Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Quotable Quote

"History is made not by majorities who vote, but by minorities who fight. A man skilled with a butcher knife can reduce a five ton whale to steak slices. The knife is the revolutionary sect and the whale the completely flabby society preoccupied with economic matters and devoted to the pursuit of pleasure. Such a society is extremely vulnerable to the action of a determined and organized political minority, especially in times of crisis."

-Jean Thiriat


Anonymous Namdloeht said...

the quote is ok, BUT Thiriart was a quasi-comunist...........

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not quite on-topic for this post, but seemed like the closest one to use since there wasn't a post here about the topic I'm referring to, which certainly is relevant to the blog, just not to any of the currently-featured posts. The topic is TNB in general, and specifically the niggers of Haiti since their TNB is visible everywhere lately despite the fact that the Politically-Correct Jewsmedia seems to be doing everything possible to downplay the fact that savagery wouldn't be happening if the earthquake had struck a White country. They act as if savagery is a natural result of natural disasters. Totally ignored is the truth, that savagery follows natural disasters only in places infested with niggers!

Just out of curiosity, I turned on my seldom-used TV set and tuned to a local over-the-air news broadcast after a friend mentioned that there had been an earthquake in Haiti and that the large number of niggers there would make chimpouts a certainity. So, I tuned in the local news to watch for potentially-entertaining monkeyshines.

It turns out that a church from elsewhere in my home state had sent some missionaries there before the quake to do the usual bit of trying to teach the coons not to wallow in their own filth and to dispel the lies that the kikes were spreading about the rape of infants being a cure for AIDS. Since the tub-thumpers from the church hadn't brought guns and were too pacifist to even know how to use one if they could get their hands on a gun, the whole crew had to be airlifted out and the cost of the trip down to niggerland was written off as a loss by the church because, although no one would dare admit it, a bunch of unarmed pacifists in a nigger-infested country were in serious danger of becoming food for the coons because cannibalism is the old fallback of the nigger when the supply chain for gubbmint handouts breaks down. Such is the nature of the black beast!

The next commercial break gave me just enough time to stop laughing, catch my breath, pick myself up off the floor, and switch off the set for another 3 to 6 months until something equally entertaining comes along to be worth watching it for another five minutes.

Same old niggers!

-- WhitePride65

3:19 PM  

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