Monday, December 14, 2009

Hearts Afire

Although only a few of my long time readers know this, I've been ranting on the Net about the Jews and the Agenda for almost twenty years now. I've made quite a few predictions concerning it, and every last one of them has come true, and usually within the time frame I laid out.

I've watched with growing rage and dismay as an apathetic and blind American public sat stupidly by as the worst enemy we've ever faced as a nation and as a race, went about dismantling everything our forefathers and fathers worked, fought, bled, and died for.

When blacks were given civil rights I was only a child, but even then I knew it was a drastic mistake; one which we would pay dearly for. And when my teachers, parents, and preachers in our church taught me that I should love and trust the Jews as my spiritual brothers, my spirit bore witness to me that there was something drastically wrong with these so-called "brothers."

Children aren't nearly as stupid as people think they are when it comes to spotting bad guys. It's instinctual. In fact whenever someone picked up my infant kids, I learned to watch closely. I had learned the hard way that if my child cried and didn't want to be held by that person, there was something wrong in their spirit, and that I should have a care around them. That might sound silly to some of you, but those parents that have also snapped to this phenomenon know exactly what I'm talking about. In fact it has saved me a ton of grief more than once.

But it doesn't take a crying child, or the ability to predict events to see what's going on all around us today. All it takes is for people to face it. That seems to be the number one problem in America today. Most of the time when I try to talk to someone about the evil in our government, or the horrific conspiracy destroying us, they just don't want to hear it. They either change the subject, ignore me, get mad, or leave the room...anything but listen. And it enrages me. It no longer disappoints me or frustrates me, it enrages me.

How dare they spit on the sacrifices of millions of better men than they? How dare they lay up and hope the new communist regime will at least allow them to have their Big Macs? How dare they timidly roll over like dumb sheep for the butcher's blade? What insanity has infected my people that has caused them to be human lemmings?

And then it finally hit me. I knew the reason. Integrity. It's all about integrity and character. Without these critical traits people become cowards. They become weak, spineless, self-centered cowards. And a true coward will watch his own mother be butchered rather than risk his own miserable neck to try and save her. The Jews have carefully robbed us of these virtues through decades of endless brainwashing. This must stop.

I've come to the hard realization that if we are to salvage even a small corner of this once great nation for a safe haven for our race, it'll have to be done now, and be done by those few among us that are aware of the threat and willing to sacrifice everything to obtain it. By necessity it will have to be a small nation, and we'll have to become ruthless and vicious to defend it.

This is where we can indeed take a lesson from our mortal enemies the Jews. Israel is a tiny nation, surrounded by countries on all sides that do nothing but dream of its destruction. But their abject ferocity keeps them at bay. Even their women serve in their military, and every citizen is trained in warfare. We must copy this tactic to survive. There will be no room for wussies in the New Northwest Nation. No more self-serving freeloaders or talking heads that contribute nothing but strife. Like the Jew controlled media here, our media will also be censored, but censored from anything anti-white race or pro-liberal or Jew. We will make even dating a black a death sentence offense.

Women, even those of our own race are as a rule, are dumber than a bowl of mud when it comes to men and sex. They must be protected from their own stupidity, exactly as our forefathers did. Today's modern, liberated worthless piece of crap American female would have a hissy if she were forced to live back then, because women didn't vote, didn't meddle in politics, and didn't rule their men..and we had no social ills. The word chauvinist is another Jew invention, just like racism. Both words are designed to impart guilt to whites for doing the right thing. They're designed to make us feel guilty for using common sense and morals, as if they were evil.

This is monstrous. Our forefathers would beat us all senseless for ever bowing to those ridiculous new liberal demands. The Jews have been playing our own higher traits as weapons against us. Only the vilest creature imaginable would ever stoop to such a level.

And no, these Jews don't worry about going to Hell. They worship the Devil. This is a well known fact among those that have been close to their inner circles. Their evil is absolute. Those participating in this conspiracy are deranged, bestial abominations not fit to live. I will have absolutely no mercy, and no hesitation in killing any of them on sight. And neither should you. They have destroyed America, and now they're trying to kill you, and all our race's tomorrows out of a deep jealousy and hatred for their superiors. The angels started the Third Reich, but the Devil brought it down.

Almost every single aspect of our history and our lives today is a lie. It's all been twisted by the Jews and their liberal bootlicks to the point the American people don't know who the hell they are anymore.

But a chunk of us do, and that chunk is a lot larger than most of you think. There really is enough of us to pull this off, as long as we don't wait. We have to organize and commit! Get that part? I said commit. That means you get off your butt and get busy now. Stop waiting
for some crisis to galvanize you. That's not how the enemy is going to finish us off. You all know the principle of the boiling frog. They intend on killing us in bits and pieces, legislating us into handcuffs to where we can't do anything if we wanted to. They know that any overt act would galvanize us into action, and they can't risk that..not yet.

Get off your butt and pack. Sell off what you can and give away what you can't take with you. Move Northwest, and join a resistance group. There's literally tons of them up there fighting for independence now, trust me. Or get those you trust and start your own cell.

Get all the gear you know you'll need to fight and survive, and get moving. Time is short. The roads won't be free to travel much longer. The Regime is planning on destroying what's left of the economy, effectively crippling people's ability to move. Don't wait.

Sure, it's going to be hard. "But I've got a job, and bills and responsibilities!" you whine. Oh yeah? For how much longer? All of your world is going to collapse soon, and then what? You'll be stuck and lose everything anyway. At least this way it's on your terms, and you retained the ability to defend yourself and your people. As far as worldly goods go, we're all screwed. All of us. So stop trying to hold onto smoke and get with it. Be a man. What would your grandfather do in this situation? What would he say about your cowardice and fear to make the sacrifices he made? He'd say you don't deserve the country he and all his peers left you. And I'd agree with him.

We need hearts afire with vengeance and battle song. The enemy will learn to quake at the sight of an Aryan, as he did in the old days. Blacks will once again step off the sidewalk when we pass, as they did for my father. Our borders and our homes will once again be safe and holy places; shrines to our race, and to our destiny.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck you you lousy basterds. im a white christian and i hope you burn in hell

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Stupid rapture bunny. I'm sure that you 're at the top of your intellectual heap, but judging from the two sentences you've posted, that heap would be best described as a hole. And, please, quit calling yourself white. Being white is more than skin color, and you don't rate.


4:57 AM  
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