Saturday, November 28, 2009

Okay, Another Little Preview...

Due to the surge in viewership over the Michelle Monkey Pics reference on Drudge, we've picked up a number of new readers, many of whom were fascinated by the brief excerpt from The Brigade a few posts back. I got some e-mails asking me for more of the Perils of Annette.

This isn't a serial, though. Guys, you really need to read the whole book. You can order The Brigade and the other three Northwest independence novels off or from Barnes and Noble or, or if you don't mind reading books on-line you can download .pdf versions from

However, like all authors, I can't disappoint my fans, so here's another little snippet. After this, go get the whole book and read it.



Blogger The Old Man said...

Hello, Harold:

I assume you are aware that Alex Linder recently referred to you as the Lenin of the Right?

-James M.


Yes, but he meant it as an insult.


12:41 PM  

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