Saturday, January 30, 2010

Heretical Two Update

[I got this e-mail from a British contact. - HAC]

Excellent news - although the Heretical Two lost their appeal against sentence for internet publishing on foreign websites, Simon Sheppard's sentence was reduced by a year and Steve Whittle's sentence by 6 months.

-Paul B.

I responded “That’s mighty white of ‘em” and got this additional commentary:

I am very pleased for the Heretical Two, but it occurred to me that imposing a heavy sentence and then markedly reducing it on appeal might be a tactic or spoiler to make it very difficult to appeal to the Supreme Court and hence enshrine the back door law change on foreign internet publishing. Simon's barrister has now confirmed that it will difficult to appeal now, as it might be regarded as taking the piss. It is very dangerous and makes the UK little different to Germany. Steve was supposed to be getting "very early release" in April. so I suppose they will still have to let him out now. He caused consternation with his "secret messages to [nonexistent] Nazi cells." i.e. an invented language - fragments of which were used by him in letters. and he has not been allowed to receive any books...

The powers that be are also in the process of closing down the BNP, as they have moved the goal posts on the Equality Commission discrimination case. Gri££in & Co were going to change the rules at an EGM to allow "ethnics" into the party, but now the commission and court now want to deal with indirect discrimination. A coloured immigrant wanting to join the party might feel discriminated against if the party still supported protecting the indigenous population and stopping or controlling immigration, so further imposed changes are required otherwise a court injection will be imposed.


So much for legality and electoral politics as a means of securing the existence of our people and a future for White children.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm really pleased that their sentences were reduced.

I don't see how it will make it more difficult to appeal to the Supreme Court, after all, they are appealing against convictions regarding internet postings, they didn't appeal for a lighter sentence!

As their convictions still stand they should be able to appeal against them.

I'd like to see them take this further.

1:54 PM  

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