Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Your Friend The Jew

[Haven't had a good old fashioned Lone Haranguer rave for a while. I really enjoy posting things that I know would get me seven years in prison if I lived in the U.K. This one is posted in a gesture of vengeance for the Heretical Two.]

They call us "hatemongers" when in reality we're
hate identifiers! We've been under an insidious attack by the Jews for uncounted centuries, who have always hid behind the curtains like the maggots and cowards they really are. As long as we didn't identify them and point an accusing finger at them, everything was fine. But as soon as the truth started coming out, they had a fit and started foaming at the mouth with the vilest, most vicious hatred we've ever seen. The mask off and their true colors exposed, the Jews look exactly as Hitler and all the other Gentile nations of the past saw them; maggots.

A Jew kills an economy, then siphons off the wreckage. And when there's nothing left to take, he moves on to the next Gentile nation and starts all over again. This has been his tactic since the first kike got a hook-nose full of air and wondered if he could charge for it.

Jews are the very first to scream racism at the Gentiles, but have you ever noticed that almost all Jews have that same ugly-assed hook nose? Even their females? That comes from racial inbreeding over long centuries. In other words the Jews are the most racist race on the planet, and the proof is right out front on their face! The next time you hear some kike spout that crap at you, point to his big fat hook-nose and ask him why all Jews have it. He'll shut up in a second. R

emember; Jews are hypocrites first and foremost. They lie and cheat for a living, and absolutely nothing a Jew says should ever be listened to.
Ever. If he says the sun is out, go check.

Modern history is twisted. I realize that most Americans, even those over 40, have a hard time believing that. But even before political correctness got a grip on our history books, they had already been horribly mutilated by the Jews in this country and their pro-Zionist Jew hugging allies.

For example, everything, and I mean everything written about Hitler and the Nazis portrays them as evil, homicidal maniacs with no compassion and no morals. Bloodthirsty killers that needed extermination.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact we white Americans had one hell of a lot more in common with the Germans than we did with the damned Jews we were sent to save.

Hitler wasn't special. He was just one of millions of Germans of the time that had been put through absolute hell by those thieving bastards, who had a stranglehold on Germany's economy, while they got richer and richer over the dying bodies of millions of starving men, women, and children. I actually saw a picture once where a rich Jew was stepping on a starving white woman lying in the street as he passed her, and the sonofabitch spit on her as he did.

This is the kind of crap Germans of the time put up with for decades as their country sank ever further into bankruptcy and starvation due to Jewish monopolies on all banking and industry. The Jews would throw lavish parties in formerly white homes, eating steak and lobster, using the former owners of the mansion as their personal servants just to rub it in.

And after the war, all the hundreds of thousands of little blond orphans were rounded up by returning Jews. Many from the States, who had come there to prey on the survivors like carrion birds.
These Jews put these little kids in orphanages that were in reality forced sweat shops, and worked them to death while barely giving them enough food to stay alive. And for dessert these fat kikes would rape these kids continually, and even prostitute them out to other sick Jews, for a profit of course. Dresden hasn't got anything on post-war Germany.

But that wasn't the worst part, believe it or not, because these same evil bastards would take these poor innocent and defenseless kids into a back room and literally beat them to death, all the while calling them all the Jewish names they have for the hated white. Tens of thousands of broken little bodies were buried in mass graves out behind these "orphanages," and the American Occupation Forces just looked the other way because the Jews that came over were usually rich and well connected, and what the hell; they were Germans. And these same murderous bastards would then go back to America and cry "Oy Vey! The Germans have slaughtered our innocent people, and we didn't do a thing to deserve it! Oy Vey!"

America was led like a dumb bull with a ring in its nose. Hitler knew Jews for exactly who and what they were. Remember, this was long before the internet or electronic record keeping, or all the other sophisticated methods of law enforcement we have today. Jews could and did get away with all kinds of outrages that they couldn't do today. And brother, they took advantage of the fact.

Just bringing up the Jews could usually send Hitler into a foaming at the mouth rage, and if it had been up to most of the Germans alive at the time, the "Final Solution" would have been carried out to its completion. You have to remember that the peoples of Europe have much, much older cultures than we do here in the States. Because of that they have long memories. Jews have been decimating their countries over there for literally thousands of years. They know the Jew.

All the liberal propaganda and bullshit in the world can never change their minds. They know the Jews, and they know exactly the kind of evil devils they really are. You have to keep in mind that 79 different countries in Europe forcibly expelled the Jews en masse because of their lying, cheating, and cleaning out of their economies through underhanded but effective Jew tactics.

The Jews are predators, period, and always have been. And anyone that defends them is either another Jew, or he's as dumb as a bag of hammers. Every last evil, every last problem, and every last threat we are facing as a nation today, can be linked directly back to the Jews. All of them.

This isn't my opinion, it's a fact. Don't believe it? Fine. Go digging. I did. At first I was highly skeptical that any one race of people could be responsible for so much evil, but the more I researched these walking dog turds, the more I realized they were indeed responsible for it all.

There is a rage in me that will not die, because we did nothing to these predators but exist. They have continually gotten in our face and infested our cultures to deliberately destroy them.The Jews will never learn, and they will never stop, because they're incapable of remorse. That means there's only one way to finally and permanently get them off our collective backs, Genocide.

A rough word, sure, but the same word the Jews use every day in describing their plans for us. It's either them or us. It's flat come down to that. And personally, I have no problem at all with deciding who goes, and it damned sure isn't us.

I could spend the next three hours relating the atrocities Jews have committed against our people down through the millennia, and most of it has been skillfully deleted from our history books. There's never going to be a punishment to fit their crimes. All we can ever hope for is just to see them go extinct.

That'll be a great day of celebration for the world, the day all people can finally live in peace and be left the hell alone without a race of parasites continually stealing the fruits of our labors while at the same time trying to kill us. Justice, like luck, is something we have to make for ourselves.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous brian boru said...

Unfortunately, if you were going to bet on who will exterminate who, you would have to put your money on the kikes. The jew is fully aware that he is in a war to wipe us out, while most whites won't even admit to themselves that the race is under threat for its very existance. A couple of thousand years of Christian poison and the disgenic effect of all the kike-instigated wars have made us poor opponents in this war for survival. So far.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in northern Sweden, I am 29 years old and father of 5 blond kids, my wife and I live in a farm with another WHITE couple who have 3 beautiful blond kids, we have voluntarily exiled from the big cities since they have become third world sewers and the jewish media never gets tired of intoxicating the public opinion by showing FALSE stories of niggers who become scientists and neurosugeons here in Sweden while they never show the world their crimes and all the other consequenses of 30 years of open mindedness and tolerance to africans,muslims southamericans and other mud races, swedes are at war with an enemy we cannot even name for fear of offending people who, in turn, cannot wait to rape and kill of daughters if they have the opportunity to do so. I donĀ“t talk to my brother and sister anymore, he married an ugly brown mestiza from argentina who wears blue contact lenses and fake blond hair and she claims to be white (their kids are uglier than the death of a mother!) my sister, who is a gorgeous 25 years old blond girl, is dating an ugly brazilian mulato.. To me my siblings are dead. people should wake up and see that hat the Melting Pot actually does in practice, can be seen in southamerica (The diorama of jewish plan), where the absorption of the blood of the original Spanish conquerors by the native Indian population has produced the racial mixture which we call latino, and which is now engaged in demonstrating its incapacity for self-government.

Sven S.

12:06 PM  
Blogger Foreskin Florinsky said...

Not sure where you found this guy, but I'd like to meet him. Sounds like a comrade that knows what's going on.

6:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I object to this statement Lone Haranguer makes, although I understand the context. 88 was a very special man.

"Hitler wasn't special."

8:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems that Brian Boru has mistaken the cult of Judeo-Churchianity as Christianity. True Christianity is known as "Two-Seedline Christian Identity" today, to differentiate it from all the secular-authoritarian counterfeits which the kikes invented by inserting clever semantic deceptions into jew-publisher-printed copies of the Bible. The counterfeits portray "God" as some kind of sadistic schizophrenic who makes a habit of contradicting himself. See clarification.

Example: Sixth Commandment

Semantic deception version -- "Thou Shalt Not Kill" - forbids slaughter of animals even for food, forbids execution of criminals guilty of capital offenses, forbids use of lethal force in self-defense, forbids waging war for just causes, forbids exterminating vermin such as rats despite all of these acts' being expressly permitted elsewhere in the Bible.

Actual Commandment -- "Thou Shalt Not Murder" - forbids ONLY the act of taking a human life without Just Cause for doing so. Note that the correct wording of the Sixth Commandment forbids NONE of the following acts which are expressly permitted elsewhere in Scripture: slaughter of animals for food, skins, when a human is in danger of being attacked by one or more animals, etc.; execution of condemned murderers, rapists, racemixers (also note that Adultery, derived from the verb "to adulterate" means to pollute one's race, to racemix); use of lethal force in self-defense (specifically, if attacked by a whigger or other race-traitor shabboz-goy of "White" ancestry who serves the jew ... nonwhites and especially jews do not fit CI's definition of "human" life); attacking a jew-infested enemy nation to rid it of the jew infestation or to punish its jew-corrupted rulers for their crimes; ridding a White nation of uppity kikes, niggers, wetbacks, sandniggers, gooks, etc. as a warning for the rest of them to get the hell out, or ridding a place of rats, roaches, or other harbingers of filth (including faggots, incidentally).

Those who call themselves "jews" and "israel" today are NOT the Israelites of the Bible and the entity who they call "god" is not the Omnipotent Life Force who Created this Universe who we real Christians know as the true God. The real Israelites are the White Race! The kikes murdered our Savior or Messiah almost 2,000 years ago. Although no one knows the name of the kike who these kike bastards will call "Messiah" we true Christians already know the kike's NUMBER because it's in the Book (the Book of Revelation, that is)! Shortly after that kike bastard reveals himself and starts persecuting Whites openly is when He who the kikes murdered almost 2,000 years ago will reveal that He has been Resurrected again to lead the final battle which will rid the world of the kike menace and all its symptoms once and for all. Origins of Races as detailed in CI are as follows: Genesis Chapter 1, origin of mud races; Genesis Chapter 2, origin of the White Race; Genesis Chapter 3, Satan seduces Eve impregnating her with Cain before fraternal twin Abel is conceived between Adam and Eve (Cain was the first jew, Abel was the first White child born of Eve, Seth was the first White child born of Eve to father White children of his own); Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John (the Four Gospels), Christ is sent to be the Redeemer of the White Race.

The clarification above would be how I would envision Carter Wingfield explaining CI to those such as Joe Cord or John McCausland whose understanding of God and Christ is "close, but not quite there" or to Old Believers or National Socialists who may not fully understand the true teachings of un-adulterated Christian Faith. Interpreted correctly, stripped of jew-inserted semantic deceptions, Christianity establishes the Racial significance of religion.

-- WhitePride65

1:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since I am far less familiar with the theology of the Old Believers, is there anyone who could identify and clarify specific teachings of (for example) Odinism which establish a clear link between Race and Religion in Old Believers' theology equivalent to the links established in CI? (brief quotes, URL's, etc.)

- WhitePride65

1:51 AM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

My problem with Christianity is that it is an imposed religion, not organic to the white people of Europe. The original religion of the various white tribes of our racial homeland was fairly consistent in character, whether practised by the white nomadic tribes of the Eurasian steppe or the ancient Greeks or by the various settled Germanic and Celtic peoples. It involved polytheism and a respect for nature and a belief in self-reliance and personal honour. Christianity overthrew all of this by guile and violence. For two thousand years we have tried, at great cost, to digest this alien spiritual outlook. The kike infiltrated the Church almost from the beginning and now has control of most of the christian sects, including the Catholic church.
The problem with the Bible is that there are several versions of it and countless various interpretations of those versions. It is also a piece of written work by many unidentified authors over the centuries. As with most religions, very little in it can be verified. It is not European racial knowledge and experience distilled over countless generations but an alien stew from the Middle East imposed by decree and maintained by lies, guilt and violence. There was a time when Christianity allowed a somewhat united front against alien threats from without and also times when it formented some cultural renaissance. Against that, it was directly responsible for the long period of decay known as the Dark Ages and the massive genetic loss through the various crusades and religious wars after that period. It has failed to resist infiltration by the jew and now is just another lethal enemy to the survival of the white race. I am uninterested in what religious beliefs the other races of the world use for social control and personal spiritual fulfillment. We whites need our own organic religion, or better, an outlook and practice that leads to personal spiritual fulfillment and that helps us resist the world of lies foisted on us by the jew. I don't think any version of Christianity can do that.

8:34 AM  
Blogger Ray Seltz said...

whitepride 65 is gullible. I should know; I am ordained (but no longer practice) CI. There is no such thing as ANY Christianity that is not tied to the Jews.

7:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ray Seltz said...

"....There is no such thing as ANY Christianity that is not tied to the Jews."

Says the Jew. I can smell the gefilte fish from here. I've seen how you Jews froth at the mouth at the mere MENTION of Christ. Like rabid rats.

The very essence of the Jew is his HATRED OF CHRIST. And -- by definition alone -- since you reject Christ, all Jews are ANTICHRIST.

But, if, by narrow chance, I am mistaken and you are NOT a Jew (which is unlikely), you need to pay closer attention to things.

11:44 AM  

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