and millions of wetbacks flooding into the state, getting on welfare, then breeding like there's no tomorrow, and all the ghetto apes doing the same thing.

And there is no tomorrow..not for California. The state now has more parasites than producers living there, because it has been hemorrhaging an average of 3 million whites a year that have packed up, sold out, and left their ridiculous taxes and laws behind. Whites are sick of supporting the liberal agenda, when any fool can see their pipedream is about to implode, turning millions of angry, spoiled, murderous muds loose on America.

Whites are the pack mule of the Jews, the money tree they pick from. They leave us just enough left to survive, so we can continue to pay into their system until we get too old to produce and die. The American dream isn't dead, it was stolen from us by the Jews. I want it back.

You are a white slave, under every bit as much bondage as if you had chains on your ankles. You must continue to be in debt or your credit rating suffers. You must pay out huge amounts in taxes, surcharges, fees, penalties, fines, and overpriced products and utilities, designed to keep you broke. You wonder why you can never get ahead, but you fail to see the big picture.

Unless we topple this evil system we will never be free, and our children will also be born into Jew bondage. Hell, you can't even own a piece of land free and clear anymore. You must pay property taxes forever. Because when you stop, the government Jews will take your land. That's called renting, not owning. That's what they did to sharecroppers.

There's a lot more at stake here than most of you realize. Time to get free.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Without the excesses of Capitalism them Communism would not have been born. That is why any movement dedicated to our racial preservation cannot be conservative. We must opposes the reactionary right along with the lunatic left. Unbridled capitalism is just as much a danger to our people as Marxist Socialism. In short embrace the Third Position.

3:22 PM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

LH makes a good point about property. It is never yours free and clear. The state will take it from you if you don't pay whatever tax they decide to levy (interesting word) on you. Even the savage in the jungle has more right to his mud hut than the white man in America has to his home, and, increasingly, most other whites around the world have to their homes. The Mediaeval peasant had to first work for his lord before he could work for himself and his family. It's the same for the American peasant. He must first work for ZOG before he can work for himself.
Land of the Free, Home of the Brave indeed!!

3:48 AM  
Blogger Ray Seltz said...

ok LH, you go first

5:15 PM  

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