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Our Socialism

[There are still a lot of misconceptions about the Third Reich and exactly what National Socialism is that need to be corrected. This is an old article of mine from back when I was with the National Socialist White People's Party. ]

Our Socialism [1997]

This week, I am going to be talking about something which seems to cause a lot of concern and curiosity, and that is why we use the term "socialism" in our Party's name and in the name of our world view, National Socialism.

To tell the truth, we don't get anywhere nearly as much concern about our use of the word today as we used to get many years ago when there were more conservative elements in the Movement, but it still happens. There are still a few people to whom the very word "socialism" conjures up visions of the Kremlin and they simply can't get around that idea, even though it is completely incorrect. The result is that we still occasionally get people who jump up and call us Communists because of that word socialism. But there is a very definite reason why we have that second word as part of our name.

The first thing I want to explain to you is that there are many different kinds of socialism. You are probably most familiar with the kind known as Communism, as originally formulated in the middle of the nineteenth century by the Jew Karl Marx, but there are several other kinds. There is the mild Social Democratic version, what we here in America call liberalism. The principles are the same; basically, liberals are really Marxists without the courage of their convictions. You might say that liberals are decaffeinated Marxists.

Then there are all the various weird ultra-left versions of Marxism like those practiced in North Korea, Communist China, Peru, etc. Most kinds of so-called socialist philosophies are in fact some variation of Marxism. This is where National Socialism differs from all the rest, because our socialism is not based on the writings of the Jew Marx, but on the character of our Aryan race.

Marxist Socialism or Communism is in essence the flip side of the coin of capitalism, which I have discussed earlier on this series. Like capitalism, Marxism holds that man is essentially an economic unit of production and consumption, a cog in the wheel of a great machine which needs to be fed and lubricated and maintained and then thrown away when he can no longer perform his allotted function.
Yes, I know I have said this before, and possibly some of you are getting bored with it, but I'm going to keep on repeating it, because there is no more important lesson for you to learn regarding the nature of today's world.

Our struggle is largely one of spirituality and idealism against materialism, and the two forces which have shaped the twentieth century and which still pretty much control our destiny even today, Communism and capitalism, are both profoundly materialistic philosophies. This is where National Socialism differs so greatly from both of them. National Socialism is based on Man, while the others are based on Matter.

At any rate, to get back to the central topic, our socialism is not materialistic or economic. It is based on the now almost obsolete concept of social duty, the idea that no man is an island and that along with rights and privileges we all have duties and obligations to our communities and to the culture and people into which we were born. This idea used to be commonly accepted to the point where no one questioned it; now it has virtually disappeared from our national life.

Our socialism teaches that there is something more important in life than the frantic pursuit of little green pieces of paper and the temporary security and pleasure these little pieces of paper can bring. Our socialism is the socialism of the man who doesn't just sit and watch while his neighbor's house is on fire, he helps to put the fire out.

We are in the terrible situation we are in today very largely because we have decided that each of us can go our own way and to hell with everybody else. White people have decided voluntarily to strip ourselves of our racial and cultural identity because it interferes with making money. In doing so we become exactly what the capitalist system wants us to be, economic units of production and consumption, and nothing more.

But we are not born as faceless, raceless, cultureless beings who are only good for working and buying things at the mall. Race and spirituality are genetic; they are in our blood, and those qualities are in themselves a kind of socialism, because they form a bond between all peoples of the Aryan race. Our socialism is first of all a kind of sense of community which people in healthy Aryan societies always have demonstrated.

Secondly, there is a difference between big government as defined by the liberals and the Red socialists, i.e. what we have now in this country, and responsible governments. While National Socialists do not believe in a cradle to grave welfare state and while we support free enterprise, we do understand and believe that the state has certain moral and economic and political obligations to its citizens. Never fall into the trap of so-called libertarianism; libertarianism is basically just a moral front for the worst kind of laissez-faire, 19th-century style buccaneer monopoly capitalism.

Libertarians have this idea that the state needs to be kept as weak and as completely close to non-existent as possible, and for that some people call them anarchists, which they are not. They are capitalists. I think most libertarians know perfectly well what would happen if the state were to wither away or disappear; we wouldn't have freedom, what we would have would be the large multi-national corporations stepping in to fill the gap. So let's trash can this libertarian idea that the state is always bad; that depends entirely on who is controlling the state and what purpose the machinery of the state is being put to.

In an Aryan society the state does have duties and obligations to the Aryan folk which go beyond maintaining and army and a post office. The state has the obligation to ensure that everyone has the right to a job and the right to earn his living and support his family in peace and security. Furthermore, the state has a duty to make sure that jobs exist; that the common economy is being run sufficiently well and competently to produce employment and prosperity.

The state has the obligation to ensure that no citizen is denied necessary medical care because of lack of money. The state has the obligation to ensure that every one of its citizen has a decent and affordable place to live. The state has the obligation to ensure that Aryan children have a clean and safe and livable environment in which to grow up. The state has an obligation to ensure that no Aryan suffers in their old age from cold or hunger or deprivation.

There is nothing wrong with these duties or with using tax money to implement them, so long as they are done by and for White people. You need to understand that like everything else on the continent of North America, so-called welfare dependency and socialistic policies are a racial issue. Always remember that, everything in America comes down to RACE. Present-day welfare dependency is a problem because recipients of all these welfare payments and scams are overwhelmingly black or else, increasingly, mud-colored Third World immigrants.

The abuses of the welfare state are carried out almost entirely by blacks and Third Worlders. In the social services area, like every other aspect of American life, the vast improvements which would be achieved by removing blacks and non-Whites from our society really boggle the mind when you sit down and think about them.

As to the welfare-dependency mentality which occasionally appears among White people, especially in Europe, this would disappear once these people living in council estates and whatnot were shown that they have a stake in society once again, that the state was being run by White people, for White people, for the common good of the race and nation and not just as a grab bag of goodies to be given away to everybody with a black or a brown skin.

Sure, some White people have developed a bad attitude towards welfare and food stamps. They look around and they see blacks and Mexicans and Cambodians and Filipinos and God knows what all else getting all this loot from the government and they take the attitude,. "Hey, why shouldn't I get some?" That's not the best attitude in the world, but it's understandable.

In National Socialist Germany, after the revolution of 1933, not one single Aryan child went hungry, not a single German family went without a home, not a single German worker was unemployed within a year or so after the triumph of the F├╝hrer and the NSDAP. The whole nation pitched in with Winter Relief programs and things like one-pot meals twice a week, until the economy was fixed and Germany went back to work.

Marxist labor unions were abolished and a genuine Labor Front was established to represent all German workers, established so successfully that right up until 1945 German industry was still in full production for the war effort and invading Allied troops found factory lines still turning out supplies and munitions. Efforts like that are not made by disgruntled or oppressed workers. An entire social services structure was erected in order to support the German family and bring order and peace and tranquillity to German society, and right up until 1945, it worked. A Reichs Labour Service was created which built the mighty autobahns which are still used today and who reclaimed millions of acres of arable agricultural land from swamps and from the sea to feed the German people. Medical facilities and child care in Nazi Germany was the best in the world for its time. Social problems like divorce, alcoholism, and homosexuality virtually disappeared. That is true socialism in action.

-Harold Covington


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Given the negative connotation associated with the word "socialism" then perhaps creating a new label for White Racial Self-Determnation's natural manner of self-governance might be our best course of action.

The kikes' ability to sell their neo-Bolshevik poison to unsuspecting Amurrican "naive flag waving" sheeple would not exist were it not for its having been re-named "Democracy"

Our ability to attact Whites to the real sustenance offered by the Meat and Potatoes which sent a bad case of neo-Bolshevik cancer into remission for twelve years in Germany and which Commander Rockwell prescribed to cure America of the same disease will increase dramatically if we were to re-label National Socialism in a manner which emphasizes the fact that Liberty, Honor, and Ethics are core principles of White Civilization. A name which the would maximize the difficulty of the kikes' predictable attempts to defame us would prove most suitable.


10:00 AM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

It has been very important for the kike to prevent white people everywhere from knowing about National Socialism. The whole philosophy and its practical application and the people involved have been buried under and avalanche of kike lies almost from its inception. If white people were actually allowed to hear what Hitler and his people advocated and physically achieved then the game would be up for hymie. It is remarkable how relentless the kike is with his lies about the whole period and how frantic he is to prevent any investigation of the facts.
However, with the destruction of all white socities and the spiritual foundation of white civilization, an increasing number of whites are beginning to ignore the kike lies and are starting to investigate for themselves the causes of our demise.
The solution to our problem is the setting up of white National Socialist, jew-free, socities. The question is, will we achieve it before the vampire race destroys us completely?

4:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

**Trivia Question**
Category: Technology

Which country was the first to begin all-electronic television broadcasting? Hints: Their broadcasts began more than three years before the United States first demonstrated the technology to the American public and more than ten years before the first daily American broadcast schedules began.

If your answer was that Hitler's Germany had television technology in use in 1935 and that the 1936 Olympic Games were televised from Berlin, you would be correct.

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Magnus said...

my name is Magnus, I am a 31 years old swedish man, 5 years ago I was living in the netherlands with my then girlfriend when I was surprinsingly prosecuted for distributing racial hatred propaganda in emails, I was shocked, I had sent a serie of emails regarding the increasing number rapes and sexual assaults committed by third world inmigrants in my neighbourhood. The identity of the person who reported my "crime" was never reveleaded during the trial, they only said that the person in question was protected from hipotetics attacks by evil nazi monsters like me. I was risking risking to spend 6 months in jail for warning white ladies about the dangers regarding interracial dates. I was condemned to take a brainwashing course in which I had to see and hear the most disgusting asseverations that any white smart person could imagine, things like: same race marriage weakens the genes and produces dumber individuals and race mixing helps to improve the weakness of white genes, being africans and amerindians the best genes available for this purpose.. then they said that homosexulity was a natural control to avoid overpopulation.. these disgusting lies are taught to children in the netherlands! I was disgusted, sick, angry but I had to preted have seeing the light to avoid 6 months in a jail full of niggers, arabs and hispanics (a contradiction but jails in the netherlands are full of those wonderful people) who would do the unthinkable to me. I live in Latvia now, I married a blond latvian girl and I live in a 100% white town where dark hair is an oddity , I love this site and in spite my english is very poor I wanted to share this dreadful story with people who could understand me.

Magnus P.

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Socialism, like *true* capitalism (which we do not live under and haven't for generations) only works under one vital condition ---


Anything less, and it all falls apart. Look to the Castro or Chavez regimes for easy examples.

The way to get and keep everyone playing by the same rules seems to be the following:

1. Start with an attitude change at childhood to counter humanity's natural "me-ism."

Schoolbrats will steal each other's candy, national leaders will swipe livelihoods. It's a *heart* problem and must be fought as such. The essence of the curriculum should be "the universe doesn't revolve around you, junior."

2. Immediate and severe punishment for breaking the rules, regardless of wealth or rank.

Need I say more?

Make jails unpleasant. Bring back the lash for minor offenses - humiliating and memorable to the offender, far cheaper to the state than incarceration. Bring back debtor's prison for those convicted of theft.

3. Like it or leave it!

While some amount of dissent is healthy, there should be some method for citizens to 'vote out' a permagriper. Whiners would be noticeably absent after a evicted few complainers came crawling back with horror stories to make the blood run cold.

11:41 AM  

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