Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Curse of The Brigade

Hello, Harold:

Have you noticed that out of the Hollyweird celebs and stars you mocked and lampooned in barely concealed pseudonyms in your Taking Down Tinsel Town section of The Brigade, three of them are now dead? Bea Arthur, Heath Ledger, and now Brittany Murphy? And Brittany Murphy died 36 hours after you put up the beginning chapter from the novel on the Taking Down Tinsel Town segment on your blog? Talk about eerie coincidences!

Are you workin' dat Ole Black Magic again like your Movement enemies used to accuse you of?

-Ed Peacock


Shut up, Ed, or I'll turn you into a toad.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn shame there's no chapter dealing with the Senate.

Dave 12222009 / 1808

6:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ROFLMWAO!!! Damn near fell off my chair from laughing as I was re-reading the chapter!

If I remember right, the book with its reference to "Brooke Barbour flashed her tits" was actually written BEFORE the infamous flashing of monkoid tits by another "double-initials" celebrity at the Superbowl. I had almost forgotten about "Brittany Malloy" and the drunken streaking incident on the catwalk, even after the similarly-named real glitterati chick croaked recently.

It's not about "black magic" so much as just the simple fact that the high self-destruct potential of most of these Hollyweird types is so pathetically predictible. With all the ego, booze, dope, etc. it's fairly obvious that most of those "celebrity" freaks are disasters waiting to happen!


2:21 PM  

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