Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fool's Paradise

[Found this in the Lone Haranguer file from last summer. I understand he recently got a Visit, so I figure running this one is a good way to cock my snook at our friends in the silk suits. - HAC]

She entered the room and you'd have thought it was Queen Elizabeth the First returning from a successful campaign against the French. The entire senate resounded with thundering applause and a standing ovation for this great head of state. Ole' Liz? No. Mother Teresa? No. The Virgin Mary? No. It was none other than America's First Ho, Michelle Obama Soetero!

Another interesting thing I noticed, that the liberal camera crews had tried hard to cut out of the scene, was the fact that only the rabid liberals were applauding in orgasmic ecstasy. The conservatives and independents remained seated and still, a look of utter disgust plastered on their features. I was amazed, aghast, and thoroughly outraged that these mindless, corrupt bootlicks would give such adoration to such a crass, no class ghetto ho with attitude. The only thing that the worthless bitch merits is an ass kicking from here, all the way back to Africa.

And yet here they were, giving homage to this mouthy piece of crap. The blatant hypocrisy of the Left in this country has become an international embarrassment for all those that still possess a moral compass.

Increasingly I find myself being ashamed of being associated with my own country. America has become the laughing stock of the whole world because we've allowed the inmates to run the asylum.

It actually offends me to even see a picture of any of those buffoons in D.C. because each time I do, it reminds me all over again of just how much danger we're in. The clock is ticking on the time bomb these fools have created out of our sacred homeland, and death is really too good for them. They should all be made to suffer for all the pain and misery they've put so many millions of us and our loved ones through, by pushing their evil agenda forward. If there's one thing this life has taught me, it's that all true justice comes from the end of a gun barrel...or rope, and we're not using either one nearly enough right now.

Mrs. Chimp was only the warm-up for a special night of bootlicking and ass kissing, the likes of which I've seldom seen and don't want to see again. Next came Super Chimp himself, wearing that eternal incongruity, the monkey in a tuxedo, or coon in a suit. The clothes of an advanced, civilized Caucasian on an African bush nigger, attempting to pass himself off as an equal. Will wonders never cease? Once again the thunderous applause as dozens of foaming at the mouth liberal females went into auto-orgasm at the very sight of their hero, Super Chimp, the icon of liberal success...a nigger in the White House, which is a liberal's wet dream.

Competency? Character? Who cares about those? They've got competent whites to take up the slack for him in those departments. All they care about is proving to the traditionalists that we win! It's a regular parade of insanity, a fools' paradise.

After the tearful and semi-spiritual joy of his presence died down, and all adoring liberal eyes were focused on their hero, he cleared his throat and began to speak. He sounded for all the world like one of those con artist coons you get on your phone late at night, trying to wheedle you into buying a case of light bulbs out of some dirty warehouse in Miami. Like all his speeches it was long, windy, and typically negro, which is to say that every other sentence was a brag on himself. Blacks just love to beat their chests. It's in their very nature because they're still very close to their monkey roots. Blacks call themselves "the first men". Well, they've got that bass-ackwards. Actually they're the last apes.

When he wasn't bragging or taking credit for things he didn't do, he was lying his ass off. He did a deft verbal dance, trying to side-step blame for screwing up the economy and sinking us all into trillions in debt to sustain three auto companies that should have been allowed to sink. All three are eaten up with union graft and corruption to the point where the entire system has to be junked.

Pouring billions into that black hole of greed only prolongs the inevitable, because they'll have to collapse again soon. Every last union official and politician involved in the auto industry should have been thrown under the nearest prison and left there. He failed to mention the fact that it was the Jews and their politician henchmen that raped our economy in the first place, and he was careful not to mention the fact that only a small handful of sacrificial kikes have ever been charged, let alone jailed for the biggest heist in human history.

He continued to lie about the health care debacle, insisting it's the best thing since fried chicken and watermelon. The Republicans who sat there tolerating his words, could barely contain their rage. At one point Obama said outright that illegals would not benefit from his health care bill. A Congressman from South Carolina couldn't take it anymore and stood up in the middle of his speech and yelled, "You lie!" But
what the good representative forgets is black politicians in this country can't lie...they make "misstatements". That's the new liberal euphemism for a lie.

And brother, Super Chimp misstated all over the place. Or as one GOP senator put it after the speech, "It was just another long-winded speech about the same bad idea." Obama was on the defensive the entire time, and on the verge of throwing a tantrum right there in front of everybody. I kept expecting him to rip his shirt off and start oooh-ooh-ing as he climbed the chandelier and threw light bulbs at the audience in raw simian rage.

De monkey thought he could run a country. Awww! Poor monkey!

I've heard a lot of politicians speak in my life, but never have I heard so many outright lies spoken in just one speech. Obama's niggerness came out in spades (pun intended). He's stupid, stubborn, vindictive, and abuses his authority beyond anything the White House has ever seen, nor is likely to ever see again. I'd hate to be on the White House staff while that gang of ghetto trash inhabits it. It's got to be hell watching Super Chimp's hos n' bros chimping out in the Lincoln bedroom to the tune of Tupac. History will record his presidency as the experiment that failed. I mean c'mon..a nigger in the White House?

Has America completely lost its mind? I have never met a black I could trust. Ever. And brother, I've known a lot of them unfortunately. And anyone that thinks otherwise is either a complete idiot or so out of touch with reality that they have no business being allowed to vote in the first place.

The entire speech was sickeningly biased, partisan, and pro-Obama to the point I wanted to ralff in my boot. It was so blatant that no American with an IQ above that of a ham sandwich could fail to be nauseated by it. Have you ever had an itch you couldn't reach? One that drove you absolutely bonkers to the point you were whirling in a tight circle and growling, as you tried to grow an extra elbow so you could ssccrrrraaaattch that infernal spot?

Well, Obama did that to my brain. After hearing so many lies at one time, I wanted to jam my entire arm into my brain through an ear canal and scrape out the brain cells retaining the memory of his slick Willie voice. And since I discovered rather quickly and painfully that my arm wasn't going to fit in my ear, I occupied my time thinking up a design for my new "Obamalator."

It's a machine that turns crooked, lying, dangerous black politicians into ground rump (what else?). It's modeled after a gas wood chipper, but has a baiting feature. There's a bundle of kickback cash tied to a reel that slowly pulls itself in as the nigger reaches for it. Once he gets close enough, a sensor goes off and two mechanical arms leap out, grab the monkey and jam him head-first into the maw of the Obamalator. I had a devil of a time designing it to stop accidentally shoving my black test subjects into it feet-first. It was entirely too noisy that way.

I'm pretty satisfied now that it's ready for use. Now I'll simply have to wait for an opportune time to use it. Sooner or later that lying ape will make a train stop near here, and when he does, I'll send him an invitation for free watermelon, fried chicken, chitlins and white women. Guaranteed to get him here. He'll show up so fast he'll leave a vapor trail. Then I'll leave him alone for a second with the Obamalator while I go to prepare him a plate of soul food. There'll be the short gurgling sound of his lips getting jammed in the chipper's teeth, and then it'll be smooth sailin'. I'll have dog food for a year.

In my mind that's the only possible constructive use anyone can have for that coon. Of course, I'll no doubt have to wait at the end of a very long line of other people that have their own unique ideas on how to deal with that ape. He's not a very popular chimp. He has his tiny island of degenerate supporters who own the media, the banks, and the government, but in reality there's not enough of these freaks to populate one city.

A revolt wouldn't last long at all, as long as it was carefully planned and executed. They could all be arrested in one night. Of course bullets can work wonders for a political problem. History has taught us this repeatedly. Personally however, I like my way better. It hurts worse, and stupid should hurt.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Simon Girty said...

Damn, Harold, that picture creeps me out every time I see it. Yeeeeeee....

3:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Of course bullets can work wonders for a political problem..." Careful now Haranger! Threatening to assassinate the president of the United States - even threatening it or saying it - no matter what species he is, is still a federal offense and they will track you down and put a bullet through your loved ones heads like they did to Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge.

Just thinking outloud about how HAC is always telling us to not fall into that trap of inciting violence and getting slapped with a label and taken for waterboarding...

6:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Lone Haranguer is definitely the next most-gifted contributor to this site after HAC himself! LH deals with the very disturbing phenomenon of blind primate-worship by the Red Left and the "jewish" media bias which produces the illusion of unanimity by arranging camera angles which place those of dissenting views outside of the cameras' view, and utilizes "ROFLMWAO hilarious" methods of ridicule to expose the folly of policies which batshit-insane Liberals seek to impose. Another great work! Apparently, though, the morons in the silk suits have no sense of humor!

-- WhitePride65

12:28 AM  
Blogger Ray Seltz said...

Just because conservatives hate liberals, doesn't make them our friends. The "conservatives" have advanced more Israel pollicy than anybody. Please become educated on just who's driving the anti-white bus. It's more than the liberals.

1:43 PM  

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